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Back to Gaol
Season 1
City St Ronde
District Prison
Case Number 56
Date of Release 3/3/20
Partner(s) Delaney Chapman
Preceded by Succeeded by
A Killer Among the Team Apocalypse

Back to Gaol is the 56th case in St Ronde and the 56th case overall. It is the 6th case in the Prison district


After being invited to watch Seikoh Wolf's execution. The team runs into the body of Zachary miller, decapitated.

The team informed the Judge of this, who told them they they couldn't do it anyway, Seikoh escaped from their grasp and is running off in the prison somewhere. and considering Seikoh's past, the team decided they neeeded to find her, ASAP.

In the meantime, they added prisoners Jabebito alebrije del Wulfic Paul Gustavo and Liza Nash to the suspect list, and when they investigated the execution chamber, they added their former tech expert Govis Noears to the suspect list.

Later, the team were informed by Jabebito that he found "Psycho". He told them he found her holding five prison guards and Liza hostage. At gunpoint

When the team arrived, Seikoh said that she was not going to die or play a part in Zachary Miller's game. Before she fired at the team, however, Delaney shot her in the hand and cuffed the dead girl walking, and added her to the suspect list.

The team then investigated the Execution hallway, and questioned Jabebito again, after footage of him arguing with Zachary. Jabebito said Zachary approached all Law agents he knew of and told them to kill him to get the team to arrive, and if they found the killer, give them certain information. Jabebito didn't want to partake in this, as he wanted to turn over a new leaf, he also said Seikoh didn't want to play this gamble either.

The team also added former police constable Pia Cosby to the suspect list, as well. And investigated the execution chambers again. where they spoke to Govis again, ho said he disproved of Zachary's methods. He said Zachary's game had many faults, the Law did not want to lose information, though, due to Zachary's big failure that got him arrested, he didn't have great favor with the leadership, despite holding a high rank.

The team were then alerted to Pia trying to execute Seikoh herself. The team rushed to stop the ex-constable, who said they'd regret doing that.

The team then went into the hallway and spoke with Liza again, who told the team that Zachary was always saying she had to join the Law as her skils were invaluable, but Liza knew the Law's methods, so she kept on denying his offers. They also spoke to Seikoh, who said that, yes she did covert operations with the Law. Which included a lot of murder. Which is why she was so quick to resort to it with her ex boyfriend and husband. But she reflected on that time, and realized she didn't want to die. But she as too poor to afford a good lawyer like Maki Nobunaga, so she realized she needed to get to desperate messaures, which including cutting Zachary's left ear in half and holding those guards and Liza as a hostage. They finally spoke to Pia who said that she hated Zachary for a multitude of reasons. Number 1 was that Zachary tried to convince Pia to kill a guard and take their outfit. And then release the Law agents from prison, barring a few like Cody, Seikoh, and Jabebito. Pia considered this, but decided to not do it.

The team then arrested Pia Cosby for the murder. Pia intially denied it, but eventually admitted she did slice Zachary's head off. She said that she had to. Zachary was supposed to give her the information to give to the player, as she missed the days she served the law, not the organization, but the actual legal system. She spoke with Jabebito who also wanted to redeem himself, and asked he give her a sword, he didn't want to, as that'd extend his sentence.

So Pia knocked Jabebito out a few days prior and took the sword he had, and waited for the right.moment to demmand the information from Zachary who said he'd only do so if she comitted to killing him. So Pia did so, which caused Zachary to laugh, he said he was never going to give that information, he just wanted to play a game where lives we're.on the line. Pia, in shock had accidentally cut his head off.

Pia was given another 30 years to her sentence by Judge Wilkes, who said that she should have never resorted to murder...again.

The team were disapointed that Zachary's game was just to toy with lives, and waste time yet again. Even beyond the grave he fooled the team. Nicole wanted to investigate the crime scene again, maybe there is something there they overlooked

So the team invetigated that, and found a note covered in blood, that Sally said as written in Mandarin Chinese. Simon and Sally worked together to clear up a message which read 'You think i'd leave a cue for you? Think again! Not while the machine is active!' which once again proved that even beyond the grave Zachary would stay tight lipped. But Simon pointed out that he said 'not while the machine was active' which implied that if they turn off the machine, Zachary would've given them info

It as here, that the team got a call by Jabebito, who said that he thinks Rupert Gleason is heading back to the machine, when asked about it, Jabebito said he saw Rupert enter the prison walls a hour ago and whisper to Govis that 'soon the machine will need it's sacrifice' when asked why he didn't say this earlier, Jabebito said because they were investigating Zachary's murder, and that he thought Rupert had been caught, but when he looked for him, he was missing.

