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Annabel: So, you must be the new recruit. Well let me be the first to say welcome to the Warrenville Police Department.
Annabel: I'm Annabel Armstrong, the acting Chief of Police, and as you know the city officials depend on us to maintain peace in the city.
Annabel: Well, as least when I'm on duty, off duty I'd rather go and spend my time relaxing outside, but that's just me.
Annabel: Anyways, let me introduce you to your partners. One of them is off-duty today, but your other partner is here and ready to work.
Josiah: Hi, my name's Josiah Roman, I haven't been here long so I hope you and I can learn a few things while working.
Annabel: Anyways, let me introduce you to the rest of-
Luke: Chief Armstrong, Chief Armstrong, there's an emergency!
Annabel: Luke, what is it? I'm trying to introduce our newest homicide detective here!
Luke: That's the thing ma'am, we got an anonymous tip that someone was found dead in the middle of Downtown main street.
Luke: Oh, where are my manners? Luke Garvey, I'm a patrolman for the department, glad to be working with you <Rank> <Name>!
Annabel: Well, I guess I'll have to continue the formal introductions later. Josiah, you and <Name> head down to the main street and find out what happened!
Josiah: You got it Chief, let's get going <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Main Street
Josiah: Yeah, no question, that guy is dead.
Josiah: And given the apparent stab wound in the heart, I think its safe to assume we're looking at a murder here.
Josiah: Let's send our victim down to our coroner Daphne I think you'll like her, if you can get by her tough exterior.
Josiah: Glad to see you found our victim's wallet, maybe we can get an ID on our unknown victim here.
Josiah: But why are you looking at that trash can? You think there's something in it?
Josiah: Well, I know you're new, but I did hear you were pretty much one of the best in class. Okay, let's have a look through!

Autopsy Victim's Body
Daphne: So, you're the new guy I've been hearing about? I'm Daphne Quinn, certified medical examiner.
Josiah: And toughest girl I've ever met. She lives for this stuff, though the Chief had told her time and time again to be professional about this.
Daphne: Yeah yeah, I get it. So, you're here about the dead guy. Gotta say, this one was quick and clean.
Daphne: Your victim's cause of death couldn't be any more simple. He was stabbed in the heart, given the wound I'd look for a knife, likely with a serrated edge.
Daphne: But here's the thing, the wound also had traces of of pork, and it seems like its been cured.
Josiah: Cured pork, you mean ham?
Daphne: Sounds like it, and your victim obviously didn't have any in his stomach.
Josiah: So that settles it, we know our killer eats ham! I'll make a note of this!

Examine Trash Can
Josiah: So we searched through a trash can to find some cloth. How does that help?
Josiah: Oh shoot, you're right! There's blood on it! I should've noticed it when you got it!
Josiah: But what's that other stain on it? Better send this to our forensic expert Victor, maybe he would know what this is.

Analyze Bloody Cloth
Victor: Let's see, what would sound better, blazing or ablaze? Perhaps...
Josiah: Hey Victor!
Victor: Gah! Don't sneak up on me like that, you know I need to focus!
Josiah: Sorry about that. Anyways, meet Victor Wallace, he's our forensic expert. And an amatuer novelist.
Victor: Amateur for now, but hopefully I'll be known worldwide one day, scientist and novelist extrodinaire.
Victor: But for now, I can see there's work to be done. The cloth you brought me contained our victim's blood.
Victor: And as for the other stain, it contained turpentine, naphtha, gum arabic and several types of dyes.
Victor: All of which are components used in shoe polish!
Josiah: So our killer uses shoe polish! Glad to see they're making themselves presentable.

Examine Victim's Wallet
Josiah: Nice, good to see the victim still had his ID on him.
Josiah: According to this, our victim is one Wyatt Cross.
Josiah: And thanks to that business card you pulled out, we know he worked at the local grocery store Austex Food Mart.
Josiah: If our victim worked there, then maybe we can find out more about him. Let's make a stop to the market and see for ourselves!

Investigate Grocery Store
Josiah: Glad to see we're still on task here! Looks like Mr. Cross left his phone behind, let's unlock it and see what we can find.
Josiah: And it looks like someone left a name tag behind, you think its our victim's?
Josiah: I'll get your dusting kit so we can see for ourselves. And what about that computer?
Josiah: You think there's something on there? Well I don't see why I shouldn't say no, let's unlock that too while we're at it!

