Athena Ishtaria
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Full name Athena Kerrigan Cortonith-Ishtaria
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1872
Nationality Unknown
Family Arthur Cortonith (younger sibling)
Mylene Ishtaria✝ (younger sibling)
Ayako Witherwood (descendant)
Julius Witherwood (descendant)
Julia Witherwood (descendant)
Morrigan Witherwood (descendant)
Profession Co-Founder of the Cortonith Island
Shiro Maizono's teacher (formerly)
Appearance(s) Broken Memories (debut)
All fates up to you. To become powerful or to save the world, it's merely your choice and with power you could, but don't use it in a miserable way that certain someone has done it.
—Athena Ishtaria

Athena Kerrigan Cortonith-Ishtaria is suspected of a murder of Mylene Ishtaria.


Athena is a 145-year old woman who is a co-founder of Cortonith Island, and is a founder of the Witherwood Clan.

Like her descendant Morrigan Witherwood, wields two red swords for her combat, and she only kills with the same swords within combat. However, she only uses it for self-defense due to the past she may have done before. Athena's solid training on her spiritual self suddenly makes her stronger, and is the only person in history to perform "Magnum Opus" rituals twice without dying. 

It is unbeknownst to everyone else is that Athena has trained Martha in her younger years, though it is also unknown to her, too. Martha's only clue, is Athena's shoulder pads that she also had. Other than that, Athena also trained Shiro Maizono in his younger years before his notoriety, and starting after he gets redeemed again.

Height 6'0"
Age 130 (1st)
145 (Current)
Weight 125 lbs (1st)
128 lbs (Current)
Eyes heterochromic
Blood B+



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Notable Events

Broken Memories

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The Demon Within

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Widow's Kiss

I was once like you. You seemed to follow the same way I'm taking, Martha.
—Athena Ishtaria

Personal Life

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