At the End of the Track
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District New Galdon
Case # 25
Initial release date 3.7.2020
Partner(s) Luciano Linberg
Case chronology
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Sail Closer to the Wind Bury a Friend
(in Walcott Banks)

At the End of the Track is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-fifth case of Raxelville. It's also the fifth and final one to take place in New Galdon district.


One of the windows shattered in thousand pieces as a human body plummeted down on the train tracks, in front of the upcoming train, tearing it to pieces. Terrified, Mina Coltrane immediately ran to see what happend. Kelly and Luciano ran after Mina and saw her staring at the dismembered body in shock, her eyes watering with tears. Kelly and Luciano approached her, only to see a dismembered body of their tech expert Tristan Fleming. Right then, Alex Carrington ran up to them, saying how he heard screams. When heartbroken trio informed him about Tristan's death, Alex started crying and fell on his knees, saying how Tristan was one of his closest friends. While Mina comforted Alex, Kelly realized that Alex has nothing to do with Tristan's death since he didn't had enough time to push Tristan out of the window and run out of the building in just a single minute. While heartbroken Alex examined Tristan's corpse, Luciano and player searched the scene and found enough clues to suspect profiler Ed Heller, Luciano's girlfriend and detective Anisa Alvarado, and Mina's girlfriend and lab chief Lexi Maynard. When they returned back to others, panicking Mina told them that Salvador has been mugged.

Luciano and player quickly went to help Salvador. After finding him near the bridge, the duo informed him about Tristan's murder. Shaken up Salvador then told them that he was with Tristan in the cinema literally few hours ago, prompting the team to go there and investigate. After investigating the cinema, the pair found enough clues to suspect Bianca O'Brien too, who blamed herself for failing to protect her teammates. Later on, the team discovered that Tristan invited Lexi to his apartment around 30 minutes before getting murdered, and that Ed put hidden cameras in Tristan's bag, suspecting that he's the traitor. After they returned to Kelly, Mina and Alex, the duo got approached by Bianca. Wiping her tears away, Bianca told them that she hasn't been fully honest with them.

Tearful Bianca said that she was convinced that Tristan is the traitor and even tried to pressure him into confessing, but failed to get any info out of him. After leaving Bianca with Kelly, Luciano and player searched the train station once again for more clues. Later on through the investigation, the duo found out that Anisa bought train tickets for Venusville when the team discovered about the traitor, much to Luciano's anguish. They also discovered that Salvador sent threatening messages to Tristan, but it turned out to be a harmless joke about a video game. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the team discovered that the person who pushed Tristan on the train tracks is their lab chief Lexi Maynard.

Luciano and player confronted Lexi, who tried to deny the accusations by saying how Tristan is her best friend. However, when Luciano presented the evidence, Lexi sighed and wiped her tears away, saying how she never wanted to kill Tristan and how the whole traitor thing is just a huge misunderstanding. Heartbroken Lexi admitted that she never had a "perfect Hollywood life" everyone thought she has, revealing how her parents were involved with loan sharks business and were in a lot of debts. Lexi admitted that she knew Aurora back when they were kids in middle school, and when Aurora offered Lexi to be tested in her father's laboratory, Lexi accepted her deal, hoping to get enough money to help her parents and keep the Maynard family's honor. Barely holding her tears, Lexi confessed that Aurora drastically changed her behaviour and how she is ashamed of herself. When Bianca created Raxelville Mystery Squad, Aurora forced Lexi to join them as The Phantom's mole, telling her that she won't be getting the money if she refuses. Having no other choice, Lexi infiltrated Raxelville Mystery Squad and kept in touch with Aurora the entire time. However, after solving crimes with them, meeting a lot of interesting and amazing people like Mina and Tristan, Lexi realized that she has to cut all ties with a monster like Aurora, even if it means not saving her family from debt. After learning that Lexi wants to leave The Phantom, Aurora blackmailed Stacy Brooker into kidnapping Nigel and Mina to taunt and scare Lexi. Finally realizing what kind of horrible person Aurora is, Lexi decided to fight against her by turning Jordan Rochester against her, along with the last remaining memeber of The Phantom, Lorenzo Mak. When Luciano asked Lexi about the talismans, heartbroken Lexi said how she and Lorenzo were actually trying to destroy them and every piece of technology that could help Aurora and Josip in their plans. After Ivona Dimovska's arrest, Lorenzo tried to find the talismans on Bernard Boris's yacht, only to realize that someone got to them first. As for Tristan's murder, Lexi burst into tears and said that Tristan analyzed Aurora's laptop for more clues, discovering Lexi's identity. Tristan then invited Lexi to his apartment, wanting to see what's going on. When Tristan presented his discoveries, Lexi started panicking and ran towards the door, making Tristan go after her and grab her by her arms, wanting to calm her down. During a struggle, Lexi accidentally pushed Tristan away from her, making him fall through the window right on the train tracks. Luciano then comforted Lexi, telling her how she should have confessed back when Kelly revealed that someone on the team is a traitor, but Lexi said how she didn't wanted to disappoint Mina and how she simply wanted to take down Aurora in silence, hoping to forget about her past with The Phantom. Right then, Mina (who was eavesdropping) came out and hugged Lexi, telling her how she's not a disappointment and how she did the right thing by taking revenge on Aurora and Josip. Lexi then took Mina's hands, gently squeezing them, and told Mina that she's sorry for keeping secrets from her before Mina kissed her on the lips to calm her down. When Luciano told her that she should explain everything to other teammates, Lexi backed away, saying how she is not strong enough to even look them in the eyes anymore. Before they could react, Lexi ran to the nearest train, promising that she'll fix her wrongs by finding the talismans and destroying Aurora's plans. Lexi shared one last look with Mina before her train left, leaving Mina alone with Luciano, who hugged Mina and reassured her that everything is going to be okay.