Examine Name Tag
Josiah: Nice, so the name on the tag reads Troy Wilcox.
Josiah: This Troy seems to be an employee here at the store, maybe he knew out victim?
Josiah: Only one way to find out, let's ask Mr. Wilcox ourselves!

Inform Troy of Wyatt's Murder
Josiah: Excuse me, Troy Wilcox? I'm Josiah Roman of the Warrenville Police Department. We're here investigating the murder of Wyatt Cross, who worked with you.
Troy: What? Wyatt's dead?
Troy: This is bad! We're expected to have a big sale next week and Wyatt was amazing at keeping crowds under control!
Josiah: Did you know Wyatt personally?
Troy: I wish I did, he seemed like a nice guy, and a great leader no question! Makes me wish he was the manager instead.
Troy: But I guess now he won't be getting that promotion.
Troy: I'd love to stay and chat officers, but I got to get things ready for our sale next week, and its better to start ahead of schedule.

Examine Computer
Josiah: Well, looks like there's a work schedule on the computer.
Josiah: Says here it is compiled by our victim and one Amber Goodwin.
Josiah: Amber must be the manager, we better ask her about her work with Wyatt.

Ask Amber about her relation to the victim
Amber: Hello, welcome to Austex Food Mart, how can I help you officers?
Josiah: Miss Goodwin, we're here to inform you your assistant manager Wyatt was found murdered earlier today.
Amber: What? That can't be! He said he would be on his way a few hours ago!
Josiah: Did you and the victim get along well?
Amber: It was sort of an off and on working relationship. I can tell he wanted my position, but who honestly wouldn't?
Amber: Through it all, we managed to work things out, I'd say we'd almost look like a couple.
Josiah: A... couple. Right...
Amber: If you need anything else officers, I'll be here working at the store. Its gonna be pretty hard without Wyatt here to keep things under control.

Examine Victim's Phone
Josiah: Well that was easy, you unlocked our victim's phone in no time.
Josiah: I don't know where to start looking through, but I know someone who would be more than happy to help.
Josiah: Marco, our tech guy, lives for this stuff. He'll see if there's anything important on this phone we should know about.

Analyze Victim's Phone
Marco: Hola Señor, welcome to the team. I'm Marco Cervantes, maybe you've heard of me on Vind.
Josiah: Marco makes Vind videos almost every day, it gets kinda annoying at times, but you get used to it.
Marco: Well its certainly better than what this guy was up to, not much on his social media.
Marco: But I did find something interesting, the last text he made was to a certain Grace Wagner. I did some looking around, Grace seems to be a dancing instructor for a local ballet school.
Josiah: A ballet instructor, and an assitant manager to a grocery store? Seems like an unlikely combo, but if this is going where I think its going...
Marco: I don't know man, but I think you oughta see what this chick was doing with your vic.

Talk to Grace about the victim
Josiah: Miss Wagner? I'm officer Josiah Roman with the Warrenville Police, we need to talk to you about Wyatt Cross.
Grace: Great, what trouble has Wyatt got himself into now?
Josiah: We're not sure, but he ended up murdered because of it, and we need to know what happened.
Grace: Murdered? Wyatt?
Grace: No, I can't lose another man like this!
Josiah: So you and Wyatt were close?
Grace: He and I started dating last month, he was a bit tardy to our dates sometimes, but he was worked to the bone.
Grace: But he was a charming man, and was always ready with money on hand.
Grace: Truth be told, I don't think I'll ever find another man like Wyatt again.
Josiah: Okay, we'll come back if we have any other questions for you.

Back at the station...
Josiah: Well, we seem to be making headway into our investigation, but we still need more clues to get an idea of who killed our victim.
Josiah: Wyatt Cross seemed like a simple enough man, his co-worker and boss have said he was an alright guy.
Josiah: And his girlfriend Grace seemed to have a steady relationship with the victim.
Josiah: So either someone's lying or...
Luke: <Rank> <Name>, Officer Roman, there's been a development!
Josiah: Whoa Luke, you really gotta stop barging in like that!
Luke: There's no time, we recently got word about your victim.
Luke: He was spotted by a robbery before he died!

Chapter 2

Josiah: Wait, robbery? Our victim was spotted by the scene of a robbery? Does that mean...
Luke: Afraid it does, they struck again!
Josiah: Darn it, we'll never find them at this rate.
Josiah: Oh right, you're new <Name>, we'll explain once this case is over. Where was the robbery Luke?
Luke: The robbery was at the local electronics store, Marco said he saw your victim amongst the crowd of people that gathered there...
Luke: ...Which was roughly an hour before his death.
Josiah: If that's the case, we need to retrace our victim's last movements. Let's head to the scene of the robbery!

