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Angry Crowd Equal Big Problems
General Information
Season 1
City Selium
District Licentia Valley
Case # 22
Initial release date 27. VI 2020.
Partner(s) Jordan Hawks (All Chapters)
Erika Gilgamesh & Elvira Queenmoon (Time's Up 2)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
In the Circle of Fire A Hard Choice for the Sacrifice

Angry Crowd Equal Big Problems is a case featured in Criminal Case: World of Hazards as the 22nd case of the game. It is the second one to take place in Licentia Valley, a district of Selium.


Following the declaration of full dictatorship and blood Jordan and the player didn't wanted to wait for plan of the resistance to be out into the action as that would require waiting a perfect moment. They decided to patrol around the city and make sure nothing bad happened. While driving through the city who was on the edge of the total collapse the team parked the car near a skyscraper and exited the car in hope to do some walking and stop rioters, but right then a loud bang was heard. The team then noticed a body falling on the now destroyed car's rooftop. As they approached the saw that the body belong to a drug dealer Pete As.

The team quickly sent body to Gertrude s they rushed upstairs to the floor her was thrown off - 134th. The the team discovered that the victim was a client of Bianca Darkmoon before discovering that a politician Damian LaVey has some shady deals with the victim but also found more reason and connections between the victim and an archaeologist Daniel Gingerbear. After the autopsy, Gertrude said tht the victim and the killer had a struggled prior to him being pushed through the window, shifting slowly to the samples she found on his shirt that belonged to a dish called Koshari and that she did the stomach content analyze and discovered zero percent of koshari in the victim, making the only logical move that the victim was the one to consume it before murdering Pete.

With the evidence discovered the team started to recap the case but then Willow informed the team that the rioters just demolished entire university and threat to set it on fire. Hearing the news, the team hit their way to the old university where the crowd of people already gathered with the molotov and explosive, ready to strike the sign of the revolution. The team tried to calm them down, saying that what they are doing is exactly what Noah would want from them to do and that that way they help Noah to gain more power and crush everyone's lives on what they tried to ignore but then Joseph Romanov made his entry, threatening that his army won't be slight as the police, making the group of rioters to pull back. The team then searched around the area where they found reasons to suspect a cheerleader Lexy Joker but also found reasons to have the general Romanov himself on the suspect list. As the team progressed the investigation they discovered that Pete tried to reform himself from the drug life with the help of Damien but that he just laughed him off, telling how criminals can't be reformed. The team also discovered that Pete accidentally broke Daniel's new archaeological discovery.

As the team later on recapped the case the team was informed by Erika that Joseph was seeing lurking around the university. The team returned to the university and questioned Joseph about all this who said that he returned because he was sure that the victim dealt drug here and that he was heavily involved with Noah on what the team said him to leave the investigative work to them. Th team then discovered that Lexy was harassed by the victim before finding that Bianca used to be the victim's right had in the drug industry.

With all evidence found the team was ready to arrest Daniel. Right after being approached again he panicked and confessed the murder on the spot. Daniel sighted and said that he cant keep it anymore and said that didn't meant to push Pete off the building but that he did in in the moment of weakness and anger. Daniel confessed that he has a rare disorder and that Pete became his dealer when the his medications became very expensive for an ordinary people and how most of the doctors became corrupted and not allowing people to treat and have medication he was forced to seek help from Pete's drugs who helped him a lot and that he continued to get dungs for a fair price but by the time went on, Pete started to be more distanced and to ignore him on most occasions. Knowing that his conditions getting worse by every next day he decided to meet with Pete in the skyscraper, heavily above the ground. Pete told him how he doesn't want to leave this life anymore and that he wants to be honored man and stop dug dealing on what he grabbed him arm and begged him for more drugs that he really deeded to calm hiss severe conditions. He then said how Pete pushed him away on what his brain activated alarm state and he pushed back, unintentionally through the window. Jordan sighted and put handcuffs on him before taking him to the further authorities.

As the team returned later to the station, Erika said that Noah wants to speak with the player. Noah then appeared on the TV screen, asking the team if they enjoys the chaos and disorder he made on what Jordan said that his time is up and that they will find him and take him down on what Noah laughed saying that everyone is awn in his game and that e will everyone to kill each other until he say that is enough. While the team exchanged the threats with him Willow tried her best to discover his location but as soon as she was reaching the peak Noah cut the connection. The team asked Willow if she found something on what she said that she found a signal that tracked the location of the old university. After inspecting the area the team found a weird mote device that Willow later analyzed and confirmed that the device was a long-distance signal faker that Noah used to trick the team. She also said that the device was made in Jason Blackwood's tech company who is specialized in things like that. The team questioned Jason who said that his company do they they need to do and that they don't much about what his customers do with devices but said that he can give the list where the newest models went. As the team looked over the files they saw that Damian ordered a lot of those devices. As he was questioned he denied that he used them for notorious purposes and said that he just wants to help the city to go out f this madness, again, blaming the player for everything that happened. The team then noticed that Damian threw something near the main street and decided to search it where they discovered a little card that has Joseph name on it. Joseph sighed and said that he had a meeting with Damian about the coalition against the Noah but also against Elvira Queenmoon, knowing that Damian would be better choice and more radical with changes on what he apologized. Jordan told him that is alright but that he should helps him and the team, not to go side ways on what he nodded, promising that he will do his best to stop riots and protests.

In the meantime, Elvira came to the team, blushing and saying that she need urgent help. Erika and the player asked her what's the problem on what she said that she might be in love. She said how she met that woman, Veronica Hypperrun and that they get along very well and that she knows that is not appropriate time for love but that she wants to confess her feelings before it's too late. Erika told her that they will help her with the love issues and find some gift for Veronica. The team with Elvira went to Lexy to ask her what gift would be the best on what she said that she and Bianca used to exchange lots of various gifts but that Veronica would most likely enjoy in the new whip, saying that she saw one in the abandon skyscraper After searching the place the team found the whip and wrapped it as a gift before the player accomplished Elvira in confessing her feelings to Veronica. after exchanging sweet words and gift, the pair confessed the double sided love and kisses as Elvira asked Veronica if she would like to be part of the anti-mayor force on what she accepted.

After returning to the station, the team discussed how they slightly became closer to the discovery where Noah is but that protests and riots are still high and how Joseph promised to help in extinguishing them. While Elvira put directions to Veronica and met her with the rest of the team. The team then promised to each other how they won't stop until Noah is down but then, like on the command, Noah appeared on the screen again, having a psychopathic grin. He said that the team wants to be the heroes that the the heroes can't exist without the proper sacrifice before switching the camera towards the bus full of children and explosives attached to it. With the slight chuckle he said that the team has three options: To give up to, to continues to fight and have souls of over 20 children on their hearts or third option to choose one of them to be a sacrificing sheep for his blood lust. He then set a timer on five minutes, saying that when the times counts zero he will understand that they don't want to give up and the bus will go bye bye. He then left but the time counted down, a loud beeps echoes around the now silent room as the team looked at each other in disbelief, not knowing what they should do...



  • Pete As (Pushed from 134th floor)

Murder Weapon

  • Defenestration


  • Daniel Gingerbear



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer collects coins.
  • The Killer eats koshari.
  • The Killer speaks French.
  • The Killer wears gold.
  • The Killer wears blue.

Crime Scenes

134th Floor Dusty Room 134th Floor
Main Street Radioactive Burning Buildings Main Street Bonus
Old University Broken Fountain Old University Bonus


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