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Gino: <Rank> <Name>, there is a big problem! I mean, another murder to investigate.
Evan: You're joking, Gino! What happened this time?
Gino: I went to Townville's Tourist Convention to check if everything was alright, and I found a corpse! An Arabian was strangled.
Gino: The killer must have wanted the body to be discovered tomorrow, when the convention opens.
Gino: And when I discovered him, he was still alive. He breathed, but he died in a matter of seconds. I feel sorry for him, as I tried to revive him. Useless, it was useless!
Gino: Oh, I heard someone walking with high-heeled shoes. The killer, I guess.
Evan: Well, thanks Gino. We'll go there right now.

Chapter 1

Investigate Arabian Post
Evan: I think there are few people murdered in two ways. Strangled, and bitten by a snake. We should send both the man and the animal to the lab.
Evan: Oh, and this document looks like the license for having a post in the convention. There's a name I can't read. It's your turn, <Name>.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Are you telling me this man was strangled by a snake? I didn't find any bite, so it didn't bite, of course.
Daniel: I think I know why. Both the human and the snake were poisoned. I found traces of venom in the victim's lungs, and in the snake too.
Evan: So he wasn't strangled?
Daniel: Oh, he was. I guess it was just a nice touch.
Daniel: However. I found signs of pressure in the victim's neck, as if the killer wanted to strangle him faster. This told me your killer is right-handed, thanks to the fingers' position.

Analyze Snake
Lindsey: The snake was dead too, poor it.
Lindsey: What really matters is that I found a message on it, written with ink. It was in Arabian, but I translated it.
Evan: Do you speak Arabian?
Lindsey: No. I looked for the symbols in the Internet. And it said "This is what you get!".
Evan: Just that?
Lindsey: Yep. But you know your killer speaks Arabian!

Examine Document
Evan: So our victim is Hafeez Mrad. That's... all. I guess.
Evan: Wait, Mrad... Mrad. I've got it. A man called Amilcar Mrad was the Arabian in the convention last year. They must be relatives!
Evan: Why don't we ask him?

Ask Amilcar Mrad about the victim
Amilcar: Hafeez? Are you sure? One with black hair, a moustache, very tall, sl-
Evan: Yes, Amilcar. Hafeez. Do you know him?
Amilcar: Of course I know my own brother! He was in charge of our post in the convention this year. He wanted to show people our country's snakes, crafts and music.
Amilcar: I don't know what else to say.
Evan: Are those... high-heeled shoes?
Amilcar: Yes. Men are starting to use them too. They match my Arabian outfits.
Amilcar: And, there was a man, very suspicious in the convention. I can give you this card of his.

Evan: It looks like Amilcar doesn't worry too much about cleaning. This business card is really dusty. Can you brush it a bit?

Examine Business card
Evan: So, the guy at the convention is called Jonathan Ross and is French.
Evan: His name doesn't sound French, but we can talk to him anyway.

Interrogate Jonathan Ross about the convention
Jonathan: Hafeez is dead! All I do is know him and you come to tell me he's dead. Why should I care?
Evan: We're the ones asking the questions here!
Evan: What were you doing at the convention?
Jonathan: Everyone was at the convention. Do you think Hafeez and his killer were there by chance?
Evan: I guess French people are fashionable. Do you use high-heeled shoes? Are they a new fad?
Jonathan: Napoleon Bonaparte considered high-heeled shoes a symbol of aristocracy. It's French history.
Jonathan: And if my memory works right, Louis XVI used them in the battlefields. I wear them, yes. Why do you ask?

Evan: This man scares me, <Name>! He's not right in his head, he's a freak. And he looks like he doesn't know anything about the murder.
Evan: I'm sure he's hiding stuff. Let's look in his post.

Investigate French Post
Evan: Why would Jonathan leave his wallet in the post, if he's not here? Let's look in it.

Examine Wallet
Evan: This looks like the photo of a normal man, but why did Jonathan keep it?
Evan: I think Lindsey will be able to find him in the database.

Analyze Photo
Lindsey: The man in the photo is Xavier Campana. He's an immigrant from Mexico.
Lindsey: I tried to see if he had any agreements for a post in the convention, as he's an immigrant, but I couldn't find anything related to that.
Evan: Why don't we talk to Xavier? He might be likely to tell us something about Ross's madness.

