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Annabel: Everyone, we're on high alert, and things have become drastic!
Annabel: We've managed to put an end to the black market's operations in the district, and uncovered their leader to be Horatio Kowalski, better known as The Great Horatio.
Josiah: But before <Rank> <Name> and us could arrest him, Reus came in and took him away.
Hunter: And then we got word from Commissioner Medina that he got killed on top of it! Damn it! That son of a b**ch has gone too far!
Hunter: Chief, I would like to work with <Name> on this case. I've been working to put Reus away for years, and I have a feeling this might be it!
Annabel: Very well, I'll send Detective Bryant with you. With a case like this, it never hurts to have backup!
Hunter: ..Okay, where's the theater he's in front of?
Annabel: Its at the end of the Walk of Fame, there's a lot riding on this case, the ceremony starts soon. Whatever you need to do there, get it done now!
Hunter: Right, have Isabel meet us there. Alright <Name>, time to make history!

Chapter 1

Investigate Theater Entrance
Isabel: Alright, I'm here. Where's Horatio?
Hunter: Right here, and looks like the killer decided to try the old sword swallowing trick on him.
Isabel: Only Reus went the full 10 miles. Horatio might've been a bad guy, but I think this is overkill. Well, at least we know the murder weapon is obviously the sword he swallowed.
Isabel: Hopefully he left something behind, if he did, Daphne will let us know.
Hunter: And check it out, looks like Horatio is arguing with some chick in this photo.
Hunter: I can't get a good look at the face, better get the database up and have a look.
Isabel: And what's this, some fancy greeting card?
Isabel: Well, looks like this was sent to our victim, but as for who sent it, we'll need to do a bit of dusting.
Hunter: We're finally at this point, nothing left but Mr. Reus, and this time he isn't getting away.
Isabel: Right, he's done enough damage to everyone here. Its time we finish this!

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Daphne: Well darn, we were this close to nabbing him, but Reus came in and killed him!
Isabel: I know, but with this we'll be able to put an end to Reus, so any surprises?
Daphne: As I'm sure you deduced, the sword was the murder weapon. It sliced his organs and caused massive internal bleeding, death was slow, and very painful.
Hunter: Exactly like that sicko would've wanted it.
Daphne: But here's the thing, Reus slipped up. They might've not left any fingerprints behind...
Daphne: In the midst of the murder, Reus left us a little something on the handle of the blade.
Hunter: Ha! I knew he'd mess up eventually!
Daphne: There were traces of acrylic paint on the handle. Needless to say, your killer must be using a set.
Isabel: Acrylic paint, you're sure about this?
Daphne: Positive, Horatio was a magician. He might've used paint to help with sets, but from what I heard, he preferred oil, not acrylic.
Hunter: Well, this killer may be into the arts, but this murder will be their final masterpiece!

Examine Card
Isabel: Alright, let's have a look. "Thank you for the referral, I'll be sure to thank you in my award acceptance speech" - T. Goodwin.
Hunter: Goodwin? Didn't you meet someone like that?
Isabel: Yeah, that artist Toto Goodwin. We met her in when that magic act went awry.
Isabel: And ironically enough, that's where we first met Horatio and Reus.
Hunter: Well, let's see why this artist had to thank the victim.

Ask Toto why she sent the card
Isabel: Miss Goodwin, you sent this to The Great Horatio, correct?
Toto: Yes, I gave it to him for giving me a chance. People don't really look at my work, they find it... what was it? Disturbing!
Toto: But with my popularity growing, Horatio publicly said he enjoyed my work. And with that, he reccommended me for nomination in the Artist of the Stars ceremony!
Hunter: Hate to break the news, but it looks like Horatio got himself killed... by Reus.
Toto: What?
Toto: That serial killer seems to have everyone on edge, I've even made a few artworks trying to depict that psycho.
Isabel: Did you happen to-
Toto: Of course I submitted them to the judges, and they actually liked it, a lot!
Isabel: Really?
Toto: Yep! Its sad Horatio is no more, but his words spur me on to do my work. I won't disappoint him!

Examine Photograph
Isabel: Well, looks like the person arguing with Horatio is the Mayor's second daughter Kristina Solomon.
Hunter: Kristina? You last saw her at that K-Pop case, right?
Isabel: We did, and we learned from her sister June that the family wasn't big fans of the victim.
Isabel: Let's go see if the sentiments are the same with Kristina.

See if Kristina hated the victim
Hunter: So Miss Solomon, what's with the fancy dress?
Kristina: Believe it or not I'm actually here to win the coveted Star Artist award! I'm actually pretty talented with singing!
Isabel: Huh, I didn't peg you for a singer.
Kristina: Hard to believe, but its the truth. So, what's up?
Hunter: You have history with The Great Horatio, right?
Kristina: Oh don't even mention him! He should've retired, but he felt he should be the best magician!
Kristina: Naomi deserved her chance, but he said no and mocked her and dad! Why bring him up?
Isabel: Horatio was just killed by Reus, and found in front of the theater.
Kristina: Well, sorry to hear he died by Reus, but I won't shed any tears for him.
Kristina: If you want a closer look at the guy, check out the magician's club. He was there recently.
Hunter: Is that so? Well, thanks for the heads up. Let's have a look at that club.

Investigate Magician's Club
Isabel: Well, what do we have here? This is a nice establishment all things considered.
Hunter; Right, well we know Horatio was here before you confronted him, so let's see what stands out.
Hunter: Like a ballet shoe? What's that doing here, don't tell me he's into ballet?
Isabel: Not likely, but maybe we have a witness. Let's see if there's any DNA in this thing.
Isabel: And while we're at it, this stack of playing cards seems out of place, doesn't it? If its hiding anything, we'll find out!

Examine Playing Cards
Isabel: Well, looks like someone hid a CD amongst this stack of playing cards.
Hunter: But what is it? Well glad we got Marco for that one. We better get it to him.

