The whole world comes to investigation in World Edition: Around the World in 80 Cases. Various law enforcement agencies govern certain localities across the globe, but the International Police serves as a top police force specializing in difficult crimes to deal with by average law enforcement localities.

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Europe (Cases #1-8)

Europe revolves around a plot involving the theft of jewels hidden by royalty.

Case Number Country City Case Name
1 Flag of Germany Germany Munich Murdered in Munich
2 Flag of France France Paris Blood by Black Lace
3 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom London A Game of Telephone
4 Flag of Austria Austria Vienna Fish Out of Water
5 Flag of Greece Greece Athens Pandemonium at the Parthenon
6 Flag of Spain Spain Barcelona Gone with the Wind
7 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Geneva Hidden in the Alps
8 Flag of Italy Italy Florence Floating in the Waters
Bonus (71) Hungary Budapest The Blood of Budapest

Sahara Region (Cases #9-14)

The Sahara Region revolves around a plot involving a serial killer referred to as the Sapphire Slaughterer.

Case Number Country City Case Name
9 Flag of Algeria Algeria Algiers The Algerian Way
10 Flag of Libya Libya Tripoli Secrets of the Sand
11 Sudan Khartoum Killer of Khartoum
12 Flag of Egypt Egypt Cairo Murder Visits Cairo
13 Mali Timbuktu Sahara's Slaughter
14 Flag of Morocco Morocco Casablanca The Bejeweled Beast
Bonus (72) United Arab Emirates Dubai The Shot Heard Round the World

Eurasia (Cases #15-20)

Eurasia revolves around a plot involving a murderous, bloodthirsty cult hidden in the government looking for revenge.

Case Number Country City Case Name
15 WE23 Norway Oslo Close the Stable Door
16 WE17 Sweden Stockholm Stockholm Syndrome
17 Denmark Copenhagen The Killer Strikes in Copenhagen
18 WE21 Finland Helsinki Three Sheets to the Wind
19 Estonia Tallinn A Whale of a Time
20 WE03 Russia St. Petersburg As the Clock Strikes Twelve
21 WE03 Russia Moscow From Russia with Love

South Asia (Cases #20-25)

South Asia revolves around a plot to find the mysterious killer of [To Be Revealed].

Case Number Country City Case Name
20 Afghanistan Kabul The Last Laugh
21 Saudi Arabia Makkah Mercenary of Makkah
22 Nepal Kathmandu Murderer in the Mountains
23 Pakistan Lahore Mind Over Murder
24 China Shanghai Murder on the Oriental Express
25 India New Delhi Bombing in Bombay

East Asia (Cases #26-30)

East Asia revolves around a plot to find the mysterious killer of [To Be Revealed].

Case Number Country City Case Name
26 Mongolia Ulan Bator The Last Laugh
27 China Lhasa A Slow Boat to China
28 China Chongqing Out with a Bang
29 China Beijing Head in the Clouds
30 South Korea Seoul Seoul Later in Hell
31 Japan Tokyo Hot on the Trail

Oceania (Cases #31-38)

Case Number Country City Case Name
31 Singapore Singapore Out with a Bang
32 Indonesia Jakarta Phenomena
33 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur A Visit With Death
34 Papua New Guinea Port Moseby Death Rocks the Boat
35 New Zealand Auckland The Eye of the Liar
36 New Zealand Wellington Let the Cat Out of the Bag
37 Australia Melbourne Crying Over Spilt Blood
38 Australia Sydney Murder in the First Act

Africa (Case #39-45)

A mysterious conqueror has conquered seven different countries. These seven countries are perfect, save from a bit of crime. However, large outbursts break out across these countries and the dictator calls the Interpol, as he believes that these acts are being orchestrated by one main person.

Case Number Country City Case Name
39 Flag of Madagascar Madagascar Antananarivo TBA
40 Flag of Congo Kinshasa Congo Kinshasa Kinshasa TBA
41 Flag of Kenya Kenya Kisumu TBA
42 Flag of Nigeria Nigeria Lagos TBA
43 Flag of Angola Angola Luanda TBA
44 Flag of Botswana Botswana Gaborone TBA
45 Flag of South Africa South Africa Johannesburg TBA


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