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Anya Galerkina
Full name Anya Galerkina
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1933
Nationality Flag of Russia.png Russian
Residence St. Petersburg, Russia
Family Boris Sokolov (son)
Profession Retired
Appearance(s) One Shot, One Kill

Anya Galerkina (Rus: Аня Галёркина) was one of the suspects in the murder investigation of hitman and anarchist Boris Sokolov in One Shot, One Kill (Case #3 of the World Edition).


Anya is an 82-year old babushka who has grey hair covered by a red head scarf. She wears a brown dress and a green plaid scarf. Anya once learned sniping during World War 2, and is known to be fond of vodka and holds a communist belief. She has blue eyes.

Anya is the mother of Boris.

Height 5'2"
Age 82
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B-

Role in Case(s)

One Shot, One Kill

Anya was first questioned when a talisman sculpture was found with her name carved on it. When informed of her son's death, Anya clinched her teeth as a sign of disgrace. She told the World Police Agency that Boris had been a disgraceful son lately, not to mention that he had changed his point of view to the communist belief. Anya then said that she had been drinking vodka a lot lately and that she needed to rest, prompting the two to head back.

Anya was questioned again after a broken photo frame of her and a young Boris is found on the yard of the St. Petersburg Church. Anya then regretted the fact that she had dropped it there as it led to her second interrogation. She then explained that Boris' insubordination had led her to dump all of Boris' picture and scram Boris off her lawn. Ricky Romano then suggested to leave her alone with her problems and focus back to the investigation.

Anya was found innocent of Boris' murder after General Sigmund Fidler was found guilty of the crime. Later, Anya had to be questioned one more time regarding Boris' affiliation with the anarchy after Alexander Grimm confirmed that he had been conversing with Anya about Boris' recent behavior. Anya did not seem to acknowledge much over the situation, but said that the anarchy had done greatly impacted Europe.