Analyze CD
Isabel: Hey Marco, did you finish analyzing that CD yet?
Marco: ......
Hunter: Hey genius, you listenin'?
Marco: ......
Isabel: MARCO! Quit listening to that music and talk to us!!
Marco: Agh! What the heck?
Isabel: The CD, were you listening to it?
Isabel: We're in the midst of trying to catch Mr. Reus Marco, we don't have time for this!
Marco: Sorry, I just like listening to Jill Featherstone's music.
Hunter: Huh? Jill Featherstone, ain't she that pop star you met when you first came here?
Marco: She is, the CD was one of her best hits!
Marco: Guess her CD was popular amongst the magicians, I'd suggest talking to her. She is gonna be part of the nominations!
Isabel: Good idea, maybe she met our victim, let's talk to her!

Talk to Jill about the murder
Jill: Hi again officers! Here to witness my star performance?
Hunter: Nope, we're here investigating a murder, know anyone named Horatio Kowalski?
Jill: Horatio, Horatio, oh you mean that magician guy!
Jill: I don't know the guy personally, but he likes my music, that's about it.
Isabel: Well he ended up getting murdered by Mr. Reus.
Jill: What!? Oh no!
Isabel: But don't worry, we'll catch him tonight, we swear.
Hunter: Let us know if you have anything else to say about this, we'll be back later.

Examine Ballet Shoe
Isabel: Nice catch, let's see whose DNA this belongs to.

Examine DNA
Hunter: Looks like it's a man who left that trace there. A man?
Isabel: I know him! Josiah told me about that case. He's a russian ballet dancer named Yaromir Dubow.
Hunter: Oh, from that ballet case? Okay but what's a ballet dancer doing in a magician's club?
Isabel: I guess we'll have to let Yaromir answer that. Let's see if he's at the ceremony tonight.

Talk to Yaromir about his presence at the club
Yaromir: Hello again officers, I never got to thank you for stopping Reus!
Hunter: We stopped him from killing you, but not Horatio Kowalski, he ended up killing him.
Yaromir: What!?
Yaromir: He recently invited me to the magician's club as a special guest, not many non-magicians are allowed in.
Isabel: Why you specifically?
Yaromir: He felt sorry for me after Reus tried to kill me, not many people are able to get away from him.
Isabel: So he decided to treat you a magic show?
Yaromir: He did! The others didn't take too kindly too it, but after he told them about what happened, they said I could stay.
Yaromir: Shame that he got killed by that Mr. Reus, I hope you catch them soon!
Hunter: Don't worry, we'll have Reus in chains by tonight, we promise you.

In front of the theater...
Isabel: Well, we've come so close and yet so far. We almost had Horatio for his black market dealings...
Hunter: Only for him to be taken away and killed by Mr. Reus instead.
Hunter: He's been avoiding the police for some time, we can't afford to let him go any longer!
Isabel: Concerning our suspects, we have dancer, Yaromir Dubow, who was also a victim of Reus. But who knows if that was faked or not.
Hunter: We also have Jill Featherstone and Kristina Solomon, both singing for their nominations.
Hunter: Hey, and Toto Goodwin, if she's an artist doesn't she use acrylic paint?
Isabel: Yeah, good point! Its her preferred style, I'll add it to her profile.
Isabel: Doesn't help she's disturbing at times, and was a suspect wehn-
Kenny: Hope I'm not interrupting anything important.
Hunter: You? What do YOU want?
Kenny: Ease up Captain, I got some good news for you.
Kenny: I checke with my sources and the scouts we sent out, and guess what?
Kenny: We found Reus' hideout!

Chapter 2

Isabel: Wait, are you serious?!
Kenny: Yep, I ain't joshing you either. We really found what looks to be Reus' hideout!
Hunter: Well where is it?
Kenny: Turns out the theater he first struck was hit multiple times. It was deemed as 'cursed' and closed down. We checked it, and Reus seems to fancy the place.
Isabel: We better get over there before Reus does. Don't have any officers hold the scene, we don't want Reus to hit us.
Kenny: Ok, if you're sure. But if anything happens, hit us up.
Hunter: Right, let's get a look at our mad magician.

Investigate Reus' Hideout
Isabel: Whoa, this person is obssessed with the news.
Hunter: Yeah, looks like they're following all the big name celebrities. Even criminals!
Isabel: I guess Reus really wanted the spotlight to himself. Well, anything around here?
Isabel: A pill bottle? Guess Reus needed a little 'help', but I can't read what this is.
Hunter: We'll have to recover it, but I'm more interested in this. This is a pamphlet for the ceremony tonight!
Isabel: They must be handing them out, but it looks to be faded. We better have a look, maybe we'll find another witness.

Examine Pamphlet
Isabel: Well, looks like Reus crossed off Horatio Kowalski, and the other names appear to be our suspects so far.
Hunter: But check this out, looks like Kristina ain't the only Solomon in the nominations tonight.
Isabel: Naomi Solomon? Wasn't she working on magic too?
Hunter: Makes sense, but let's ask her anyway.

Talk to Naomi about her participation in the awards
Naomi: Hey officers, you spoke with Kristina earlier, right?
Isabel: Then you must know why we're here.
Naomi: I know, I'll admit I didn't like Horatio that much, but still, no one should be killed by that Reus, not anymore!
Hunter: We heard you were working on magic yourself.
Naomi: I am, hence why Dad and Horatio got in an argument, and we got involved.
Naomi: I'll admit, I started out with painting, though I couldn't decide between acrylic or oil despite the number of times using each.
Naomi: But I always loved magic, its so whimsical for lack of a better word. But I'd never use it to kill anyone.
Hunter: Anything about Reus you can tell us?
Naomi: No, but I know someone who might. Bonnie Neoclassical, he's been drawing depictions of Reus, he might know something.
Isabel: Bonnie? We haven't seen him since that animator was murdered.
Naomi: Take it from me, he's not using Reus to profit off anything, he just finds it fascinating. And I must admit, his works of art are pretty good.
Isabel: We'll keep that in mind, let's go see Bonnie

Ask Bonnie what he knows about Reus
Isabel: Mr. Neoclassical, do you have a second?
Bonnie: Sorry, let me just put these acrylics away, don't want any paint stains on my suit.
Bonnie: So, what's up?
Hunter: We're tracking the serial killer Mr. Reus, who recently killed Horatio Kowalski earlier.
Bonnie: I heard, his body was displayed at the entrance to the theater. I hope this means he won't attack the ceremony.
Isabel: We'll make sure it goes on without any issues.
Isabel: We heard you've been drawing the serial killer?
Bonnie: I have been, I've always been fascinated by these killers, they feel the need to have a motif, an MO, those sorts of things.
Bonnie: Of course, no one knows who they are, so it falls to the artist to depict them. Admittedly I've come under a bit of fire, but nothing I'm not used to at this point.
Hunter: Well if you happen to find anything out about Reus, let us know.
Bonnie: Can do, good luck with your investigation, you're gonna need it.

