Back To The Glory Days is a case featured in Hidden Missions, it is the first case on the series and it takes place in district one, Uptown Acropolis.


The player flies to the city of Acropolis, after receiving a vacation trip as a gift by their previous police department. Upon arrival, the player meets an undercover Kate Wong. After apologising for the informal greeting, Wong introduced herself as an Acropolis Secret Intelligence agent, she further explained that her department had recently hired the player as a private consultant, which explained the vacation trip, which disguised the player's intentions in Acropolis. Wong, along with some agents, escorted the player to their headquarters.

In the Acropolis Secret Intelligence headquarters, the A.S.I.'s director, Jonathan Fellowes, welcomed the player, adding that he is a fan of their previous work. Director Fellowes then suggested for Agent Wong to help the player settle in the agency. Wong suggested for the player to meet their fellow consultant, Phillip Daley. Confused of Daley's unusual tardiness, Agent Wong and the player head to his home, where they found Phillip Daley dead, with a gaping wound in his abdomen.

Throughout the course of the investigation, A.S.I. technician managed to tracked down where the victim was last seen and encountered Daley's grieving girlfriend Lilly Dexter hysterical over her loss. Eventually, they have gathered enough evidence to arrest one of A.S.I.'s senior agents, Nick Daniels, for the murder.

Agent Daniels tried to deny his crime. But, after facing concrete evidence, Daniels cracked with rage, admitting he killed Daley as he was upset that the private consultants are taking over the agents' jobs, even with Daley going as far as arming himself to confront a criminal. The issue that pushed Daniels to murder was when Daley was planning to apply as an agent. Fully knowing that Daley could easily replace Daniels, ending his career, Daniels went to Daley's house and impaled him with an Aztec spear he grabbed from the display in Daley's home. Daniels was then handed to the court, with Judge Shields sentencing the outraged agent to forty years in prison.

Director Fellowes congratulated the player and Agent Wong, adding that they have exceeded his expectations. However, the concerned director tasked the player to investigate further into the neurological research group Cerebrum Clinic, where Daley volunteered as a guinea pig for their experiments. Agent Wong and the player confront the head scientist, Dr. Damian Mallory, about their activities. Dr. Mallory claimed that his group's main goal is to explore the human mind and find ways to expand the brain's abilities, all with legal approval. To prove his point, Dr. Mallory told the player to find the research notes he provided to Daley when he rose to suspect the clinic's activities. Much to the duo's dismay, private consultant Hermes Perrot had proved that the experiments were legitimate, proving Dr. Mallory to be correct. Not satisfied with the results, Agent Wong and the player go to Reed to research into Cerebrum's history, receiving null results of any suspicious activity, only that the group have their main research happening in Greenstone Natural Reserve.

Meanwhile, Director Fellowes is still searching for a replacement for the recently incarcerated Agent Daniels. The player found the files that contained the eligible candidates for a senior agent. With the help of profiler Cecile Benoit, the perfect candidate to take the position was field agent Eric Wayne. Agent Wayne was then welcomed into the team. Director Fellowes was then filled in with the investigation about Cerebrum, to which he has assigned the player to go to the Greenstone Natural Reserve to investigate further into Cerebrum's activities.



  • Phillip Daley (stabbed through the abdomen in his home office)

Murder Weapon

  • Aztec Spear


  • Nick Daniels



Killer’s Profiles

  • The killer eats salmon
  • The killer uses hand cream
  • The killer is epileptic
  • The killer is blood type O+
  • The killer has a varnish smear

Crime Scenes

Main Crime Scene Secondary Crime Scene
Phillip’s Office Phillip’s Desk
Greenstone Picnic Area Cliffside
Creme Café Table 8


Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Additional Investigation – To New Beginnings (1/6)

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