Angela Stipetich
Biographical information
Full name Angela Stipetich
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1994
Nationality Croatian-American
Family Andre Jovich (uncle)

Nicole Jovich (cousin;Incarcerated )
Unnamed aunt
Unnamed mother

Affiliation(s) Fario Police Department
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case
First appearance Case #11: 50 Shades of Green

Angela Stipetich is the main character featured in Season 1 of Criminal Case. Appearing as the training homicide detective (rookie cop) of the Fario Police Department, she serves as one of the player's three primary partners throughout the season. In Under The Drone (Case #14 of Fario), she is promoted to Homicide Detective.


Angela is a 24-year-old detective with curly blond hair landed on her right shoulder and black eyes. She wears a blue-to-grey jacket with POLICE on her right arm and a red shirt under it. Also, she wears a Pheonix necklace, a gold earring and FPD badge on the left side of the jacket.

Height 5'6"
Age 24
Weight 136 lbs
Eyes Black
Blood A+

Events of Criminal Case

50 Shades of Green

After the investigation, Chief Bennett approaches the player and inform it that in breakroom is a new cop and that he would like the player to be her mentor. After they meet, Lena's girlfriend, Monica entered the station looking for the player's help. That was a first Angela's job as a member of Fario PD.

Case appearances

50 Shades of Green (Case #11 of Fario)

Two Robots And a Human (Case #12 of Fario)

Music of The Dead (Case #13 of Fario)

Under The Drone (Case #14 of Fario)

On Edge of The War (Case #15 of Fario)

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