Archie Looper Rochester
OG SUS 450 607
Biographical information
Alias(es) Archibald Looper Rochester
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1998
Personal information
Nationality British
Residence Parinaita
Profession(s) Business Man
Family Edward Looper Rochester (Cousin)

Larry Looper Rochester (Cousin)
Harold Looper Rochester (Uncle)
Lewis Looper Rochester (Brother)
Susan Looper Rochester (Aunt)
Ronald Looper Rochester (Uncle)
Taylor Looper Rochester (Cousin)
Ellen Looper Rochester (Cousin)
Yalgonate Looper Rochester (Relation)
Lockey Looper Rochester (Cousin)
Tom Looper Rochester (Uncle)
Lawrence Looper Rochester (Grandfather)
William Looper (Great Gandfather)
Julia Rochester (Great Grandmother

Affiliation(s) New World Point's gang
Game information
Appears in Parinaita
First appeared On the Doorstep...
Archie Looper Rochester was a suspect (And also the killer) in the murder investigation of Michael Obidrand.

Case Events

Archie became a suspect after the team found his business card at the Ice Park in chapter 1, However when they talked to him, He said that he never heard of the victim and was sexist to Emily and every other police woman. However in chapter 3 it was shown that Archie took the victim's Creation and that he was making money from it. The team found out that he was the killer and Larry (His cousin) tried to arrest him. Archie then said that he had Escaped after the player and Larry talked to him before.

Case Appeared in

On the Doorstep... (Case #3 of Parinaita)
Let Your Death Out (Case #7 of Parinaita; Mentioned)
The Voices in the Wall (Case #8 of Parinaita)
Never Mind the Buzzed Off (Case #22 of Parinaita; Mentioned)


  • Archie Looper Rochester is one of the characters to have becomes a suspect, quasi-suspect, killer and victim. (Along with Justin Martyn and his brother, Lewis Looper Rochester)
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