The player was then approached by Sally, who said it was Delaney's birthday, and was time to give her, her gifts. So when Sally approached Delaney and gave Delaney's gifts, which included a drone, and a Samurai sword, Delaney, was quite happy at that, it was was revealed that the two had been in a romantic relationship for a few days, something the two didn't mention because it was a new occurrence, and the Law was more prevalent and dangerous

So when the team went to the machine, where they found Rupert strapping Harvey Hendrik to a chair, Rupert said the team was too late, the machine had it's sacrifice, when asked what he meant, Rupert revealed that to awaken the volcano, the machine had to first weaken the ground, and then, with the death of a human, it would convert that information into awakening it. Rupert said that it would have to be painful. The team were about to stop him when Rupert activated it, torturing and killing Harvey, and powering up the machine 100x it's original power. Rupert said that the team should look outside the window

And when they did, they saw a large mountain where there had been none, and not only that, it was erupting at a ferocity none had seen since in hundreds of years, Rupert took this time to escape, as the team as so devastated to care about Rupert anymore.

it seemed that the apocalypse was here...


Victim: Zachary Miller

Murder Weapon: Sword

Killer: Pia Cosby


Jabebito alibrije del Wulfric Paul Gustavo


Height 6'0
Age 39
Weight 167lbs
Eyes blue
Blood Type 0+

The suspect speaks mandarin chinese

The suspect uses hand sanitizer

The suspect collects stamps

Liza Nash


Height 6'5
Age 20
Weight 137lbs
Eyes blue
Blood Type AB+

The suspect speaks mandarin chinese

The suspect uses hand sanitizer

The suspect collects stamps

Suspect's appearance

The suspect is female

Govis Noears

"Former Tech Expert"

Height 5'6
Age 20
Weight 180lbs
Eyes blue
Blood Type A+

The suspect uses hand sanitizer

Seikoh Wolf

"Dead girl walking"

Height 6'8
Age 21
Weight 150lbs
Eyes blue
Blood Type AB-

The suspect speaks mandarin Chinese

The suspect uses hand sanitizer

The suspect collects stamps

Suspect's appearance

The suspect is female

Pia Cosby

"Former Police Constable"

Height 5'9
Age 43
Weight 136lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type AB-

The suspect speaks mandarin chinese

The suspect uses hand sanitizer

The suspect collects stamps

Suspect's appearance

The suspect is a female


Sally Minghi

"Forensics Expert"

Height 5'7
Age 21
Weight 184lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type AB+

Delaney chapman


Height 5'8
Age 21
Weight 172lbs
Eyes Green
Blood Type AB+

Rupert Gleason

"Law Agent"

Height 6'0
Age 43
Weight 180lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood Type A+

Killer's profile

The killer speaks Mandarin Chinese

The Killer uses hand sanitizer

The killer collects stamps

The killer is female

the killer is over 35


Chapter 1

  • Investigate Prison hall (Result: Victim's body, Backpack, faded card)
  • Examine faded card (Result: New Suspect Liza Nash
  • Question Jabebito about the murder
  • Question Liza about the murder
  • Investigate Execution room (Result: pile of clothes, ripped paper)
  • Examine pile of clothes (Result: USB drive)
  • Examine ripped paper
  • Question Govis about the murder
  • Analyze ripped paper (The killer knows Mandarin Chinese)
  • Analyze victim's body (Result: The killer uses hand sanitizer)
  • go to Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  • Question Seikoh about her actions (New Crime Scene: Execution Hallway, Seikoh Wolf knows Mandarin Chinese and uses hand sanitizer)
  • Investigate: Execution Hallway (Result: CCTV recording, broken badge)
  • Examine: Broken Badge (New Suspect: Pia Cosby)
  • Question Pia Cosby about the murder (Pia Cosby knows Mandarin Chinese and uses hand sanitizer)
  • analyze CCTV
  • Question Jabebito del Gustavo about his argument (Jabebito knos mandarin chinese and uses hand sanitizer)
  • Investigate Execution chamber (Note, Journal)
  • Examine Journal
  • Question Govis about his disaprooval (Govis uses hand sanitizer)
  • Analyze note (The killer collects stamps)
  • Go to Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  • Investigate the Execution hallway (Result: camera, faded note, and Incoherent scramblings)
  • Faded Note
  • Question Zachary's note to Liza (Result: Liza speaks mandarin chinese, uses hand sanitizer, and collects stamps)
  • analyze Camera (Pia Cosby collects stamps, Jabebito collects stamps)
  • Question Pia about the footage (Pia cosby speaks mandarin Chinese and uses hand sanitizer)
  • Analyze incoherent scrambings
  • Question Seikoh about her...desperation ( Seikoh Wolf collects stamp)
  • Arrest the killer
  • Go to It's the End 6\9

It's the End 6\9

  • Investigate prison hallway (Bloody note)
  • Analyze Bloody note
  • Assist Sally with Delaney's gifts
  • Surprise Delaney
  • Confront Jabebito about his message.
  • Stop Rupert
  • Go to next case
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