Investigate Electronics Store
Josiah: Looks like the robber took quite a bit, why, I don't know. But hopefully there's something about our victim here.
Josiah: Nice catch, looks like that paper has our victims name on it. I'll get the dusting kit and see what the rests says.
Josiah: But what's that torn fabric doing there? If you want to put it back together, I won't stop you.

Examine Torn Fabric
Josiah: Well you put the fabric back together, but I still don't see how its important to our...
Josiah: Hang on a sec, there's something on here, it reads "Cross, get busy living or get busy dying."
Josiah: Someone embroidered a death threat to our victim? Looks like they really held a grudge.
Josiah: I don't know what this quote means, but I think our profiler Alice would know, let's see what she thinks.

Analyze Embroidered Message
Alice: There you are, I suppose you're here about the message your killer left for your victim, are you not?
Josiah: Sheesh Alice, always so uptight, isn't it alright to introduce yourself?
Alice: Right, my apologies...
Alice: I'm Alice Foster, certified psychologist. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and I see to it these rapscallions pay for such misuse.
Josiah: Alice always likes to see herself as a 'hero' of sorts, working for the greater good. Though in an essence she is, she really takes things out of proportion sometimes.
Alice: Easy for you to say, you get to go out while I'm stuck in here. Regardless...
Alice: The message "Cross, get busy living or get busy dying", is ad-libbed from "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" by Stephen King.
Alice: The line itself means that you could either live your life working to your best, or give up life completely.
Alice: But in this context, since its directed at your victim, it means, either live your life correctly, or I'll put an end to it myself.
Josiah: Not sure if that's necessarily true...
Josiah: But with this, we know our killer reads Stephen King! Thanks Alice!

Josiah: Well, we've made some progess, but I still think we're missing something.
Josiah: Let's head back to the crime scene, another glance over should give us a fresh perspective on our killer.

Investigate Parked Car
Josiah: Nice catch, that's our victim in that photo!
Josiah: And that other gentleman he's with seems pretty close with him.
Josiah: Let's identify him from our police database, hopefully he knows something about our victim.
Josiah: And it looks like that's our victim's nametag, but it looks to be totally destroyed, I can barely read the name.
Josiah: Hopefully that substance can identify our vandal, and as for that torn paper, we can put it back together in a jiffy.
Josiah: Better get to work, we still have a killer to catch after all!

Examine Photo
Josiah: According to the database, our mysterious man is one Bentley Proctor.
Josiah: Apparently, Mr. Proctor was once a famous artist, but has since then faded into obscurity.
Josiah: But what was he doing with our victim? Better see what he has to say.

Talk to Bentley about his relationship with the victim
Josiah: Mr. Proctor, we're investigating the murder of Wyatt Cross, we believed you knew him?
Bentley: Indeed, its such a shame he passed away so soon.
Bentley: He always showed support for my artwork, we'd always discuss it over a ham sandwich.
Bentley: And even when I faded away, he always stood by me.
Josiah: Must have been tough for you.
Bentley: Well the world can be cruel. Like Stephen King said in one of his books, "The world has teeth and it can bite you with them at any time it wants."

Examine Victim's Nametag
Josiah: Don't know what that substance, but hopefully Victor will give us an idea. Let's send it over to him!

Analyze Unknown Substance
Victor: "'Once more unto the breach', she said as they continued their perilous..."
Josiah: Um, Victor?
Victor: Oh, there you are, sorry about that, I was busy working on something.
Victor: That unknown substance you sent me, I managed to discover it was saliva.
Victor: And according to the DNA, it was left by one Grace Wagner.
Josiah: Our victim's girlfriend? Why would she do something like that?
Josiah: Guess their relationship wasn't as good as we thought it was. Better go ask her where it all fell apart.

Talk to Grace about her destroying the victim's nametag
Josiah: Excuse me Miss Wagner, if your relationship was so great, then why did we find your saliva on the victim's destroyed nametag?
Grace: And here I was hoping I could enjoy my ham and turkey sandwich in peace.
Grace: I won't lie when I say our relationship had its ups and downs, but Wyatt made it an all time low!
Grace: He never took me out anywhere anymore, he was too focused on his job to even remember me!
Grace: I was waiting for him to say he really loves me, but as Stephen King said "The most important things are the hardest things to say."
Josiah: And that resulted in you killing him out of anger?
Grace: Of course not, I don't keep these ballet shoes polished just to get blood on them. Besides, I knew he would come around in time.
Josiah: Well time will tell if you were behind all this, and we'll come around to arresting you if it does.