Luciano and player then informed Bianca about the situation with Lexi and Lorenzo, who promised them that they'll help Lexi and Lorenzo with taking down Aurora even if it's the last thing they do. Bianca then told them to search Tristan's apartment once again and see if Lexi left any clues about Lorenzo's whereabouts. Luciano and player then investigated Tristan's apartment and found Lexi's smartwatch in her purse. They sent her watch to Kelly and Ed, who told them that Lorenzo told Lexi to meet him at the movies around midnight. Realizing that it's past midnight, Luciano and player headed to the cinema to confront Lorenzo, who sighed and confessed that he is indeed Star. Tearful Lorenzo explained how he, Lexi and Jordan were never on Aurora's side since they all accepted to be experimented on for personal reasons, making Lorenzo admit that he joined The Phantom only to get enough money to pay his mother's chemotherapies. Luciano then asked him where are the talismans but Lorenzo said how they were replaced back when Manny Estrada's murder investigation took place on the yacht. Right then, Luciano recieved a call from panicking Anisa, who told to meet her immediately since Josip Zorjan has been trying to reach out to them. The duo immediately met up with Anisa and other teammates and saw Kelly holding Josip's blinking hologram. Clutching Luciano's hand, Anisa turned on the hologram, showing Josip Zorjan laughing at them, telling them how their time is up before showing them two appearence-changing talismans. Before the shocked team could even react, smirking Josip revealed that he was never actually dead and how he's been helping Aurora from the shadows. Josip told them how they were stupid to trust him in first place since they knew about his connections to The Phantom. Visibly pissed Bianca then told him that they will find his location and get the talismans back, but Josip said how their plan has just began. He then pointed at Bianca's TV before the hologram turned off. Bianca immediately turned on the TV, only to see Aurora's face on local news with "Escaped killer on the run" written underneath her. After the news anchor revealed that Aurora was last seen on the train station, Bianca decided to accompany the player and find her. The duo then searched the train station and found a bloody phone in the pile of trash, sending it to Alex. After analyses, panicking Alex told them that both blood and phone belong to Mayor Alisa Avermalio. Worried Kelly then contacted the city hall to see if anything has happend to mayor Avermalio, but just learned that mayor Avermalio hasn't been answering her phone for last few hours. Realizing that Aurora might have something to do with Mayor Avermalio's disappearence, Bianca told everyone that they should find her and Josip as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the player and heartbroken Mina informed Lexi's father Nigel Maynard about everything. Burying his face in his hands, Nigel admitted that their family was in fact very unstable with money and how they never had a decent life, explaining how loan sharks threatened him with Lexi's life. Wiping his tears away, Nigel told Mina that he will try to find Lexi and protect her from Aurora at all costs, before Mina calmed him down and told him that Lexi won't feel better if her father is in danger. After convincing Nigel to stay home, Mina and player investigated the train tracks for anything that could help them find Lexi. The duo then found Lexi's lab coat that she had left behind and found a small box with a diamond ring inside. Realizing that Lexi was planning to propose to her, tearful Mina gripped the ring and promised to herself that she will find Lexi and protect her at all costs. Right then, the duo got approached by Salvador who overheard their discussion. Salvador then promised Mina that everything is going to be okay since Lexi is a strong girl that can go through anything, making Mina hug both Salvador and player and thank them for being there for her.

After all of these shocking events, Bianca apologized for being pain in the neck last few weeks, saying how her sanity was at zero and how all she wanted was just to keep everyone safe. After the team vowed to find Aurora and Josip, rescue Mayor Avermalio and help Lexi and Lorenzo, they were ready to attend Tristan's funeral. Few days later, heartbroken Bianca told everyone to meet her at the cemetary for Tristan's funeral ceremony...



  • Tristan Fleming (torn to pieces by a train after falling through the window)

Murder Weapon:

  • Train




Killer's Profile

  • The killer is a runner.
  • The killer plays Weirder Stuff.
  • The killer knows poetry.
  • The killer is female.
  • The killer's blood type is O+.

Crime Scenes

Train Station Bloody Train Tracks Train Station Bonus
Tristan's Apartment Tristan's Video Games Tristan's Apartment Bonus
Local Cinema First Row Seats Local Cinema Bonus
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