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Anna Etrusk is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville.


Anna is a sales manager from Townville's Countryside who made a big fortune. She was married and had a daughter called Holly but her husband left her without giving her the divorce and she never saw him again. This made her have a passive-agressive personality, and even though she can get enraged now and then she is a very reliable person and loves her daughter.

Profiles known from cases:

  • She practices shooting and is left-handed.
  • During the events of Swimming Dead, she wore black clothes.

Role in cases

Anna's daughter, Holly Etrusk, became a suspect in Victoria Findfold's murder investigation. Anna didn't want her daughter to be involved in something like the murder case of her best friend so she talked to the player and Evan Day to tell them to stay away from Holly and not have her mixed up in their investigation. She talked to the police again because Holly had been interrogated for a second time and she wanted the team to do what she had said. In a shocking turn of events, Holly was confirmed to be the real killer. Anna stood up for her at her trial but it was useful, her daughter was sentenced to spend 6 years in jail with parole in 4.

The day after the trial she apologized for her behaviour and said that they had destroyed a mother's heart but it was not their fault if her daughter was a killer. She asked for help to find Holly and Victoria's "best friends" necklace. It was revealed that Victoria's parents were mad at Anna for bringing up her daughter that way. She gave money away for the police department and didn't cause any further trouble ever again.

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Anna Etrusk
Biographical information
Full name Anna Etrusk nee Johnson
Gender Female
Status Free
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Townville)
Occupation Sales manager
Family Holly Etrusk (daughter)
Game information
First appearance Swimming Dead
Suspect appearance(s) Swimming Dead
Rewards given Swimming Dead - 1,500 coins
Game stats
Height 6'00"
Age 42
Weight 186 lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood A-
Hair Blonde