Examine Torn Paper
Josiah: Nice looks like that torn paper is about our victim.
Josiah: Its a notice of resignation, and its signed by Amber Goodwin!
Josiah: According to her, our victim acted "unprofessional and affected sales rate".
Josiah: And here I thought he was a model worker, better see why Amber wrote this note.

Ask Amber about the resignation notice
Josiah: Excuse us Amber, but last we spoke to you, you said the victim worked well.
Josiah: So why did you write a notice of resignation to him?
Amber: Figures you'd find that...
Amber: Look, it was my fault, I... kinda started to develop feelings for him.
Amber: But of course, he didn't really take it well. He pretty much rejected me in front of the customers.
Amber: No doubt I was mad, I did everything I could to present myself, even shined up by shoes.
Josiah: But did things get out of hand and you ended up killing him?
Amber: Of course not! I have a tough time just getting by, I wouldn't jeopardize my life but killing someone.
Amber: In all honesty, I was just fooling myself. Like Stephen King said in "Duma Key", "We fool ourselves so much we could do it for a living."
Josiah: You better not be fooling us Amber, or you won't have any living to make anymore.

Examine Faded Paper
Josiah: Looks like this was an employee hiring sheet, surprised they still do physical copies.
Josiah: Turns out the victim was to interview this Jasper Bowman sometime tomorrow.
Josiah: Better see what Mr. Bowman has to say about our victim.

Talk to Jasper about his job application
Josiah: Jasper Bowman?
Jasper: The very same, what's up officers?
Josiah: We're here to talk to you about your job application to Austex Food Mart.
Jasper: Oh that, I'm kinda looking for jobs right now, I'm unemployed and in need of some serious cash if I'm gonna continue my classes.
Jasper: Why, what's so important?
Josiah: The man who was supposed to interview you, Wyatt Cross, we found him murdered earlier today.
Jasper: Murdered?
Jasper: Well, that sucks. It would've been nice to work with him.
Jasper: Guess that interview will have to come later then. In the meantime, I better make sure my shoes are shined and ready for action!

At the market
Josiah: Well the ways things are right now, its easy to imagine that Wyatt got under some people's skin.
Josiah: Amber said he acted unprofessionally in front of the customers due to him rejecting her, resulting in her writing a resignation notice.
Josiah: Meanwhile, Grace was mad at the victim for not being as attentive as she wanted him to be, but was she impatient enough to commit murder?
Josiah: Frankly, I'm not sure how Jasper Bowman fits into this, it doesn't seem like he and the victim even- CRASH
Josiah: Wait, what was that?
Josiah: Sounds like something fell over, better go check out the damage.

Chapter 3

Josiah: Alright, what's going on here?
Jasper: Oh, Officer Roman, <Rank> <Name>, I didn't expect to see you here!
Josiah: Jasper Bowman? What are you doing here?
Troy: I'll tell you what he's doing here, undoing all my hard work!
Jasper: I don't care about your work, I have a message to send to you people!
Josiah: Message? Stand aside Jasper, we need to talk to you.
Josiah: And while we're at it, let's have another look around the store. Hopefully the evidence wasn't compromised beyond repair.

Question Jasper about his "message"
Josiah: Okay Jasper, fill me in, what is this "message" you need to send?
Jasper: Simple, they didn't even give me a chance and they rejected my application!
Josiah: Huh? But we found your application earlier, you weren't even interviewed yet!
Jasper: That was a follow-up interview, I applied twice already and that guy refused to hire me!
Josiah: "That guy"? You mean Wyatt Cross?
Jasper: Yeah, he looked down on me just because I was young, didn't think I could handle the work.
Jasper: I tried to tell him, but he never listened. So I had to make him pay. Like Stephen King said "A person who doesn't learn from the past is an idiot, in my estimation."
Josiah: You better hope you didn't kill Wyatt in revenge Jasper, otherwise in my estimation, you won't be getting out of prison for a long time!

Investigate Store Aisle
Josiah: Nice catch, there's a faded letter addressed to our victim!
Josiah: Let's dust it and see what faded writing says. But as for that pile of groceries, if you want to look through, be my guest.

Examine Faded Letter
Josiah: Okay, let's have a look at that letter.
Josiah: "Wyatt, I do not intend to follow the paths of El Greco and Claude Monet, help me or I'll make sure you pay!
Josiah: I can't read who sent it, but who are these guys the sender mentioned?
Josiah: I think I know who can look at this, Atticus our historian can have a look. Maybe these people have some relevance to determining who sent it.
Josiah: Better see what the old guy has to say.

