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Anthony Maddock

Anthony Maddock was one of the suspects during the murder investigations of Richard Maddock in Setting It Up (Case #1) and Abel Banderas in Beauty and the Beach (Case #3).


Anthony has short blonde hair that is parted to one side. He has brown eyes, and is shown to wear a bandage. Anthony commonly wears a white t-shirt with blue sleeves.

In Setting It Up, it is discovered that Anthony eats doughnuts.

In Beauty and the Beach, it is discovered that Anthony surfs, and wears 'Converse' shoes and a bracelet.






50 kg

Eyes Brown
Blood B+

Role in Case(s)

Anthony is a Grade 7 student at Rosetta High School. He is the son of Caren Vitas and Richard Maddock the stepson of Amelia Moon.

Anthony became a suspect when the team found a strand of his hair at the crime scene, and he responded by saying that he had no idea how it got there. It was later discovered that he had been polishing the china pot that knocked the victim out.

He was once again questioned when Maisie and the player found a telephone that Anthony had used to call Caren and and his diary, with a non-flattering description of Richard in it. Anthony explained that he had rung his mum for help, and that he disliked Richard, as he hit him.

In the Additional Investigation, Anthony asked the player to search the Volleyball Courts for his friend's laptop, which she had left there after the commotion of the murder. Anthony thanked the team by rewarding them with a burger.

Case Appearances

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