(a model locked-district map of avantia showing the river location)
General information
Type Country
Season 3
Setting The late 21st century
Country Avantia
Primary LEA The NIB,the local agencies in every region
Key city figures Raymond Rutherford(president)

Jeffrey Rosewell(prime minister)
Gaston Lambert (NIB director)

No. of cases in season 50 (will be reduced)
No. of regions in season 8
Appears in Universal mysteries 1
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Avantia:The Conspirers is the 3rd season from the fanmade series Universal mysteries 1


Setting to take place in the fictional country of avantia,the former kingdom where the events of Beast Quest series of comics and video game happend ceturies ago,its divided into 8 geographic regions (every geographic region include a number of administrative regions that won't be mentioned:

geographic regions:

Bluestone Highland

The Grand Boundary

Stonewin Pit

Central Plains

Winding Hollows

Mistrock Desert


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