Analyze Letter
Atticus: Glad we can finally meet <Rank> <Name>, I am Atticus Clayton, expert on history of all sorts.
Josiah: And the only person so stuffed up to give Alice a run for her money.
Atticus: Josiah good sir, may I remind you that that kind of talk can get you into trouble?
Josiah: Right, sorry about that.
Atticus: I certainly hope so, we don't want another incident where we have to involved the Chief now do we?
Atticus: Now, onto the matter at hand. You were right to send that letter to me <Rank> <Name>.
Atticus: El Greco and Claude Monet are said by many to be underappreciated artists, who only received fame long after their demise.
Josiah: Artists? Like painters?
Atticus: Indeed, I assume you have someone in mind?
Josiah: No question, our artist Bentley Proctor must have sent that letter to him.
Josiah: But what did he mean by making him pay? Only one way to find out, let's speak with Mr. Proctor again.

Confront Bentley about the letter
Josiah: Hey Bentley, does this letter you sent to the victim seem familiar?
Bentley: What the...? How did you find it?
Josiah: We're asking the questions sir, now what happened?
Bentley: That fool Wyatt said he'd keep supporting me and my endeavors, he had been making a steady enough income to provide for me.
Bentley: But because I haven't been able to pay him back quickly enough, he said he would stop funding me!
Bentley: Times are tough, and I just can't get by on borrowing shoe polish from friends and family anymore.
Josiah: So Wyatt didn't want to pay you anymore, so you decided he would pay with his life?
Bentley: Of course not, I'm an artist, and murder is one art I'll have no part in.
Josiah: You better hope for your sake this isn't your work Mr. Proctor, no one wants to show their support to a murderer.

Examine Pile of Groceries
Josiah: What's that you found? Is that a coupon?
Josiah: Hey there's a message, it reads "Don't do this to me, you know I can't afford much". And its signed by Troy!
Josiah: Looks like Troy had a problem with someone in upper management, if its our victim, then Troy has some explaining to do!

Talk to Troy about the message he wrote
Josiah: Alright Troy, we found a message you wrote on a coupon. Was that addressed to our victim?
Troy: Oh shoot, I didn't think I dropped it!
Troy: Okay, I did send that to Wyatt, he cut my pay unfairly!
Josiah: How was it unfair?
Troy: I worked my butt off for 3 years, yet I make one mistake and a customer reports me!
Troy: But Wyatt said he had to cut my pay, this was my first offense and he couldn't even cut me a break!
Troy: I tried talking it with the manager over some ham and cheese, but all she said was she would talk it over with him!
Troy: I couldn't wait, I need more money to support my family here, I can't afford to be patient!
Josiah: You'll have plenty more to worry about than your family if we find out you killed Wyatt Cross in revenge!

Back at the station
Josiah: I have a feeling we're getting close, we just need that final push. But who could have killed Wyatt Cross?
Josiah: Could it have been Troy, who got mad at the victim for cutting his pay?
Josiah: Bentley also had money related troubles with the victim, who refused to support him in his artistic endeavors.
Josiah: And then there's Jasper, who vandalized the store because the victim kept rejecting his applications.
Luke: Officer Roman, I got word from the department that they want to clean up the scene of the robbery!
Josiah: What? We need to get back there, we found that message to the victim there, maybe the killer left other clues behind? Better get going, there's no time to lose!

Investigate Viewing Window
Josiah: Any reason you're checking out that pile of DVDs? We're looking for whoever killed Wyatt Cross, not the robber.
Josiah: If you want to look through, go ahead. But I'm more interested in that book you found.
Josiah: "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption", that's the book the killer quoted for that threat!
Josiah: But whatever those fibers are, I'm sure we can grab a sample.
Josiah: We're getting close to an arrest, I can feel it!

Examine Pile of DVDs
Josiah: What the heck? There's a kitchen knife in this pile, and there's blood on it?
Josiah: This has to be our murder weapon, but just to be sure, I know who can can analyze.
Josiah: Our weapons expert Celeste loves to work with weapons, so she can be sure if this matches the wound on our victim. Let's send it to her!

