Arvin Dammond was a suspect in the murder investigation of assassin Carolina Tate in Lighter Than Air (Case #5).


Arvin Dammond was a worker in a real estate company, along with Carolina Tate. He has long hair and is known to know acupuncture and eat chocolate cake.

Height 6'2"
Age 39
Weight 182 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type B-

Role in Case(s)

When Gabriella Harrison revealed that Arvin messaged Carolina over ten times within a time span of seven minutes, Jackson Walters and the player went to him to inquire about it. Arvin said that he had to talk to her about the upcoming presentation she was going to have as it might have displayed the wrong figures for her. When asked why he had to call over ten times, Arvin simply said that he was an urgent man and he needed to do it quickly and he would not take no for an answer. He told the cops to leave him alone as he had work to do.

Gabriella later found footage of Arvin arguing with the victim next to her desk. Arvin said that he was angry because Carolina was promoted despite her unpunctuality and apathy regarding the job while he worked hard. He confronted Carolina about it but Arvin accused her of blackmail or flattery which angered Carolina so it erupted to a full-scale argument.

Arvin was found innocent of the murder when Rita Lopez was incarcerated for Carolina Tate's murder.

Baxter McDonald and the player later found a poem written by Carolina meant to be addressed to Arvin. The poem was made to convince him to kill a woman using flames. When the team asked Arvin about any woman she hated, Arvin said he was harboring some hatred against Li Huang who had repeatedly beaten him in poker. Telling Arvin not to give in to any temptation of murder, Baxter and the player left him.

Case Appearances

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