Aubrey Price
Biographical information
Full name Aubrey Price
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1975
Death 2018
Cause of death Blood loss (breast ripped out)
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Pool Owner

Prostitute (formerly)

Game information
First appeared Case #4 Six Feet Under Water
Aubrey Price (1975-2018) was a suspect in murder investigations of young boy Brice Connerie in Six Feet Under Water (Case #4 of Laroy Bay) and faded Allywood star Grayson Tatum in Murder by Moonlight (Case #39 of Laroy Bay).In Beat your Breast (Case #42 of Laroy Bay),Aubrey was murdered.


Aubrey was a 43-year-old local pool owner and former prostitute.She had long red hair and brown eyes.She wore red bikini with money in it.She also had two tattoos on her shoulders.

Age 43
Height 5'3''
Weight 168lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type A+

Six Feet Under Water

Aubrey was interrogated when team found body in local pool owned by her.She said that she was inside of her mansion with her dog when she heard that something fell near her pool.She went there and she found poor Brice completly tied up with tape.He wasn't breathing and she knew he drowned.She suggested them to talk with her bartender Baxter Demint.

Aubrey was interrogated again,after team found bracelet with The Venom symbol on it in her mansion.She claimed that the bracelet is not hers.Team locked her up,but she was later released when they arrested Baxter for murder

In Additional Investigation,she wanted to talk with player about all this crazy stuff that happend.She wanted to help them to catch The Venom's leader before anyone else dies.Team went to cafeteria in her mansion where Baxter worked.They found phone number which turned out to be from Melania's workshop (Witchcraft items,etc).

Murder by Moonlight

Aubrey became a suspect after team found her phone on crime scene.She said that Grayson Tatum was the one who helped her to leave prostitution and she was thankful to him.

Aubrey was spoken to again after team found her threat she wrote to Grayson.She said that Grayson wanted to engage her with his son,but she didn't want to.

Aubrey was found innocent again after team arrested Amanda Love for a crime.

Beat your Breast

Aubrey was found chanied to the wall with her breast removed.

Megan Alan said that she was first knocked out,but the pain from getting her breast ripped out woke her up meaning that she was fully consious during the torture,but this time,she didn't find any clues about the killer.

Team found enough evidence to arrest actor Kendall Watson for murder.Kendall said that it was Aubrey's fault because she found out their plans and was planning to reveal their plans to the police.Kendall kidnapped her and tortured her before finally ripping her breast off and eating it.About Patrick,Kendall said that they needed a human body to sacrifice it to their ''Big Lord'' meaning that London was not actually real leader of Gillenati.In courtroom,Kendall showed no remorse for torturing and killing a woman in such horrible death.Judge Eva Rose sentenced him to life imprisonment without any chance for parole.

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