Examine Pill Bottle
Isabel: Nice work recovering the label, but it looks to be a serial number.
Hunter: We can have Marco track it down. Maybe he can give us an ID on these pills, and maybe the person who gave these.

Analyze Pill Bottle
Isabel: Hey Marco, got anything on that bottle of pills we found in Reus' hideout?
Marco: Quite a bit, glad you found them!
Marco: Let's start with the pills themselves, they're actually antidepressants.
Hunter: Are you sure, Reus is taking antidepressants?
Marco: Yep, and I had Daph check the victim's body for traces just in case. Tox screen came up negative, so your killer has to take these!
Hunter: Well if Reus is depressed now, we'll give him more to be depressed about!
Marco: Also, I managed to track these to a distributor, these happened to come from a local pharmacy...
Marco: ...Manned by Cloe White, who we met before after that crash case.
Hunter: Her again? Well, I think this time we'll need to treat her as a potential suspect, do you?
Isabel: Seems to be that way, let's go see her.

Talk to Cloe White about her pill distribution
Isabel: Mrs. White, you have a second?
Cloe: Oh hello again, I never got the chance to thank you for earlier! Thanks to you, the market stopped stealing from me.
Cloe: But what's up now?
Hunter: Did you happen to see anyone suspicious lately?
Cloe: No, why do you ask?
Isabel: We found these pills, they were given to Mr. Reus, or at least the person acting as him.
Cloe: What!? Well I wouldn't know about it, Reus obviously wouldn't come here in costume.
Isabel: Right, know anything about a Horatio Kowalski, he was Reus' latest victim.
Cloe: Sorry, I don't any Horatios.
Hunter: Alright, you better not be holding out on us Mrs. White, I don't like liars.

Isabel: Well, we have some more evidence, but not enough to catch Reus.
Hunter: Why don't we head back to the magic club, maybe some more insight into Reus' thoughts on our suspects might give us an idea of who'd want him dead.
Isabel: Alright, if it means we can find Reus, then let's get to work!

Investigate Display Case
Isabel: Anything <Name>? Ah, a magazine, those always give a lead or two.
Hunter: Sad to say this one's torn up, but a quick patch-up job should fix that. With luck, our victim may be on it.
Isabel: And check this out, this Newspaper has Horatio on it!
Isabel: But looks like most of it got covered in powder, got the vacuum ready Hunter?
Hunter: You know it, let's get it done!

Examine Newspaper
Hunter: Alright, let's see what this says...
Hunter: "Horatio, I know what you're doing, you better stop before I have to end you myself!"
Isabel: Looks like someone was onto Horatio! But who?
Hunter: Well, maybe Victor can analyze this powder and tell us who left it.
Isabel: Good idea Captain, let's get this to him!

Analyze Powder
Isabel: Hey Victor, finish analyzing that powder yet?
Victor: Just did, and perfect timing too. I've been wanting to begin work on a novel about Reus, so the sooner we arrest him, the better!
Hunter: Right, so what was that powder?
Victor: It was actually foundation, used to try and even the skin color.
Victor: But this actually contained DNA, and there was enough for me to determine it belonged to one Yaromir Dubow.
Isabel: Yaromir accused our victim? We better ask him what it was.

Confront Yaromir over his allegations towards the victim
Isabel: Hey Yaromir, did you accuse our victim?
Yaromir: Uh, maybe...
Hunter: Mind clueing us in on what you accused him of?
Yaromir: Alright fine, he's been trying to get me on drugs!
Isabel: He was what!?
Yaromir: Whenever I hung out with him, I kept finding drugs, like he was tempting me to take them.
Yaromir: I'm already on antidepressants as it is, drugs would just makes things worse! And I already have enough trouble working to be the best at my craft as it is!
Hunter: So you knew about his drug dealing, maybe that led you to get your revenge when he finally got busted.
Yaromir: I hate to remind you, but I was attacked by Reus! How could I be him?
Isabel: That's yet to be said, for all we know now that could've been faked, but then again it could've been real.
Isabel: The fact remains you're a suspect Yaromir, and you'll have plenty to be depressed about if we find out you've been lying all this time!

Examine Torn Magazine
Isabel: Well what do you know, our victim ended up making the cover.
Hunter: And listen to this, looks like Horatio hates pop music. Says here he called out... Jill Featherstone?
Isabel: I can imagine she didn't take that too kindly, wonder how she reacted to this?
Hunter: Guess we better ask her about it, let's go speak to Miss Featherstone.

Ask Jill why the victim hated her
Jill: Hey officers, I'm trying to branch out into painting, you know where I can get any acrylic paint?
Hunter: Sadly no, you'd have to look aroud a bit for an art store. But that aside...
Hunter: We found out the victim really wasn't a fan of your music like you said they were.
Jill: Oh, THAT Horatio.
Jill: Okay, I'll admit, that guy was a total jerk!
Isabel: Why? As far as we know, you haven't done anything to warrant that kind of hate.
Jill: Exactly! But Horatio said pop music was nothing more than trash, and that no effort was put into making "the same sounding music over and over again".
Jill: I mean, this life isn't easy you know! I've had a to pop a lot of antidepressants.
Hunter: He felt that way about all pop singers?
Jill: Definetly, ask the Mayor's daughter Kristina, she can corroborate what I'm saying.
Isabel: Very well, we'll talk to Kristina, but don't think this means you're innocent Miss Featherstone. Prison won't be much of a stress reliever compared to singing.

