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Ariana and her brother , Nathan.

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Ariana-Butera Grande is a American actress and singer. She was a suspect in The Grandes' Creature


Ariana is a 20-years old Italian-American women. She and Avan was walking all way home until they saw the dead body in the Abadoned Warehouse. She wears a black Leather Jacket and wear a leather pants with hi-tops boots heal. She known for being famous and eat chewing gum.

Role in Case(s)

Ariana was first interrogated when she and Avan witness the body. She later appear in Case 2 to ask about the Pink Notebook left behind at the Backyard, According to Ariana, she and Demi were bestfriend. She thought of Demi was like her sister.

In Case 3, Ariana was later seen again, she was attempting to jump off the Brooke Bridge to join Demi. In the time, the team rescued her and saved her life, Ariana can't take it anymore, her bestfriend's death makes her a little bit breakdown. 

In Additional Investigation, Ariana called the team for help, She lost the photo when she and Demi were in the younger ages and also a PearPhone whom Demi bought it for Ariana on her birthday. The team finds the phone and a torn photo.The player resorted the photo before giving it to Ariana.

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