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Annie Summers
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Biographical information
Full name Annie Summers
Gender female
Status Alive
Birth 1985
Nationality American
Affiliation(s) Stanford Bay Police Department
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case: Stanford Bay

Annie Summers is a main character in Criminal case: Stanford Bay. Where she will serve as the profiler for the Stanford Bay Police Department.


Annie is a 33 year old tech Expert for the Stanford Bay Police Department.

She is a psychologist who is very good at detecting criminals. She is intelligent and witty and can detect major profile information by very faint clue. She is known to have a brother but she mentions about him rarely.

Events of Criminal Case

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As the Profiler of the SBPD, Annie has the responsibility of analyzing physical objects and/or clues that cannot be analyzed flawlessly through bio-forensics or digital analysis, but instead through psychological analysis.

Case #2 of Stanford Bay: Out of Breath

  • Strange Writings (6:00:00)

Case Appearance

Out of Breath (Case #2 of Stanford Bay).

My Heart Won't Go On (Case #4 of Stanford Bay)

Bang on Target! (Case #5 of Stanford Bay)

The Deadly Sin (Case #7 of Stanford Bay)