Talk to Kristina over the victim's anger towards her
Isabel: Miss Solomon, turns out the victim had more hatred of you than we thought. Hated your singing?
Kristina: Oh, it was just worse than that...
Kristina: He tried to attack me! ME!
Hunter: What? Why didn't we hear about this?
Kristina: Because I didn't tell anyone, but at the very least I gave him a few bruises to remember it by. I won't let him get away clean!
Isabel: But still, you should've done the responsible thing and informed the police.
Kristina: Perhaps, but this was when the police in this district were unreliable. And I could only rely on antidepressants to keep me sane.
Kristina: Honestly, while I hate Reus, I'm glad he got rid of Horatio! He was nothing but trouble. Now, if you excuse me, I gonna calm myself down with some painting, I need to stock up on my acrylics.
Kristina: And then, off to the awards ceremony, where I'll hopefully win! I've been waiting a long time for this moment, and now is my time to shine!
Hunter: Very well, but if we find out you killed Horatio and all those other folks, you'll only be winning your life sentence in prison!

Back at the station...
Isabel: Well, as if things can't get any worse, it looks like Horatio made himself subject to plenty of hatred.
Hunter: His hate of pop music got on Jill and especially Kristina's nerves.
Hunter: And was accused of drug dealing by Yaromir! <br / Isabel: We were able to find his hideout, so hopefully if he does try and kill anyone else, we can-
Luke: GUYS! Problem!
Hunter: Whoa! Luke, what's going on?
Luke: Alice was out trying to collect evidence on Reus...
Luke: But then he came in and kidnapped her!

Chapter 3

Isabel: WHAT!?! She got kidnapped by Reus?
Luke: I tried to pursue them, but I lost them!
Hunter: Is there anyone guarding the old theater?
Luke: No, why?
Hunter: Good, we can catch them before he kills Alice. Hurry!
Isabel: Right, let's get moving!

At the abandoned theater...
Isabel: Reus! Hands up, now!
Reus: What?! You found my lair, but how?
Alice: Let me out of here you madman! <Name>, help!
Hunter: No hesitations Reus, let her go now!
Reus: Forget it, say goodbye to your-
Reus: Ah! My arm!
Isabel: We got you now Reus!
Reus: Grrrr, you dare take away another kill from me! Well no matter, I may have accomplished only half of what I wanted, but I know you won't catch me!
Reus: When the stars have been decided, all shall fall! And only I will remain, and me alone!
Isabel: Wait, half?
Reus: Farewell for now fools!
Hunter: Alice, you okay?
Alice: Fine, but now things have become personal! I'm helping!
Hunter: You sure, I mean you just got-
Alice: No excuses, I want to see the look of fear in Reus' eyes when we expose him!
Isabel: Very well, this is your area of expertise, so you're free to join. We better look around here, something tells me Reus left a little something for us.

Investigate Front Row
Isabel: Holy smokes, I think I know what he meant by half!
Hunter: Is that.. Jill Featherstone?
Alice: Looks to be that way, and it seems she got stabbed through the heart by another sword.
Isabel: It kinda looks like the one used to kill Horatio, he must have a bunch of them!
Hunter: We better send Jill down to autopsy, this will be the last time Reus kills anyone!
Isabel: Agreed, in the meantime, I think we oughta continue our investigation. This canvas looks to be faded, but a quick dust oughta fix that.
Alice: And it appears Reus kept with the times, this is one high-tech safe. We better see what's inside, it might prove useful in finding his identity.

Autopsy the Victim's Body
Daphne: Wow, two autopsies in one day, that's a shocker!
Isabel: Any surprises Daphne?
Daphne: Not one, Reus stabbed her through the heart with the sword.
Daphne: Believe it or not, this sword is the same design as the one to kill Horatio. So there must be a set!
Hunter: Anything left behind?
Daphne: There was something in the victim's hand, turns out it was a calling number.
Daphne: And they're handed out to participants in the Artist of the Stars ceremony exclusively!
Isabel: And was it Jill's?
Daphne: Nope, her's was in her pocket, still whole.
Hunter: So Reus is a participating in the ceremony? Well, all they'll be winning is time in prison from us!
Alice: With what we know, all of our suspects sans Cloe White will be participating. Let's add it to their profile.

Examine Canvas
Isabel: Whoa, what the heck is this drawing about?
Alice: I don't know, but I think its safe to say that top-hatted figure is Horatio.
Hunter: But who the heck are these other people?
Alice: No idea, I'll have this set aside and analyze it. It'll take some time, but I'll do my best to speed things along.
Hunter: As long as we get results, we'll be fine.

Analyze Canvas
Alice: Now I must admit, this is interesting.
Isabel: How so?
Alice: This piece may seem hard to understand to the normal eye, but upon analysis this painting seems to reflect the artist's mind.
Alice: The small group depicted here appears to be a group of artists, looked down upon.
Hunter: Horatio looked down upon them?
Alice: Not just Horatio, this woman happens to be our other victim, Jill Featherstone.
Isabel: Really? And the others?
Alice: A bunch of other big name celebrities, but only a portion of them were coincidentally, killed by Reus.
Hunter: Only a few huh? Who's the artist anyway?
Alice: The one behind this is depicted here, the small individual with the purple hair.
Isabel: Purple hair? That has to be Bonnie!
Hunter: Well, if our victims looked down on him, I can see why he'd want some revenge. But whether or not he took it is yet to be seen, let's ask him about it.