Analyze Kitchen Knife
Celeste: Hmph! Shoddy craftsmenship if you ask me. If I were to kill someone, I wouldn't even...
Josiah: Um, Celeste?
Celeste: Don't worry Josiah, I wasn't actually planning on killing anyone... maybe.
Celeste: Anyways, Celeste Luna, weapons are my specialty and craft.
Josiah: You know those cute girls you shouldn't underestimate, that's essentially Celeste.
Celeste: He's not wrong, anyways, I'm sure you're here about the knife you sent me.
Celeste: Seems to be nothing more than your average store-brand knife, but I analyzed the wound and compared the two, and there was a match.
Josiah: So this knife is our murder weapon!
Celeste: That's right, but I also happened to find something else, your killer seemed to have left skin cells.
Celeste: Unfortunately, that is not my specialty, that's what Victor is paid for. But I have his analysis, and he said although the DNA was miniscule, he discovered the killer has blue eyes.
Josiah: Well our killer will be having a case of the blues once we put them away!

Examine Book
Josiah: Perfect, hopefully these fibers can give us a lead on our killer.
Josiah: Let's send them to Victor, he can tell us where they come from!

Analyze Fibers
Victor: "If you understood the very fibers that build my being, then perhaps..."
Josiah: Victor, stop focusing so much on your novels already!
Victor: Sorry, inspiration struck when you brought me those fibers from the killer's book.
Josiah: Speaking of which, do you know where they come from?
Victor: As fate would have it, I do! I analyzed the fibers, and they come from an apron.
Josiah: Well our victim wasn't wearing an apron, so this confirms these apron fibers come from our killer.
Josiah: Its lucky they have that apron, it'll prove useful if they get cafeteria duty, provided our killer is allowed to keep it that is.

Josiah: I think we have enough evidence to arrest Wyatt Cross's killer, do you?
Josiah: Oh good, so it wasn't just me.
Josiah: Well let's get out there, we have a killer to arrest!

Arrest Killer
Josiah: Amber Goodwin, you're under arrest for the murder of Wyatt Cross!
Amber: Excuse me? You're saying I killed Wyatt? That's absurd!
Josiah: No games Amber, we have evidence! Like the embroidered threat you gave to the victim, with a reference to one of Stephen King's books!
Amber: Come on, Stephen King wrote hundreds of books. I'm sure a lot of people have read at least one.
Josiah: What about the traces of ham we found on the victim's wound? Did those not come from you either?
Amber: Of course not, we sell plenty of ham here, and it flies off the shelves.
Josiah: Enough with the runaround Amber, we have your DNA on the murder weapon, you can't hide those blue eyes of your's!
Amber: ........
Amber: Fine, I'm done messing around. I killed Wyatt!
Josiah: Now answer me this, was he more trouble than you put him for, or is there something about the two of you we're not getting?
Amber: You don't understand, he and I were meant for each other!
Amber: But that idiot just didn't see it, no matter what.
Josiah: So that's why you wrote that resignation notice?
Amber: Exactly! I tried holding his job over his head, but he just laughed!
Amber: He said he already had someone he loved, and would never go out with someone like me.
Amber: Not to mention he was going to go to the board personally and report me for misconduct!
Amber: I had a lot to lose if he remained alive, not to mention he humiliated me! Wyatt left me no other choice, so when I knew he was alone, I stabbed him in the heart!
Josiah: Can you really say he deserved that, he was just doing his job.
Amber: He broke my heart and was going to ruin me, so there was nothing else I could do. But I don't regret it, heartbreakers like him deserve to be broken!
Josiah: And lowlives like you deserve life in prison, Miss Goodwin, you're under arrest!

Judge Blackwell: Order in the court! Order I say!
Josiah: That's Judge Dexter Blackwell, he may seem threatening, but he can be kind of a softy at times.
Judge Blackwell: Ahem!
Josiah: Oh, sorry Judge Blackwell!
Judge Blackwell: Not a problem Officer Roman. Anyways, let's get straight to business.
Judge Blackwell: Amber Goodwin, you stand accused of the murder of Wyatt Cross, how do you plead?
Amber: Guilty a thousands times over, and I don't regreat ending that monster one bit!
Judge Blackwell: It says you killed him because he refused your love and was going to report your misconduct to the board?
Judge Blackwell: Miss Goodwin, you should know better than to off someone because they don't love you!
Amber: But we were a match made in heaven, that idiot just didn't see it!
Amber: It was fate you hear, fate! And don't you dare tell me otherwise!
Judge Blackwell: I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but you leave me no choice.
Judge Blackwell: Amber Goodwin, for the murder of Wyatt Cross and your unrelenting lack of remorse, I hereby condemn you to life in prison with no chance of parole!
Amber: What, life? That's too much!
Judge Blackwell: Your unrelenting behavior is too much Miss Goodwin, all rise!

