Ancient Stab
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Pharaoh's Den
Case # 26
Initial release date 16.1.2020
Partner(s) Elena Yellowstone
Case chronology
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(in White Highlands)
The Final Frontier

Ancient Stab is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-sixth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the fifty-sixth case overall. It's also the first one to take place in Pharaoh's Den district.


7 days after the events in White Highlands, the team arrived to Pharaoh's Den to find Yahatu Goddess' grave and to finally uncurse the Yahatu village. Elena, still sad over Avery's death, invited the player for a walk to clear her mind a bit. However, as they were passing by an archaeological dig, they got approached by museum curator Christopher Blackhawk, who told them that he found a dead body and that they have to see it quickly. Confused, Elena and player went to the storage room with Christopher, only to see a dead body of egyptologist Lisamund Metcalf, who was stabbed in the abdomen with her eyes glowing pink. Worried that the whole glowing eyes situation might have something to do with Esme Laverne's sibling, Elena and player investigated the scene and found enough clues to suspect victim's son DeShawn Metcalf, Christopher himself, and catburglar Colleen Reynolds. After returning back to others and informing them of the unsettling murder, Autumn approached the duo, saying how the security cameras caught Salvador Price sneaking inside of the storage room.

Elena and player then went to confront Salvador, who denied commiting the murder and said that he simply sneaked inside because he forgot his phone inside. After questioning Salvador, the team investigated victim's house and found enough clues to suspect environmental activist Imogen Shepherd as well. Later on, the team discovered that DeShawn disliked Lisamund because she didn't care for him at all, especially since she was pregnant with him back when she was a teenager, and that she tried to get Christopher fired multiple times. After returning to the main crime scene, Autumn told them that someone broke into victim's house.

The duo then investigated victim's house and found Colleen inside. Elena and player then confronted her for breaking in, making Colleen sigh and reveal that she and Lisamund were roommates, but Lisamund changed the locks on the door after a minor argument. After taking care of Colleen, the team decided to investigate the university entrance and discovered that Lisamund stole artifacts from Salvador, and that she faked photos of Imogen being environmentally unfriendly. After getting two last clues from the storage room CCTV camera, the duo discovered that none of the suspects matches every evidence.

Confused by the situation, Elena and player returned to the storage room to see if there could be more clues about Lisamund's murder. Deep in thought, Elena picked up the murder weapon from the table, only to get jumpscared by a ghost of ancient queen Cleopatra. Terrified, Elena and player backed away and tried to calm down the vengeful spirit. Right then, Parker stormed inside to see what's going on, only for Cleopatra to lunge at him and possess him. Now finally being able to talk through Parker, Cleopatra grabbed the dagger and told them to stay away or they could end up the same way as Lisamund. Shocked and horrified by the entire thing, Elena asked Cleopatra what happend, making Cleopatra say that Lisamund summoned her back on earth using the artifacts that she stole from Salvador Price. Angered Cleopatra said that Lisamund was playing with fire and that, no matter what she tried, she couldn't return back to afterworld after Lisamund summoned her spirit. Enraged and frustrated, Cleopatra possessed Lisamund and stabbed herself in the stomach while in Lisamund's body. Cleopatra then grabbed the dagger and ran away, threatening to slit Parker's throat.

Horrified, Elena and player immediately told everyone what happened to Parker. Sightly annoyed by Parker always getting in trouble, Clint rolled his eyes and said that Ben Dover, the occult expert they've met previousy, could be able to help them rescue Parker. Elena and player then went to speak with Ben, who told them that they need to restrain Parker and perform and exorcism, but first they need to find an item dear to Cleopatra's heart to help her pass to afterlife. After searching the storage room, the team found Cleopatra's jewerly before meeting up with Ben to perform an exorcism. The trio then found Parker destroying Lisamund's house, where Elena was successfully able to grab him from behind and hold him still while Ben performed the exorcism, driving Cleopatra's ghost away from Parker's body. After freeing Parker, Elena gave Cleopatra her jewerly that helped her to pass to afterlife. Exhausted Parker then thanked Ben for rescuing him and told Elena that they should return back to others to finally Yahatu Goddess' tomb and bury the crystals there, making Ben warn them that it's not going to be so easy. When asked to explain, Ben told them that, after leaving Rosa's cult, he began stalking other cult members for more information. Through his investigations, Ben discovered that followers of Esme's sibing (such as Lori and Grayson) recently planted explosives in the tomb, threatening to blow it up and prevent the team and Rosa's cult from ever getting there. Ben sighed and said that Esme's sibling will try to do everything to prevent them from getting to Yahatu village. Elena thanked Ben for the info, but told him that they still have to find Yahatu village and make sure that Esme's sibling doesn't do any damage like Esme did. After Ben had left, Elena and player investigated the storage room and managed to find Lisamund's notes on Yahatu Goddess' grave. The duo then send it to Rudy, who told them that he's gonna need some time to locate the tomb and find a safe entrance there, knowing that Lori's accomplices are going to blow it up.

Meanwhile, nervous Caroline Cummings approached the player and chief Clint, asking them for help. When asked what's wrong, Caroline sighed and said that, while walking around the town, she ran into her childhood friend Iliana Mays, who only knew Caroline before she came out and before her gender-affirming surgery, faiing to recognize her. Nervously scratching her neck, Caroline said that she really wants to reconnect with Iliana, but is scared of her reaction. Clint then reassured Caroline that, if even Iliana's reaction is negative, nothing will change their view on her and that she'll always be a strong and brave young woman to them, making tearful Caroline smile. Wanting to find Iliana, Caroline and player investigated the university steps and found a torn paper near Iliana's forgotten bag. After Autumn analyzed them, she located Iliana in the nearby restaurant. Caroline, Clint and player then arrived to the restaurant where Iliana was having lunch. Nervous Caroline then approached Iliana and re-introduced herself to her, much to Iliana's surprise. Few seconds later, Iliana instantly recognized Caroline and jumped to hug her, saying how she didn't even know if she was gonna see her again. Happy that two friends reunited, Clint and player decided to leave them alone for a while.

After all of these events, Elena told everyone that worshippers of Esme's sibling are going to blow up the entire tomb and that every hope of rescuing the village is gone. Caroline, who returned back from her lunch with Iliana, suggested that Rudy or Autumn could try to locate the tomb, but Rudy said that, even if he does do that, they could get killed in the explosion. Rubbing his chin, Clint said that they need to find another entrance to the tomb before Autumn came in, saying that she found the location of the tomb...



Murder Weapon:

  • Cleopatra's Dagger




Killer's Profile

  • The killer is left-handed.
  • The killer smokes hookah.
  • The killer drinks IPA.
  • The killer wears a scarab brooch.
  • The killer wears turquoise eyeshadow.

Crime Scenes

Storage Room Sarcophagus Storage Room Bonus
Victim's House Pyramid Statue Victim's House Bonus
University Entrance University Steps University Entrance Bonus
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