Ask Bonnie about the criticism of his art
Isabel: Hey Mr. Neoclassical, did you make this painting because of any criticism?
Bonnie: Huh, no one was supposed to see that!
Bonnie: Okay, I was just frustrated is all. Normally I don't really get angry, but I just couldn't take all these people looking down on artists like me.
Hunter: How so?
Bonnie: There are some people like that Yaromir guy, who enjoy art so much they want to take lessons from me. Provided they bring their own acrylics, which thankfully he did.
Bonnie: Then take people like Jill Featherstone, Horatio Kowalski, and etcetera. They not only think they're better to a fault than artists, but take the chance at belittling us every step of the way.
Alice: I can see how that can be frustrating. Must've been hell on your mind.
Bonnie: Oh trust me, its not just me, but I didn't publish my work on it. Toto on the other hand, did.
Isabel: She did?
Bonnie: Yeah, she said she's gonna display it at the Artist of the Stars ceremony! I gotta admit, she's pretty courageous. Me, I gotta take antidepressants just to keep face.
Hunter: We'll need to see Miss Goodwin about this, but as for you Bonnie. If you're responsible for these murders, then your face will be plastered on every news channel in the city, and not for a good reason.

Confront Toto over her latest work
Toto: Hello officers, here to see my latest and greatest work of art?
Alice: Sort of, we've heard from a reliable source you've had trouble with criticism lately?
Isabel: And that your latest work involves them?
Toto: Yep, here have a look for yourself!
Hunter: What the? What's happening to them?
Toto: Simple, they're being judged for their actions by the serial killer, Mr. Reus!
Alice: That's... disturbing.
Toto: Say what you will, but these people have caused me to start taking antidepressants, and I'm really not into prescription medicine.
Toto: Most artists would be scared to show this off, but me, not so much. The world needs to know the struggle us artists are force to go through each day!
Isabel: Struggle?
Toto: Yep, people like Horatio take time out of their day to flaunt their supposed superiority over everyone. And artists seem to have it the hardest.
Toto: I put my sweat, blood, and tears into the works I enjoy making, and I don't need some top hatted magician or even a prissy pop star like Jill Featherstone to tell me otherwise!
Hunter: Well you'll have to put up with us telling you your rights if we find out you're Mr. Reus.

Examine Safe
Isabel: What have we here? A camera?
Hunter: Looks like one of those disposable cameras, why would this be hidden here?
Isabel: Let's see, hey, isn't that Cloe White?
Alice: And it looks like she's... oh my.
Hunter: What, what is it?
Alice: Tell me, do the drugs here look prescription?
Hunter: Hold on, those aren't pills!
Isabel: Looks like she has something to hide after all. Let's go see Mrs. White about this.

Confront Cloe over her drug dealing
Hunter: Mrs. White, we have proof you've been dealing in illegal drugs, what's going on?
Cloe: Wait, its not what you think!
Alice: Is that so?
Cloe: Look, I was coerced okay! They threatened to destroy the place if I didn't do their dirty work!
Isabel: You mean the black market?
Cloe: Yes, it happened after you guys met me. I didn't want anyone to get hurt, so I had to cooperate.
Hunter: And what makes you think we believe that?
Alice: ....She's not lying. I can feel it in her tone, she's scared.
Hunter: Is that so? Then were you aware that Horatio Kowalski was the man in charge around here?
Cloe: N-No, if he was, then I swear I had nothing to do with his death! I-If I was Reus, then I'd make sure the entire o-operation went down.
Isabel: You don't need to be scared Mrs. White, but I'm afraid we'll have to put you in custody for the time being until we clear your story.
Alice: If you have anything for us, I suggest you let us know.
Cloe: Okay, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I've been doing everything I can to relax, even painting with acrylics, but nothing.
Cloe: But, I don't know if this means anything, but I've been getting more and more visits from Naomi Solomon recently. Before she never came by, but.. now I've been seeing her at least twice a week.
Isabel: What do you think Alice?
Alice: I'd say that's a lead worth looking into.

Ask Naomi about her meetings with Cloe
Isabel: Hey Naomi, we've heard you've been visiting the pharmacist Cloe White a lot recently. Any reason why?
Naomi: Um, why is that important?
Hunter: Because we just found out she was forced to deal drugs for the black market, and you didn't start showing up more until after the fact!
Naomi: What?! I'd never deal drugs!
Hunter: Then why did you visit her so often?
Naomi: ...Alright, I'm just stressed!
Naomi: I've been needing antidepressants for a long time, and Cloe offered the cheapest prices.
Alice: Why the need for antidepressants?
Naomi: You have no idea how stressful it is being the oldest, I have a lot of expectations to live up to. And if I don't, I'm scared I'll be forgotten.
Naomi: Kristina feels like I'm overworking myself, but she was never that much of a hard worker anyway! I on the other hand, need to keep face for all of us!
Alice: And what of anyone who looks down on you?
Naomi: They only add to the problem, take that pop star Jill, I spoke to her, and she called me talentless and hopeless! She felt just because I was the Mayor's daughter I got everything handed to me on a silver platter!
Naomi: But that's not true, I had to work myself to the bone to get here. And I won't let anyone belittle me because of my name!
Isabel: Ironic, given that Reus just killed Jill earlier.
Naomi: W-Well, I'm sorry for her death, but I can't say she didn't have it coming.
Hunter: And if we find out you're really Reus, then you'll be getting what's coming to you, a long stay in prison!

Back at the station...
Alice: I must admit, these suspects are interesting. Its hard to say who's Reus.
Isabel: Yeah, we have plenty of suspects. Cloe White has been masquerading as a dealer for the market all along, but was forced.
Hunter: Toto and Bonnie have a lot of pressure as artists, but whose to say if either of them snapped.
Alice: And Naomi has a lot of pressure herself to keep face, being the eldest daughter of the Solomon family.
Alice: Time's running short, we need to get this done!
Luke: Guys! Bad news!
Alice: Luke! I told you to stop doing that, you're gonna get yourself hurt one day.
Luke: A bit too late for that, but still, bad news!
Luke: The ceremony is starting! And they've decided to begin the main star ceremony early!
Isabel: They must be afraid of Reus and want to get them out of there ASAP. We need to head back to the crime scene now!
Hunter: Let's hope there's still some proof left from all the ruckus.

Investigate Ticket Booth
Alice: Well, the crowd certainly came and went. But it looks like they all overlooked this!
Isabel: This sword is just like the ones used to kill Jill and Horatio, it has to be Reus'!
Hunter: There's some powdery substance on it, we better grab the vac and check it out.
Isabel: And killers always seem to leave something behind in the trash can. If this time is no different <Name>, then let's have a look!
Alice: This is exciting, we're close to making history in this city. Soon Reus will haunt these people no more! I can't wait to see who lies beneath that mask.

