Atlanta Bay is fanmade city made by Zvone0000 . It has Atlanta Bay Police Department (ABPD). City

has 6 differnt districts.


School (Cases #1-#5)

  • In this reigion, there is organization named The Chit-Chaters that tells all School secrets to other Schools.

Ocean Bay (Cases #6-#10)

  • In this region, there is a serial killer named Cool Killer where he kills all other cool peoples.

Centar (Cases #11-#16)

  • In this region, there is a flooded part of Centar that is man-made. Also there are three banks that are enemies.

River (Cases #17-#22)

  • In this region, there is a partly flooded part that flooded other people houses and that people are without hope.

Uptown (Cases #23-#28)

  • In this region, there is a part of Uptown where all the people are 24/7 high. Also it is revalved that we have a traitor among us.

Downtown (Cases #29-#35)

  • Traitor is still at large! Catch them and stop the war between The Skulls and The Vipers.


Case # Case Name
1 Murder School
2 Art Murder
3 Climb the Murder
4 Murder Pot
5 The Terror Stops
Case # Case Name
6 Death on Stairs
7 The Rich Die
8 Death Water
9 River goes to Murder
10 Kill Me
Case # Case Name
11 Death Systems
12 Killing Bank
13 Robbered Murder
14 Famous Bank Murder
15 We are Friend Agian
16 I will do Everything for my Friends
Case # Case Name
17 Centar Death
18 Partly Flooded Murder
19 Steamboat Murder
20 Hope is not back
21 People with Hope
22 Death Day
Case # Case Name
23 Stoned on the Stone
24 You are hot, bro
25 Saved by the Bell
26 Road to Death
27 Double Murder
28 Traitor Revalved
Case # Case Name
29 Death of a Traitor
30 Baby's Death
31 Killing Child Murderer
32 Proffesor Killing
33 Casino Killing
34 King's Death
35 Atlanta Bay Falls


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