Andrew Bolstein is one of the characters in PetersCorporal's series.


Andrew is an airplane pilot from Townville who had tried to join the army because of his excellent pilot skills, but he had troubles with all the physical training he was demanded so he got a job flying planes for an airline.

Profiles known from cases:

  • He has sewing skills, drinks beer and plays poker.
  • During the events of End Of The Flight, he wore a scarf.

Role in cases

Andrew became a suspect in the murder investigation of Uriel Valster, whose body had been found inside a seat from a plane he had piloted. Andrew had noticed the seat was damaged so he sent it to Joseph Gand's workshop to have it repaired, but mysteriously the whole plane ended up disappearing, creating the rumor of the "ghost plane". The team supposed at first that Andrew was in love with his friend and Uriel's girlfriend, Yazmin Lucas, though in fact he had actually fallen in love with Uriel. He was one of the prime suspects in the case but the killer turned out to be Mark Neil, owner of an airplanes factory.

The next day, Alan Smith suggested checking up on Yazmin who could be heartbroken because of her boyfriend's demise. Evan Day said that if that was the case, they should talk to Andrew who was in love with Uriel as well. Alan said that he'd rather leave Andrew alone, because he could cause more problems than necessary, so that was what the team did.


  • Andrew is one of the few non-main characters to appear in more than one season.

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Andrew Bolstein
Biographical information
Full name Andrew Bolstein
Gender Male
Status Free
Nationality Flag of United States.png American (Townville)
Occupation Airplane pilot
Game information
First appearance End Of The Flight
Suspect appearance(s) End Of The Flight
Flight Of Fantasy
Game stats
Height 6'00"
Age 40
Weight 181 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood B+
Hair Black
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