Examine Sword
Isabel: Nice catch, hopefully Victor can tell us what this powder on Reus' sword is.

Analyze Yellow Powder
Isabel: Victor, we're close to catching Reus. So give us the analysis on that powder from the sword.
Victor: Alright, I checked it and it happened to be pollen.
Victor: Specifically, pollen from the Dianthus Caryophyllus.
Hunter: Dian-what?
Alice: Dianthus Caryophyllus, more commonly known as the common carnation.
Victor: Yep, and neither of the victims wore one at the time of their death. So whoever Reus is, they have to be wearing one.
Isabel: Well it may be no rose, but Reus won't come out this smelling like a flower when we catch him!

Examine Trash Can
Alice: What is it? A... blister pack?
Hunter: What do you wanna bet this held antidepressants, and the blood is our victim's?
Alice: I say that's up to Victor to determine. Off to the lab!

Analyze Bloody Blister Pack
Victor: So, that blister pack you sent me, yet again you've scored big!
Hunter: How so?
Victor: The blood belonged to actually, both victims. I found traces of Horatio's and Jill's blood on them.
Alice: I suppose since tonight is important, the killer needs to keep as happy a face as possible.
Victor: But hidden amongst the blood I found traces of sweat that didn't match either suspect. It has to be Reus'!
Isabel: I guess even serial killers get nervous. What can you tell us from it?
Victor: There wasn't much, but I was able to determine that the owner of the sweat has to be less than 25 years old.
Hunter: Huh, I didn't peg Reus to be so young.
Alice: It may explain their anger towards artists and need to be in the spotlight. But their young life is about to wasted away in jail!

Isabel: This is it! I can't believe I'm saying this, but we're about to arrest Mr. Reus!
Hunter: This case has been hauning everyone for 5 years, time we end this!
Alice: We're going to have to arrest him during the ceremony, we can't afford letting them get away.
Isabel: Agreed, its up to you <Name>. We have plenty of suspects, but only one of them is Reus. Make the arrest!

Take care of the killer now!
Alice: Alright, we're here, whose presenting the award?
Hunter: Mayor Solomon himself is doing it, we beter make sure he's safe.
Isabel: Hurry, they're about to present the award. Reus is on stage!
Alice: Shoot, come on!

Lucian: And it is my pleasure to award this year's Artist of the Stars to...
Lucian: For her amazing singing and raw talent, Kristina Solomon!
Kristina: Finally! I've been waiting so long for this moment!
Audience: *applauds*
Lucian: Kristina, my beloved daughter, I am so proud of you! I anticpate this is the beginning of a great future for you.
Isabel: Hold everything!
Lucian: Officers? What are you doing here?
Hunter: Putting an end to Mr. Reus, so hands up!
Lucian: Wait, you don't mean...
Kristina: Me? No, I'm not!
Isabel: We know it has to be you Kristina, killing Horatio and Jill was your undoing! We have everything, the pollen from the carnation on your dress..
Hunter: The antidepressants you used, which you also left your sweat on.
Alice: Even the paint you left on Reus' body and the calling number left on Jill's. Its over Kristina!
Lucian: That's enough! My daughter would never do something like that! Now leave or-
Kristina: .....Heh.
Lucian: Kristina?
Kristina: I never thought anyone would figure me out, I always thought you were too dumb to do it. But I guess the dumb one here... was me.
Isabel: So it was you!?!
Hunter: You started killing from 17, that's a shocker.
Lucian: Kristina, that can't be true. Is it!?
Kristina: It is, I confess! I AM Mr. Reus!
Alice: But why, you're the daughter of the Mayor, why all this senseless killing?
Kristina: I am the Mayor's daughter, the middle child.
Kristina: With all the work Naomi is putting towards this, and June being his 'prize', how much you wanna bet he paid attention to me?
Alice: Oh, you were neglected?
Kristina: I did everything I could for my father's attention. But even from birth I was never given any, and June's birth just made it worse.
Kristina: I'm not self-centered, I just wanted attention, I just wanted love...
Kristina: But then I realized one thing, something that changed my life forever.
Hunter: And what's that?
Kristina: I wanted them ALL to see me, to know me, to fear me!
Isabel: And that was when your killing began?
Kristina: Yes, I just kept on doing it, more and more and more. I loved it, everyone was paying attention, I lived off their fear!
Alice: And Horatio and Jill, what about those two?
Kristina: Jill was just to ensure I'd win, she was my only competition, though I was prepared to kill the others if need be, even my own sister.
Lucian: I.. I can't believe this!
Kristina: But I overheard when you were arresting Horatio about his 'work'. How he was in charge of the black market's operations in the district.
Kristina: He would've outshone me, after 5 long years! The spotlight is mine! I've had enough pain in my life, I don't want to be forgotten, so I killed him! I made him swallow the pain I've had to deal with my whole f***ing life!!
Isabel: Does that make you any better than him for what you've done Kristina?
Kristina: Of course it does! I'm better than him, than everyone here, both living and dead! I've worked hard to become the one thing everyone here truly dreads. They fear me, they know my name!
Alice: You're out of control, you've let this need for attention become an obsession for appearances. You wanted the spotlight all to yourself, and once you grabbed it you wouldn't let it go.
Hunter: Well its time we end this once and for all, you're under arrest!
Kristina: NO! I won't let you!
Lucian: Kristina what are you-
Kristina: Sorry, but I still have many masterpieces to make. I think this one will work wonders, don't you daddy?
Lucian: Kristina, let your father go this instant!
Kristina: Goodbye officers, I'll see you amongst the stars!
Isabel: NO! She got away!
Hunter: Get back to the station and get every officer on this case, Reus has the Mayor and she's gonna kill him if we can't find them! HURRY!

