Argeir Elbergsson
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Biographical information
Full name Argeir Elbergsson
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1965
Death 2020
Cause of death Disembowelment
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Iceland Icelandic
Residence Reykjavík, Iceland
Profession(s) Sailor
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appeared Case #1: Tip of the Iceberg

Argeir Elbergsson (1965-2020) was a suspect in the murder investigation of student Leonora Makansdottir in Tip of the Iceberg (Case #1 of Explore the World) before being murdered in Fishing for Murder (Case #26 of Explore the World).


Height 6'3'
Age 54
Weight 202 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood AB-

Events of Criminal Case

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Murder Details

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Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be fisherman Bryce Dalila.

When confronted with the evidence, Bryce confessed to the murder, admitting that he was only looking out for Fleur. Bryce confessed that he and Argeir were close friends and would often visit each other's boats for drinks of beer and socialising. On the day of the murder, Bryce came over to Argeir's boat and found a pile of letters he'd written to Fleur. Seeing the letters where Argeir had pressured Fleur into sleeping with him, Bryce confronted his friend who laughed at him and told him that he deserved Fleur. With tensions running high, the pair started fighting, prompting Bryce to grab a nearby fish hook and slice Argeir open to protect Fleur and end the fight. He then crashed the boat into a nearby iceberg to help destroy the evidence. In court, Bryce pleaded guilty to his crimes and was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison by Judge Armstrong.

Case Appearances

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