Josiah: That was amazing, great job on this first case <Rank> <Name>!
Josiah: And glad we put that crazy woman away, who knows if she would've killed anyone else.
Josiah: Let's head back to the station, after all, we still have some people we have to introduce.

Three is Always a Crowd (1/6)

Annabel: Excellent work on your first case <Rank> <Name>!
Annabel: Hopefully you've gotten yourself acquainted with the team during the investigation.
Josiah: Almost, he met the lab workers, but he still has to meet the rest of the officers.
Annabel: Well, I don't see any reason why we should wait around. Let's introduce you to them.

Annabel: <Name>, I'd like to introduce you to some of our finest officers. You already met Patrolman Luke Garvey.
Luke: That he has ma'am!
Annabel: So let me introduce the others, first we have Officer Daisy Barber.
Daisy: Hi, I'm Daisy! Hope we get to work together!
Annabel: Next is Lieutenant Sonia Watson.
Sonia: And before you say anything, yes, my last name is the same as Sherlock Holmes's assistnat. Don't worry I get that a lot.
Annabel: Right, then we have Inspector Giovanni Moretti.
Giovanni: Benvenuto, <Rank> <Name>! Glad to have you onboard.
Annabel: Next we have Sergeant Zoya Onobanjo.
Zoya: Hello...
Annabel: Yeah, Zoya really isn't into talking much. And lastly, we have Captain Hunter Sandoval.
Hunter: So you're the new guy, I've heard good things about you kid, so I'll be keeping my eye on you.
Annabel: Hunter has been with us for 25 years, so he's no doubt one of our most experienced officers.
Hunter: Glad to know my work is appreciated Chief.
Annabel: Now with that done, we should...
Bentley: Excuse me, is <Rank> <Name> here?
Annabel: Yes, and who are you?
Sonia: Wait, isn't that Bentley Proctor?
Bentley: You... recognized me?
Sonia: How could I not, I love your work!
Annabel: Good, then you and <Rank> <Name> can see what this man wants.
Annabel: Also, I want you and Josiah to go to the market the victim worked, now that he's dead and his manager is in jail, we need to make sure there is no further damage to the store.
Sonia: Okay Chief, I'll see you when you want to talk to Bentley <Name>!

See what Bentley Proctor wants
Bentley: As glad as I am that you recognized me, I have an urgent matter.
Sonia: What's the matter?
Bentley: I recently sold an old painting of mine to a client, but I got word from them that the painting was a fake!
Sonia: A fake?
Bentley: I do not need this kind of slander ruining my name, I don't forge paintings!
Sonia: Uh oh, I think they're at it again.
Bentley: Wait, you know who's behind this?
Sonia: Maybe, we need to be sure. Do you know where the painting is?
Bentley: I got word from the client that they left it by the corner of Main Street.
Sonia: Okay, let's go have a look and get that painting.

Investigate Main Street
Sonia: Sheesh, looks like whoever received the painting wasn't very happy about it, they practically tore it to shreds.
Sonia: Hopefully you can piece it back together, we need to know who's responsible for this.

Examine Torn Painting
Sonia: Nice work, the painting is back together again.
Sonia: I can't tell if this painting is real or fake, but let's hope Victor has some answers.
Sonia: If the forger is who I think it is, we may have some serious trouble on our hands.

Analyze Painting
Victor: Glad you sent me this painting, it really does look well done.
Victor: But sadly, I have some news you will not want to hear.
Sonia: Wait, you don't mean...
Victor: I analyzed this painting, and I can say for certain that the X-ray did not detect any earlier paintings on this canvas. So I can say this is a forgery.
Victor: Plus, I've seen this very style before. As much as I hate to say it...
Victor: ...The Deadly Triange has struck again.
Sonia: Darn it, The Triangle just has to keep making trouble for us!
Sonia: Huh? You don't know who they are <Rank> <Name>?
Sonia: I'll have Chief Armstrong explain later, right now we need to tell Bentley about this!

Inform Bentley about the forged painting
Sonia: As much as I hate to say it Bentley, but the painting has been forged...
Sonia: And on top of that, you've been made a victim of The Deadly Triangle.
Bentley: What? Those miscreants have struck me too?
Bentley: *sigh* My life is already difficult as it is, I don't need some criminals making it worse!
Sonia: We're doing everything we can to stop the Triangle, you can count on that!
Bentley: Thank you very much. Good to know I have some people supporting me.
Bentley: Here, I have some spare smocks if you want to take them, consider it a gift.

