Asia Edition
Name Asia Edition
Type Season
Country Various
Primary LEA Asian Police Department
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (s1)

Asia comes to investigation in the Asia Edition (also known as the first season of Criminal Case made by RoseyLaly28 and several other users). Various law enforcement agencies govern certain localities across Asia but the Asian Police Department serves as the top police force in Asia.


The Asian Police Department is the main law enforcement agency of this season. They are the top police force in Asia, investigating the cases that are difficult to be investigate by the local police force, which includes murder and the evil doings of criminals and organizations.

Latest Case



The team went to investigate the mysterious serial killer called "The Shadow" in terms for saving Russian teenagers' lives and to stop the horrible killings of innocent teenagers.

Case # Country City Case Name Writer(s)
#1 Russia Russia St. Petersburg Right in the Bull's Eye Laliana and Tutti
#2 Russia Russia Moscow Bloody Square Louis, Laliana and Alex
#3 Russia Russia Magadan Too Drunk to Die Louis and Aldrianyf
#4 Russia Russia Vladivostok Northern Frights Jordan and Laliana
#5 Russia Russia Irkutsk Need for Speed Josh and Aldrianyf
#6 Russia Russia Chelyabinsk N/A Laliana and Jordan

Central Asia

Case # Country City Case Name Writer(s)
#7 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Astana N/A Laliana and Owl
#8 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Almaty N/A Alex and Louis
#9 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Samarkand N/A Jordan and Tutti
#10 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Ashgabat N/A N/A
#11 Afghanistan Afghanistan Kabul N/A Jordan
#12 Tajikistan Tajikistan Dushanbe N/A Owl and Louis
#13 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Bokonbaevo N/A Laliana, Alex and Tutti
#14 China China Ürümqi N/A Sword and MJ

East Asia

Case # Country City Case Name Writer(s)
#15 China China Beijing Trust No One TDD
#16 MongoliaMongolia Ulaanbaatar N/a Laliana and MJ
#17 South Korea South Korea Busan N/A Owl and TDD
#18 Japan Japan Tokyo N/A Sword and Alex
#19 Japan Japan Fukuoka N/A Laliana
#20 Taiwan Taiwan Taipei Killed in the 101st Floor Louis and Sword
#21 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong N/A Jordan and Owl
#22 Macau Macau Macau N/A Laliana
#23 China China Shanghai N/A Alex and Louis
#24 China China Chengdu N/A TDD and Jordan

South Asia

Case # Country City Case Name Writer(s)
#25 China China Lhasa N/A TDD and Sword
#26 Nepal Nepal Mount Everest N/A MJ
#27 India India Agra N/A TDD and Jordan
#28 Pakistan Pakistan Islamabad N/A Alex
#29 India India Mumbai N/A Louis and Laliana
#30 India India Bengaluru N/A Owl and Sword
#31 Maldives Maldives Male N/A Laliana
#32 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Colombo N/A Louis and MJ
#33 Bangladesh Bangladesh Rajshahi N/A Alex and Jordan
#34 Bhutan Bhutan Paro N/A Alex and Owl

Southeast Asia

Case # Country City Case Name Writer(s)
#35 Myanmar Myanmar Yangon N/A Jordan and Owl
#36 Thailand Thailand Phuket N/A Sword
#37 Cambodia Cambodia Siem Reap N/A Louis, MJ and Laliana
#38 Laos Laos Vientiane N/A TDD
#39 Vietnam Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City N/A Sword
#40 Philippines Philippines Manila N/A Laliana
#41 Brunei Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan N/A TDD, Alex and Owl
#42 Indonesia Indonesia Bali N/A Louis
#43 Singapore Singapore Singapore N/A Alex and MJ
#44 Malaysia Malaysia Malaka N/A Louis and Jordan

Southwest Asia

Case # Country City Case Name Writer(s)
#45 Oman Oman Muscat N/A Laliana and MJ
#46 Yemen Yemen Aden N/A Alex
#47 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Mecca N/A Owl and Jordan
#48 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi N/A Louis and MJ
#49 Qatar Qatar Doha N/A TDD
#50 Iran Iran Tehran N/A Sword
#51 Iraq Iraq Baghdad N/A TDD and Owl
#52 Jordan Jordan Madaba N/A Jordan
#53 Israel Israel Jerusalem N/A Sword and Laliana
#54 Syria Syria Damascus N/A Alex and Louis

West Asia

Case # Country City Case Name Writer(s)
#55 Lebanon Lebanon Beirut N/A Louis and Alex
#56 Turkey Turkey Istanbul N/A Jordan, Laliana and Owl
#57 Georgia Georgia Tbilisi N/A MJ and TDD
#58 Armenia Armenia Vanadzor N/A Tutti
#59 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Baku N/A Collaboration


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