Found in the year of 2017, after combining the remnants of the ABIN , CSIS , DCPJ , BND , RAW , GID , Mossad , IAS, FIB, ISI , SVRSSA (SA)MI6 , CIA . The ATCC was found by chiefs of the intelligence departments. The chief of this organization is the President of the INTERPOL


Executive Board

Designation Name Age Location
President Takeshi Yamada 46 Tokyo, Japan
Chief Andrei Borytov 52 Moscow, Russia
Deputy Chief Adam Brooks 38 Chicago, USA
Additional Deputy Sarupalli Swaminathan 43 Chennai, India
Secretary Lisa Durant 29 Lyon, France

Research & Forensics Wing

Designation Name Age Location
Wing Head Amit Chatterjee 57 Kolkata, India
Deputy Wing Head Mahmoud Al-Ghazi 46 Giza, Egypt
Chemical Researcher Lewis Aarons 32 Tel Aviv, Israel
Coroner Amir Ahmed 25 Lahore, Pakistan
Assistant Coroner  Rose Kagawa 27 Osaka, Japan
Biological Researcher Alice Baker 24 London, UK
Profiler Jose Martinez 31 Naples, Italy
Hoplologist Haider Khan 34 Lahore, Pakistan
Hacker Kyla Logan 22 Liverpool, UK
Coder Ravi Mishra 25 Bangalore, India
Tech Head Lee Gwang Ho 36 New York, USA
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