Ask Xavier Campana about his contact with Ross
Evan: Do you know something about the Tourist Convention, or Jonathan Ross?
Xavier: I tried to get a Mexican Post this year, but certain Mrad didn't let me. I think his name was Hafeez. He insulted my country!
Xavier: So I talked to Jonathan to see if could help me. He asked me for a few things and said he'd see what he could do for me.
Xavier: I can remember he really hated the Arabian.
Evan: And about those Mexican hats, don't they match high-heeled shoes?
Xavier: Well, if you think... I particularly wouldn't wear them. What does that have to do with it?

Chapter 2

Sabrina: <Rank> <Name>, I have a new lead. I found traces of the poison that killed Hafeez and the snake in the Irish Post at the convention.
Sabrina: If you can take a sample, I'll analyze it. It's a deal!
Evan: Ready! <Name>, let's go to there right now!

Investigate Irish Post
Evan: Is this what you talked about, Sabrina?
Sabrina: Yes, those flowers have the murder weapon on them.
Evan: Ok, then <Name> will examine them. And we're going to ask a few things to the owner of this ID, Elena Bridge.

Examine Bunch of flowers
Evan: <Name>, you surprise me every time we do these things! Let's take this to Sabrina.

Analyze Molecules
Sabrina: Well, boys, this poison is your murder weapon. And it came from the flowers themselves! Then they were the ones who killed Hafeez.
Sabrina: They are a specimen of poisonous flowers which frow specially in Mexico.
Evan: Mexico? I'm sure Xavier can give us some information.
Sabrina: And there's something else. There are fields full of these flowers that belong to Robert Jamin.
Evan: Oh, interesting. It looks like that family wants to see us.

Get info from Xavier about the flowers
Evan: Are there any poisonous flowers from Mexico?
Xavier: Yes, there is one. I wanted to show them in my post, but I couldn't get one. And now I remember, Jonathan had asked me for some.
Xavier: He said he'd see if they were worth it, and he didn't bring them back to me.
Evan: What can you tell us about the flower?
Xavier: I'm afraid there's nothing. I don't think that botanical facts can help your investigation.

Evan: It annoys me when people use their cellphones while talking to us, but it was enough to know Xavier is left-handed.

Talk to Robert Jamin about the murder weapon
Robert: When I don't kill anyone, you come at me. But when you want to take my son or my mother-in-law, you don't tell me anything!
Evan: We do our job. Now just answer the questions. Do you use high-heeled shoes?
Robert: Who do you take me for?
Evan: Just a little question! Then, do you speak Arabian?
Robert: You must be joking. What kind of investigation is this?

Evan: Did you see it, <Name>? After talking to us, Robert took that chewing gum with his right hand!

Ask Elena Bridge about the flowers with the murder weapon
Elena: I own the Irish Post in the convention, and I'm showing my country's flowers. Why is that so bad?
Evan: Those flowers are related to Hafeez Mrad's murder. Did you know him?
Elena: We used to chat every day. I met him last year and also his brother. He used to pull my leg about my high-heeled shoes.
Evan: I guess you speak Arabian then.
Elena: Yes, I do.
Elena: Hafeez was nice, but Jonathan Ross never liked him. He's a French i-
Evan: We know him, thanks. And we're going to talk to him and look in his post again.

Talk to Jonathan about the victim
Evan: Mr Ross, we know you didn't get on well with Hafeez. Why?
Jonathan: Fate, just that. Hafeez was a lefty, and I'm right-handed. Left and right can't get along.
Evan: What is not right in you is your brain! Did you use to argue with him?
Jonathan: Oh, yes. We had to shout Arabian so that the other people didn't understand our words.

Investigate French sculptures
Evan: <Name>, this candle has a snake drawing etched on it, and I saw some similar drawings in the Arabian Post. Why should it be in Jonathan's post?
Evan: I trust your skills, <Name>. We need fingerprints this time!

Examine Candle
Evan: I'm curious about the fact that an Arabian candle ended up in a French post.
Evan: The one who moved it might be Jonathan, but let's be sure.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: I compared the prints with the ones of the people who have or have had a post in the convention, and I found a match!
Lindsey: Those fingerprints belong to Amilcar Mrad
Evan: <Name>, why don't we talk to Amilcar once again? I bet we can strike something else on him.

Ask Amilcar about the candle
Evan: Mr Mrad, is this candle yours?
Amilcar: No, it was Hafeez's. Where did you find it?
Evan: In Jonathan's post. Do you have anything to say about him?
Amilcar: No, but... if the candle was there and Jonathan had it, it means he was here. And if he was here, he might...
Evan: We know, Amilcar. We are smart enough.
Evan: What does that tatoo in your neck mean?
Amilcar: Left-handed in Arabian. Why do you ask?

