Angie Peters
Biographical information
Full name Angie Peters
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1999
Death 2019
Cause of death Multiple bullet wounds
Personal information
Nationality Flag of USA American
Residence Laroy Bay
Profession(s) Tech expert (formerly)
Family Unnamed mother
Partner(s) Danny Darkwood (boyfriend)
Affiliation(s) Laroy Bay Police Department (formerly)
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case Laroy Bay
Criminal Case Return to Laroy Bay
First appeared Case #1 Welcome To Laroy Bay
Hacking phones and profiles is easy. Trust me, I won't do the same to yours...
—Angie Peters
Angie Peters (1999-2019) was a main character featured in Criminal Case Laroy Bay where she serverd as a Tech Expert.

She became a suspect in the murder investigation of skater Dustin Vega in A Shape of Betrayal (Case #30 of Laroy Bay) before getting murdered in A Heavy Heart (Case #6 of Return to Laroy Bay)


Angie was 19 year old Tech Expert. She had short brown hair tied in two pigtails. She had dark brown eyes and she wore a dark blue hat from her gaming VRClub.

She was known for being kind, cute and helpful type of a character. Prior her working as a tech expert, she was working as VRClub hostess.

Now 20 years of age, Angie was a former tech expert.

Age 19
Height 5'4''
Weight 132lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood Type B-

A Shape of Betrayal

Angie became a suspect after she showed up in station even though she is suspended.She said that she wanted to prove that she is not the traitor.

Angie was interrogated again after her hat was found on crime scene.She said that she went on the beach to search for some clues and eventually dropped her hat.

She was found innocent after team arrested Josh Knight for murder.

Case Appearences

-Case #1 Welcome To Laroy Bay

-Case #2 Curse of the Bloom Family

-Case #3 Turning the Screw

-Case #4 Six Feet Under Water

-Case #5 Last Saturday Morning

-Case #6 Bite the Snake

-Case #7 Virtual Death

-Case #8 The Granny Killer

-Case #9 Up in Flames

-Case #10 Pain in the Vein

-Case #11 Into the Future

-Case #19 God Save the Father

-Case #20 Death at the Carnival

-Case #21 For Pug Sake

-Case #22 Trick,Treat or Death

-Case #23 Graveyard Business

-Case #24 Through My Vampire Heart

-Case #25 Deep Waters

-Case #26 Game of Cones

-Case #30 A Shape of Betrayal

-Case #31 Small Bite

-Case #32 Wound on my Heart

-Case #33 Painball

-Case #34 At the Drop of a Hat

-Case #35 Give Me Your Hand

-Case #36 Win the Battle,Lose the War

-Case #37 A Space Case

-Case #39 Murder by Moonlight

-Case #42 Beat your Breast

-Case #43 The Showstopper

-Case #44 Special Delivery

-Case #45 Head Over Heels

-Case #46 Death,Science and Fantasy

-Case #47 Long Beauty Sleep

-Case #48 Make Laroy Bay Great Again

-Case #49 Murder By Lakeside

-Case #50 Up in the Air

-Case #51 Brought to Light

-Case #52 Seed of Doubt

Case #53 Set your Heart Ablaze

-Case #54 National Basketball Murder

-Case #55 Blackout

-Case #56 The End of Times


Case #1 Welcome To Laroy Bay

  • Locked Tablet

Case #2 Curse of the Bloom Family

  • Victim's phone
  • USB key

Case #3 Turning the Screw

  • Notebook

Case #4 Six Feet Under Water

  • Victim's phone
  • Microphone
  • Phone number

Case #5 Last Saturday Morning

  • GPS Device
  • Code

Case #6 Bite the Snake

  • Locked Phone
  • Artist Diary

Case #7 Virtual Death

  • VR Headset

Case #8 The Granny Killer

  • Surveillance Camera
  • Fingerprint

Case #9 Up in Flames

  • VRHeadset
  • Granny video game

Case #10 Pain in the Vein

  • Serial Number

Case #19 God Save the Father

  • GPS Device

Case #20 Death at the Carnival

  • Phone
  • Security Folder
  • Hard Drive

Case #21 For Pug Sake

  • Code
  • Security Camera

Case #22 Trick,Treat or Death

  • Secret Code
  • GPS Device

Case #23 Graveyard Business

Case #26 Game of Cones

  • Bank Account

Case #31 Small Bite

  • Bank Account
  • Broken Tablet

Case #32 Wound on my Heart

  • Antique Shop Security Camera
  • Open Safe

Case #34 At the Drop of a Hat

  • Phone number

Case #35 Give Me Your Hand

  • Camera Files
  • Victim's watch
  • Coded Messages
  • Tobias's letter

Case #36 Win the Battle,Lose the War

Case #37 A Space Case

Case #39 Murder by Moonlight

  • Photo

Case #42 Beat your Breast

  • Voice Recorder
  • Broken Camera
  • Cellphone

Case #43 The Showstopper

  • Murder footage
  • Security Camera
  • Badge

Case #44 Special Delivery

  • Text message
  • Golf Club Number

Case #45 Head Over Heels

  • Poster Number
  • Dalia's phone

Case #46 Death,Science and Fantasy

  • Code
  • Broken Tablet
  • Security Camera

Case #47 Long Beauty Sleep

  • Lab Code

Case #49 Murder By Lakeside

  • Tablet
  • Lakeside Security Camera
  • Secret Code

Case #50 Up in the Air

  • Cellphone
  • Security Camera

Case #51 Brought to Light

  • Broken TV
  • Files

Case #52 Seed of Doubt

  • Cellphone
  • Telephone Cable

Case #54 National Basketball Murder

  • The Venom's laptop
  • Credit Card
  • FriendNet Password

Case #55 Blackout

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