Back at the station...
Sonia: I can't believe the Triangle would strike Bentley Proctor like that, what did he ever do to them?
Annabel: Wait, the Triangle struck again?
Sonia: Afraid so, one of Bentley's paintings was switched for a forged one. And Victor confirmed it was like the others.
Annabel: Just great, now we have to deal with those three again!
Annabel: Oh, you don't know what we mean <Rank> <Name>? Come into my office, I'll explain everything.

Learn about "The Deadly Triangle" from the Chief
Annabel: Since you're new, I'll go over what The Deadly Triangle is.
Annabel: The Deadly Triangle is a group of three criminals, who work together to cause havoc around the district.
Annabel: We've been trying to stop them, but they always get away from us.
Annabel: But we know about their specific M.O.s, each of the three has their own preferential crime.
Annabel: One prefers to forge artwork, like you just saw earlier.
Annabel: One deals with arson-related crimes.
Annabel: And the last one is a major robber, said to have ties to the black market.
Annabel: The market itself is a huge problem, but we have bigger issues to deal with.
Annabel: Speaking of the robber, I have a sneaking suspicion the robbery by the electronics store is their handiwork.
Annabel: Take Officer Barber over there and look into it, we need to be sure if the Triangle is involved here.

Investigate Electronics Store
Daisy: Oh boy, this is so exciting, I always loved chasing down bad guys!
Daisy: Hm, broken security camera? Oh, I know, maybe the thief was caught on tape?
Daisy: Let's get to fixing then!

Examine Broken Security Camera
Daisy: Nice work, the camera is fixed.
Daisy: Oh wait, I forgot the thief of the Triangle never shows up on here, dang it!
Daisy: But wait, they always leave a calling card on the scene, maybe its on there!
Daisy: Let's hope Marco can find it, otherwise we'll never know if the Triangle has any involvement!

Analyze Security Camera
Marco: Hola amigos! I had a look at that camera, and I gotta say, it ain't lookin' good.
Daisy: Was there any sign of the Triangle?
Marco: 'Fraid so, they vandalized one of the TV screens and left a message.
Marco: It said, "You can never catch The Deadly Triangle!"
Daisy: Oh no, the Chief's suspicions were right, the Triangle really was behind this!
Daisy: We better go let her know about it, thanks Marco!
Marco: Anytime, here, I have some funds we can use to start tracking those guys down, good luck!

Ask Troy about the store's condition
Josiah: Hello again Troy, are things going alright?
Troy: Well, our manager is in jail for killing the assistant manager, so yeah, things aren't so hot right now.
Troy: You not believe how mad the board of directors are at what happened.
Josiah: Well, if there's anything we can do to help...
Troy: Actually there is, I submitted an application for a promotion to manager, but I kinda lost it.
Troy: I know its somewhere around the store, mind helping me find it?
Josiah: Sure thing, let's have a look around.

Investigate Grocery Store
Josiah: That looks like an application for the manager position alright.
Josiah: But I can't see the name properly, whether or not this is Troy's I can't say.
Josiah: To be safe, let's decipher the name on this, hopefully it is Troy's.

Examine Application
Josiah: The name reads Troy Wilcox, so this is Troy's, no doubt about it.
Josiah: Let's give this back to him, I'm sure he's super worried about this.

Give Troy his application back
Josiah: Here you are Troy, <Name> found your application!
Troy: Nice, and everything's in place!
Josiah: Hope you get job Troy, and try not to let the power go to your head.
Troy: Trust me, I'm not gonna make the same mistakes as Amber did. Thanks a lot for your help.
Troy: Here, have something from the store, no charge.

Later that day...
Annabel: I'm glad to hear your report from the grocery store went well, it seems as though they'll be able to make a recovery in due time.
Annabel: Though I can't be too glad considering the Triangle has struck again... twice!
Daisy: Exactly, first they tried to rip off poor Mr. Proctor...
Daisy: ...And then we found out they robbed the electronics store downtown.
Josiah: These guys seriously need to be put to a stop, they've been causing too much trouble for everyone and...
Josiah: Wait, hold on a second, that's only two of them.
Daisy: Yeah?
Josiah: Oh shoot, I forgot, they always strike close together. First the thief, then the forger.
Daisy: Then that means...
Luke: Guys, we have trouble!
Luke: The Triangle struck again, they set fire to one of the factories on the edge of the district!

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