Evan: <Name>, this was obvious, but we forgot to write down that Amilcar speaks Arabian.
Evan: Anyway, the fact that he's left-handed proves him innocent.

Chapter 3

Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, this case is still open. Why? You never fail.
Evan: I swear, Chief. This is hard. And I don't come to understand what is Jamin doing in the investigation.
Alan Smith: Go back to the primary crime scene and find something right now.

Investigate Arabian Crafts
Evan: <Name>, an inkwell and a flute are common things. Why should they help us?

Analyze Inkwell
Sabrina: The inkwell was part of a big clue, <Name>! This ink is the same one that the killer used to write that message in the snake.
Sabrina: It's a weird ink, and you can only get it abroad. This should tell you the killer is foreign.
Evan: Great to know it when almost every suspect is.

Examine Flute
Evan: I just hope this prints are useful, <Name>! Let's send them to the lab.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: Are you sure this flute was in Hafeez's post? I'm not very sure.
Evan: Just tell us, Lindsey!
Lindsey: The fingerprints belong to Robert Jamin. Why was he in the convention?
Evan: We're going to find out soon.

Ask Robert Jamin about the victim's flute
Evan: Did you know Hafeez Mrad? And say yes, because we found your prints on his belongings.
Robert: I did some businesses with the Arabian, and that's it. Hafeez told me he would be at the convention this year.
Evan: Well, he's dead and you're a suspect!
Robert: Oh well! I didn't know that.
Robert: I just went to some typical parties with Hafeez and his brother Amilcar, playing the flute.

Later, at the police station
Evan: <Name>, we're stuck, but I know we're close to the truth.
Evan: Why don't we have a chat with our Irish friend?

Talk to Elena Bridge
Elena: I'm right-handed. What does that have to do with Hafeez?
Evan: We'll tell you later. Now we only need you to tell us about everything you know.
Elena: Nothing. I've already told you.
Evan: Then step aside, we'll take another look at your post.

Investigate Flutes collection
Evan: Look at all those flutes, <Name>! Elena must have trained hard to learn to play them.
Evan: And this staff looks like it has a hidden message. Can you decipher it?

Examine Staff
Evan: Oh, our killer really hates us. This message is written in Arabian, but it's not a trouble for you.
Evan: We have to compare the letters with our database because this was written in a hurry. It's illegible, even for Amilcar.

Examine Hidden message
Evan: Splendid work! Are you ready to give this to Lindsey?

Analyze Hidden message
Lindsey: I won't read the message literally, but it was an insult towards Hafeez.
Lindsey: As for the melody in the staff, it's and old Irish song which has to be played with a flute.
Lindsey: Your killer must play the flute for sure!
Evan: We know Elena, Robert and Amilcar do! Let's arrest one of them now, <Name>.

Arrest killer
Evan: Elena Bridge? I can't believe you've done this. Your freaking game is over, you're under arrest.
Elena: Oh, but don't tell me it didn't work. You suspected all the people I had expected you to do! I guess my only mistake was leaving my ID in the post.
Evan: And killing Hafeez too!
Elena: Jonathan is mad and hated Hafeez. He had the murder weapon, he was the perfect suspect.
Elena: I knew Xavier had given him the flowers, and he had a reason, so it was a good idea.
Elena: And Jamin has the fields with the flowers, he was completely suspicious.
Elena: Oh, and being the victim's brother made Amilcar a suspect too.
Evan: How do you know our suspects? Why did you kill that man?
Elena: Irish have their tricks.
Elena: And the convention needed emotion, something to attract people! A thrill like this was perfect. The shame is that I won't be able to see my plan's results.

Esteban Gonzalez: Mrs Elena Bridge, you stand before this Court of Law to be tried for the murder of Hafeez Mrad. Do you have something to say for your own defense?
Elena: No. I know what I did was wrong, but I helped many immigrants, and I don't regret it.
Esteban Gonzalez: Killing a person is not how you help others! Think that a person who thinks like you could have murdered someone too, and maybe you would be the victim.
Esteban Gonzalez: For this murder, the Court sentences you to 20 years in jail with parole in 12. Court is adjourned!
Jonathan: 20 years? You're punishing a hero, your Dishonor!

