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Chapter 1


Nathan: Your victim was killed serveral precise shots, i identified your killer's promedium.

Nathan: Somehow some haris were stuck in your victim's uniform, German Sheperd fur hairs!

Jones: So our killer owns a german sheperd, OMOPPA doesnt allow them so this will reduce our suspects a lot, thanks nathan!

Taking to Icy:

Icy: Ha! so the little Abu is dead?!...

Icy: This means i'm now proclamed to admin of the year, thanks officers!

Jones : Uhh?, that was not the reason that i waited, he was your friend!!!

Icy : What do you care? only do your work and keep your comments!

Talking to Icy (2 time):

Jones: So you harrased our victim with "old man messages" Pal he is under 30.

Icy: Ha!, dude, i didn't bullied him, the whole wiki calls him old man, it's our code.

Jones: So, innofensive jokes?, Our Killer Reported him to OMOPPA! he was going to be arrested!, isn't that bullying?:

Icy: Believe what you want, just let me do my  gameplay in peace!

"Suspect Profile Updated: Icy34567 is a gamer"

Talking to Vesther:

Vesther: All clients that came here are the same pal, i'm not able to identify who is who

Jones:  Same?, so, you're meaning that all are killers, perfect! this is what you produce with this kind of business

Vesther (Sweating) "SHOT SHOT SHOT" never received a murder report!, you can't prove anything

Jones (Determined) Well, this will be the first, and suit up!, is also the last!

Taling to Detective Tom:

Tom (Crying): Really?!, Abu is dead? 

Jones: Yeah, i'm sorry, you were friends?

Tom: Friends? HAHA!!, I'm Dreaming!!, is just happiness tears, i never felt this!!

Jones: Happiness tears?, wha...? Excuse me?

Tom (Furious): THAT BASTARD!!!... he mocked me in the wiki, saying that i'm gay!!, i don't have social life cuz of him!!

Jones: Eeem. ok, i will just say that you're a prime suspect pal.

Tom: What?, Don't defend him!!!, my life never what i want.

After Talking to Tom

Jones (Laughing): LOL, What a gay...

Jones: I mean... eeeh... we must go back without mocking right? <Rank> <Name>

Chapter 2

Talking DragoChan:

Dino: He was a good friend, i can't belive Icy is in that mood, what a...

Dino (Crying): We used to troll Gay Tom until he cried, it was so fun, and now is no more

Jones: We are sorry for you're loss we must...

Dino: You must!, stop Icy for taking his place, he didn't even came to the mourning, why Icy why!.

Talking to Vesther (2nd Time): Vesther: I'm not Responsible of a suicide...

Jones: Don't be idiot Vesther!, this is not a suicide, Abs was killed with his own Rifle

Jones: Now is clear, Talk Vesther!

Vesther (Sweating): Let me check my cameras... sorry they are deleted-

Jones (Furious): Stand apart, we are cheking own selves

Vesther(Furious): OK! Go and Check what you want!!!, but get the f*ck out right now!, My German Sheperd is calling

"Suspect Profile Updated: Vesther owns a german sheperd"

'After Talking to Vesther'

Jones: Agh, Vesther isn't even having his cameras on, he is just playing a game in Google Chrome

"Suspect Profile Updated: Vesther uses google chrome"



Duncan McCoy: