"Hey, that's not fair!"

-Angus after arresting Richard Long for the murder of his brother, Hamish.

Angus Winston
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Biographical information
Full name Angus Gideon Winston
Alias(es) A-Man
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 1993
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Kanira
Family Hamish Winston (brother; deceased)

Lara Winston (daughter)

Partner(s) Julie Winston (wife)
Affiliation(s) Federal Bureau of Crime
Game information
First appeared Vice Grip

Angus Gideon Winston is a main character in Season One of Criminal Case, where he serves as the player's partner.


25 years of age, Angus serves as one of the player's partners through Season 1 of Criminal Case. He is a tanned young man with blonde, messy hair often styled with gel and blue eyes. He is often seen with his blue police officer uniform with a red paisley hankerchief. His personality includes being very shy, quiet and serious. It is known that Angus plays acoustic guitar, has a wife and daughter and likes fishing.

Events of Criminal Case

Vice Grip

Angus first met the player when they graduated from police academy to join the Federal Bureau of Crime. There, he and the player found the body of Dane Parker, a local jogger.

A Brother's Journey

Angus and the player were called to Graycott Park because a local passer-by reported finding the body of Angus' younger brother Hamish, covered in bruises from a bowling ball. After Richard Long was revealed as the killer, Angus decided to take some time off to be with his family.

Blood Is Thicker

After Cornelius' father was murdered, Angus offered to attend the funeral and be there for Cornelius in the time of grief, sinnce he was also grieving the loss of his brother.

All Hell Breaks Loose

After the events of the case, Angus was officially reinstated as the player's partner.

Odd One Out

Angus became a suspect in the murder of Lindsey Emerson, but was founnd innocent after the team arrested Kaylee Gonzalez for the murder.

Case Appearances

Case #1: Walk On Water

Case #2: Party Time

Case #3: Don't Leave Me Hanging

Case #4: Running Your Mouth

Case #5: Walk On Water

Case #6: Behind The Mask

Case #7: Heart Shaped Box

Case #8: Dark Heart Ceremony

Case #9: A Brother's Journey

Case #15: Blood Is Thicker

Case #16: All Hell Breaks Loose

Case #17: Into Chaos We Climb

Case #18: Bitter Fate

Case #19: The Way Life Goes

Case #20: Odd One Out

Case #21: The Price Of Life

Case #22We All Bleed The Same

Case #23 Crossing The Line

Case #24: TBA

Case #25: TBA

Case #26: TBA

Case #27: TBA


Angus and his wife's name, Julie were inspired by the names of Australian folk duo Angus and Julia Stone.

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