The Show Must Go On (9/9)

Annabel: What do you mean Reus escaped?
Isabel: We were so close to arresting her, but she grabbed the Mayor and disappeared!
Hunter: We've got every available officer looking for them, but so far, nothing!
Annabel: This isn't good! If Kristina kills Mayor Solomon, this city will erupt in chaos, and who knows if she decides to continue her killing!
Isabel: We need to find her now! All the other exits were blocked, so they might've left something by the entrance, let's get going!
Alice: Wait <Rank> <Name>! Before you go, Cloe White wants to speak with us!
Hunter: That pharmacist? Can't this wait?
Alice: I'll go speak with her, you two focus on finding Kristina and her father, now!
Annabel: She was coerced into assisting the black market, so she might know something about Horatio's operation. Go speak with her, but don't forget we need to find Reus!

Investigate Theater Entrance
Hunter: Officers said they didn't see them leaving. Give her credit, she knows how to cover her tracks.
Isabel: Not enough I'm afraid, she left this behind!
Hunter: A rag? She might've used this to knock her father out. Let's get a saliva sample to be sure.

Examine Rag
Isabel: Nice sample, let's hope Victor can tell us if this is Lucian's or not.

Analyze Saliva
Hunter: Time's running short Vic, we need this analysis now!
Victor: Please don't call me that, its Victor.
Victor: Anyways, I have some bad news. The saliva is indeed Mayor Solomon's, meaning he's likely been knocked unconscious.
Isabel: This is bad, who knows what she's planning to do to him. We need some info now!
Hunter: I think this is a good time for my old buddy Osgood to help us again. He was guarding the theater, so with luck he might've seen something.
Isabel: Its worth a shot, let's go speak to him.

See if Commissioner Medina knows where they went
Osgood: Howdy officers, I'm afraid to report we haven't found their location yet.
Isabel: Darn, we'll never find them at this rate!
Hunter: Come on Osgood, tell me you saw something at least.
Osgood: Hmmmm...
Osgood: Wait, I saw them! I tried running but I ended up tripping and lost sight of them.
Isabel: You should've told us that sooner, where did they go?
Osgood: They went northwest, towards the direction of-
Hunter: The old abandoned theater, of course! Those serial killers are creatures of habit.
Isabel: Well that habit is about to be her undoing, come on, let's go!
Osgood: Here, if you don't mind a little donation. Use it well, and catch that blackguard Reus once and for all!

Investigate Reus' Hideout
Isabel: Damn it! They aren't here!
Hunter: We must've missed them, maybe they left something about their next location?
Isabel: Hey, is that a blueprint? Maybe you're right Hunter, but this looks to be faded.
Hunter: Got the dusting kit ready, let's hope this has some important info on Reus' whereabouts.

Examine Blueprints
Isabel: Looks like these are blueprints for a theater. Any chance these are for the theater holding the ceremony?
Hunter: And it appears Kristina has plans for her father. We'll need to get these to Marco for more details.

Analyze Blueprints
Marco: Guys, this isn't good...
Isabel: We know, the Mayor is kidnapped by his psychotic serial killer daughter and might get killed, how could it get worse?
Marco: Judging by these plans, it most certainly could. According to these, Kristina plans to kill and display her father the same way she killed her first victim, Jenny Lane.
Hunter: Crap, that's even worse!
Marco: But she's planning to do it on top of the theater, regardless of the police presence.
Isabel: Guess she wants to go out on top, literally.
Marco: And what's worse, once she's killed her father, she's planning on leaving the city forever! Look!
Isabel: What the? Is that a... fake passport?
Hunter: Says here she was going to go up to Rosenoque, Canada to avoid the police. If she gets away, she'll be out of our jurisdiction!
Isabel: We need to get a perimeter around the theater now! She's not getting away this time!
Marco: I'll forward these plans to the police, and here, you need to stock up on energy. Desperate times call for big snacks!

See what Cloe wants to tell you
Alice: So, mind telling us why you wanted to talk?
Cloe: Officers, I've come to bargain. I remembered something you might want to know.
Alice: And I'm guessing you'll want the judge to be lenient in return?
Cloe: Y-Yes please.
Alice: Well, given that you were coerced into assisting them, I see no reason not to.
Alice: So, what is it you remembered?
Cloe: That person you mentioned, Horatio? I.. I remember he came by the pharmacy recently.
Cloe: He had a weird bag with him, when I asked to check it he jerked it away from me and warned me not to get close.
Alice: A bag?
Cloe: He must've wanted to keep something secret, that's my guess.
Alice: Hmm, if I can guess accurately here, he must've left it at the magician's club. If he's there a lot, then no one would've suspected a thing.
Cloe: Will that be enough, can you speak with the judge?
Alice: No doubt, thank you Mrs. White. We'll see to it the judge is lenient with you. Come on <Name>, we have a club to investigate!

Investigate Magician's Club
Alice: We know Horatio frequented this establishment often, so we need to find something of his we can examine.
Alice: Aha! This bag is his, it must be the one Cloe mentioned.
Alice: He must've forgotten it here. Well his mistake will be our breakthrough, let's look inside.

Examine Horatio's Bag
Alice: Excellent, looks like Horatio left his phone in his bag.
Alice: He has to have something on here we can use to investigate the black market, let's get this to Marco.

Analyze Horatio's Phone
Marco: You guys are the best!! You struck a massive amount of gold with this phone!
Alice: How much gold are we talking here?
Marco: We've got the full details on Horatio's plans and associates, and a little something more.
Marco: According to his texts, Horatio has been speaking with an unknown associate regarding the drug trade. And the associate comes from the High-Top district!
Alice: High-Top? The mountain district? We better inform Chief Armstrong about this.

Back at the station...
Annabel: So, what's the word from Cloe?
Alice: The good news is we managed to find out the entire operation. We have available officers arresting all the remaining associates, and what's more we discovered they're smuggling all the drugs in through High-Top!
Annabel: I see, we know what to do when we're all set here. What about Reus?
Isabel: We determined her next course of action. She's gonna kill her father above the theater and then abandon Warrenville and head for Rosenoque Canada!
Annabel: What!? We need to find them, now!
Osgood: Hey guys, we found Reus! She's going through with her plan, we've cornered her on top of the theater!
Alice: We need to end this now!
Hunter: I've been waiting 5 long years for this, this time, she's going to jail! Let's end her reign over this district one and for all!

