Art snow
a beta-initial-version of him,it was planned for him to be seen carrying a criminal psychology book,but it will be showed in the next updates
Personal Details
Full name Art Snow
Gender male
Status Alive (in MFF Era)
Age 28
Nationality avantian

parapsychologist,profiler(current proffesions)

Affiliation(s) The NIB
Game Information
If the people just thinked about everything they are doing before doing it,the world won't be like this!oh,what did ya say??
—selected quote

Art snow is a main character in 3rd episode from MFF as he serves as the NIB national team profiler


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Height 6'2"
Age 28
Weight 162 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B+

Art has black hair and light beard,he wears a skyblue jacket over a shirt with a question mark and "Just think" written on it,and a big glasses...he is known to be eccentric,very funny and sarcastic,but always careful and not reckless and thinks deeply about everuthing he do.

Born and raised in snowflake peaks region..

More info will be added




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