Evan: I used to like the Tourist Convention, <Name>. But now it's full of mad people. I don't think it will be done again for some years.
Evan: We've seen many things in this district, and I was wrong. The Countryside is not as quiet as I thought.
Evan: This international case has shaken me. I heard there's a good French restaurant near here.

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, I'd personally like to congratulate you. You did everything perfectly. But you have to remember you haven't finished yet.
Alan Smith: Amilcar Mrad wants to meet you. He's at the convention.
Alan Smith: And Jonathan Ross was arguing with Xavier Campana. They're both here, so see what happens to them.

Amilcar Mrad needs your help
Amilcar: You see, my brother isn't in this world anymore, so I'm coming back to Arabia. And I want to say thanks for doing that splendid job.
Amilcar: The thing is that I can't find the wooden snake my parents gave Hafeez. And as Elena kiled him...
Evan: Don't worry, Amilcar. We'll see if it's in the Irish post.

Investigate Irish Post
Evan: Do you really think searching through this box will give us good results, <Name>?
Evan: Well, if you say... Let's try.

Examine Box
Evan: <Name>, this looks like a snake, but it's broken! How can Amilcar let this damage?
Evan: Do you think you can fix it, <Name>?

Examine Broken snake
Evan: Well done, <Name>! This craft looks really beautiful. Amilcar will be proud of you.

Give the craft back to Amilcar
Evan: Here you are, Amilcar. Your snake craft is perfect now. Good luck with that trip.
Amilcar: Thanks a lot, <Rank> <Name>! And thanks to you too, Evan!
Amilcar: Before going back to Arabia, I'd like to give you this Arabian customes.

See what's the matter with Jonathan Ross
Evan: What's the problem now, Ross? Did Mr Campana do something bad?
Jonathan: Of course he did! He betrayed me! He was in Hafeez's side.
Jonathan: He stole my French jewels and gave them to the Arabian to make them look like one of their ridiculous crafts in the exposition.
Evan: We'll look for them, you stay here!

Investigate Arabian crafts
Evan: Jonathan said "jewels". This bag contains stones! But I'm sure you'll find a gemstone in it.

Examine Bag of stones
Evan: This DOES look like a jewel! But Jonathan won't have it back so quickly.
Evan: I'm curious about why it's soooo important.

Analyze Jewel
Sabrina: If you found this jewel in an Arabian Post, the convention is really messed up!
Sabrina: This is an Irish gemstone, boys!
Evan: Irish? Does it belong to Elena Bridge then?
Sabrina: I can't be sure.
Evan: <Name>, we have to get some fingerprints from it.

Examine Jewel
Evan: Very well done, <Name>! I want to see why Jonathan had others' things.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: <Name>, the analysis is done! I've got the results of those fingerprints.
Lindsey: As you expected, they're Elena's! So I thought it could be a "loan", and checked what Mr Ross was going to show in the convention, and this thing wasn't part of the exposition.
Evan: <Name>, we need to arrest that freak for robbery!

Arrest Ross for stealing jewelry
Evan: Mr Ross, we went to the convention and found this jewel. Are you happy now?
Evan: We found out that neither Amilcar nor Xavier, nor Hafeez were involved in that, and we also learnt you are a thief.
Evan: You're under arrest for stealing Mrs Bridge's property!
Jonathan: Oh, nice job. Be careful, cops! I'll be watching you.

Assist Xavier Campana
Xavier: That scum cheated on me! I'll kill him!
Evan: You won't. Calm down and explain to us.
Xavier: He doesn't want to give me back the things I lent him. They're my things! It's a robbery!
Evan: Stay in this room, and we'll go for your things. Come on, <Name>.

Investigate French Post
Evan: Being Jonathan so crazy, I'd say Xavier's belongings are in this safe.
Evan: You know how to do it, <Name>!

Examine Safe
Evan: Damn! Flowers again? We should send them to the lab to check they're not poisonous too.

Analyze Flowers
Sabrina: I've got good news, <Rank> <Name>! These flowers are completely safe, they cannot be a murder weapon.
Evan: Well, I'm glad to hear that.
Evan: <Name>, let's give this to Xavier.

Give Xavier his flowers
Xavier: What happened? Did you get good results?
Evan: We could only find these flowers. If Jonathan took other things from you, you'll have to find them yourself.
Xavier: It's OK. After all, I didn't even need them!
Evan: Then we wasted time for nothing? We are police officers, and this is not our job!
Xavier: Wow, you lost your temper! Take this, and we're done.

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