Arrabithria is the city featured in the first season of Neverlosehope25's Fanfic Cases. This city is composed of buildings that comprise old style of architecture. This city is composed of mostly British men and women with a mix of culture of Americans and Spanish.

General information
Type Old-Style City
Founder Sir Willis Johnson
Established 1897
Country British-flag-graphicUnited Kingdom
Inhabitants British, French, Americans
Population about 1 million
No. of districts/regions 11
Primary LEA Arrabithrian Investigators' Unit
Key city figures Matthew Polo
Unlocked by N/A
Appears in Season 1
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City Information

Arrabithria lies between a mountain range and an ocean. This city got its prosperity in decades. As a seaside city, it is prone to many dangers like hurricanes, water tornadoes, and tsunamis. This city is composed of "farms in a city". The Arrabithrian Investigators' Unit is the main police department in the city. The team will focus the crimes that abnormally happens.


Arrabithria has 10 districts. It features a total of 57 cases around the city.

Vivian Village

Vivian Village is a coastal village beside the Arrabithrian Sea. It focuses on a "book crisis" that came from Colin Stokes' ideas. It focuses also on a hotel wherein it was rumored that the book crisis from from this place.

Cases #1-#6 are situated here.

Other Districts

These are the other districts to come up:

  • Bayonne Coasts
  • Coffee Hills
  • The Icetown
  • Campton Valley
  • The Old Street
  • Velmore Residences
  • Violet Forest
  • Polo Crater
  • Vallerian Summits
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