Arrest Mr. Reus once and for all
Hunter: Kristina, its all over for you!
Kristina: I knew you'd find me here, but you're too late!
Lucian: Kristina, let me out this instant! This is your father-
Kristina: Shut up! You've done nothing for me, so this is just the payback I needed!
Alice: We're not letting you get away Kristina, let him go and come quietly.
Kristina: You seriously think that I, Mr. Reus, would come quietly? Forget it, this is my spotlight, and I'll never let it go!
Isabel: You have till the count of three Kristina!
Kristina: Go ahead, no matter what you'll- BANG
Kristina: Whoa!
Naomi: Three!
Hunter: Naomi Solomon?
Naomi: I couldn't let her kill our father, I followed behind you.
Isabel: Well you didn't kill anyone, so thank you Miss Solomon. Mayor Solomon, over here!
Lucian: Thank you officers, and thank you Naomi!
Kristina: What?! No, this isn't how its supposed to go! Get back here!
Hunter: Sorry kid, your show is over, permanently!
Kristina: Ow, huh? No no no!!
Alice: Nice work Hunter!
Hunter: Heh, no problem.
Kristina: Let me go! This isn't supposed to happen, I'm supposed to run away!
Isabel: You think we'd let you run? Forget it! You've caused trouble for everyone here Miss Solomon, and its time we put an end to all of that once and for all!
Isabel: Your reign of terror ends here. Mr. Reus, or should I say Kristina Solomon, you're under arrest!

The trial of Mr. Reus...
Judge Blackwell: So its finally happened, the infamous Mr. Reus stands before my court.
Judge Blackwell: And to my shock, it so happens to be one of the Mayor's daughters!
Lucian: She's no daughter of mine Blackwell! After the madness she has caused, she no longer deserves my love!
Kristina: Like you ever gave it to me in the first place!!
Judge Blackwell: Silence! Kristina Solomon, you stand here for the murders committed under Mr. Reus! From Jenny Lane to Horatio Kowalski and Jill Featherstone, and the dozens of victims in between!
Judge Blackwell: You've done this city, let alone the district, a total injustice! Lives of all sorts were lost because of you, and many others lived in fear of you!
Kristina: As they should! This is mine you hear me, mine!!
Judge Blackwell: Your desire for attention has driven you mad! You aren't ashamed of yourself?
Kristina: Shame? Of course not! I finally got the attention I deserved, I don't care if it was fear. And there was something so... cathartic about killing.
Kristina: All was as it should be, until you ruined everything!!
Judge Blackwell: There is no one to blame but yourself Miss Solomon, you've done nearly irreparable damage to this district and its inhabitants!
Judge Blackwell: The fact you stand here happy with your work is reason enough to put an end to your 'work'! And with that said...
Judge Blackwell: This court condemns you to life in solitary confinement, where you are to remain and rot for the rest of your days, lonely and forgotten!!!!
Kristina: What? No, anything but that! Don't forget me! DON'T FORGET MEEEEEE!!!
Lucian: Sorry, who are you again?
Isabel: I don't know Mayor Solomon, ring any bells Captain?
Hunter: Can't say she does.
Kristina: NO! This can't be happening! You'll pay for this <Rank> <Name>, I swear it!!!

Isabel: We've done it! The look on her face was well worth it!
Hunter: That girl is off her rocker, she's nothing more than a bad memory. One that we'll be doing everything we can to forget about.
Alice: The fact she cared more about being forgotten than going to prison for several murders is a testament to her fractured mental state. Frankly, this is just what she deserves for what she's done.
Isabel: So, only one thing left to do. With Reus arrested, Mayor Solomon wishes to hand the award to someone more worthy of it than Kristina. Shall we go see?
Alice: I could use that.
Hunter: Definetly, let's go see a real artist win that award.

Attend the awards ceremony with Mayor Solomon
Lucian: Sorry for what happened earlier folks, but rest assured the perpetrator has been apprehended, never to harm another soul again!
Lucian: With that said, that leaves the matter of her award.
Lucian: Given her actions and the corresponding sentence, we have decided to revoke Kristina Solomon's award and bestow it upon her runner up.
Lucian: And with that said, it is with great pleasure I bestow this award to Mr. Bonnie Neoclassical, for his outstanding artwork!
Bonnie: Me? You're giving it to... me?
Lucian: You sir are without a doubt an outstanding artist. The judges and I have decided your work was worth the award, congratulations!
Audience: *applauds and cheers*
Bonnie: Wow, this is... thank you so much everyone!
Lucian: So, what are you gonna do now?
Bonnie: I... I have some business to do back at my home of Parinaita. But when that's done, I intend to come home and create my best piece of art yet! Celebrating the capture of Mr. Reus!
Lucian: And I would also like to take this time to thank <Rank> <Name> and the rest of the Warrenville Police Department for their outstanding work!
Lucian: Here you go <Name>, for all your hard work!

The next day...
Hunter: Man, that was some celebration.
Josiah: I'll say, I don't think I've ever partied that hard before.
Atticus: Agreed, I think I'm starting to show my age a bit here...
Isabel: You look fine Atticus, you barely look your age at all!
Celeste: Still, it took a lot of hard work to get here.
Annabel: Hard work, but worth it all. With the death of Horatio Kowalski and the arrest of Kristina Solomon, Stardust Junction can finally sleep well at night knowing both the black market AND Mr. Reus won't do anymore harm around here.
Isabel: Well with all that done, one question remains. What now?
Annabel: Actually, funny you mention that.
Annabel: We've let Cloe White free thanks to her assistance and due to the coercion placed on her. And she's given us a vital clue into the market's drug operation.
Josiah: Drugs? Where?
Annabel: In High-Top!
Isabel: High-Top? Marco and I came from that district, are you sure?
Annabel: Positive, we checked the source twice, and there's no denying it.
Annabel: Let's go officers, time we leave Stardust Junction behind and continue our investigation into the black market. We leave for High-Top!
Isabel: Better pack your winter coat <Name>, its gonna be a cold one.

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