Autumn Town is the second district of the city of Silverbarrow and Cases #7-14 are situated here.


This district features an autumn-only season here. Also, there are the famous Autumn Hotel, and Autumn Villa owned by Kley Grover and Howard Richards respectively. Autumn Lake is one of the best fishing spots in the town, and Autumn Plaza for ceremonies, festivals and parties. But Hypno, a mysterious person that hypnotizes people to do crimes, will strike and the police force must capture the killer from creating a disaster.

"After resolving the problems of Industry City, new problems arise! Can they resolve it once again?"

- Description


Cases Murder Weapon
Where the Leaves Fall Tree
The Water's Claim Drowning
An Acidic Murder Acid
Death for Breakfast Cyanide
Beneath the Hooves Horse
The Last Blow Bloody Water Bottle
Sawed Jigsaw
Dark Side of Fate Bloody Knife
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