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Diana Hudgen: Is everything ready, <Rank> <Name>? You need to leave to reach Diomede Kane's ship in five minutes!
Brant Alfaro: Remember that I've already contacted someone from Diomede Kane who is waiting for you, <Name>. The guy's name is John Siffore, he's a mechanical engineer.
Brant: Due to the upcoming storm, their ship is temporarily anchored in a floating base which is like... 5 miles away from our coast. If the storm doesn't draw back in twenty minutes...
Brant: Diomede Kane's ship will return to the dock it came from. Therefore, we can't waste more time!
Diana: Brant is right, you need to leave NOW. Remember that our country's safety is always first, make them give the machine to the Resistance by any means!
Diana: I thought that maybe you should go with Kaitlyn this time. Thom gets sick in the sea according to his medical records...
Kaitlyn Ahrens: Let's go now, <Name>! We need to have a chat with Mr Siffore before we lose track of the ship or the storm destroys it.

Near the sea base...

Kaitlyn: Wow, that ship is gigantic! It must be the one, <Name>, I can read the words "Diomede Kane" from here. Let's leave our boat at the base too, we've got some rope here so that the storm doesn't blow it away.
Kaitlyn: Wait, isn't that... Oh my God, what is that girl doing on the base?! There is a storm coming, she must be really cold there! Let's help her-
Kaitlyn: Oh, don't tell me she's actually dead, <Name>... The last thing we needed was another investigation. However, Diomede Kane's ship is the only one around here.
Kaitlyn: If someone killed her, this case must be related to the company! Let's start investigating!

Chapter 1

Investigate Floating sea base
Kaitlyn: I'm sorry for this woman, she's already dead... She had her ID in her pocket, and her name seems to be Isabelle Guanesse. I definitely don't know who she is.
Kaitlyn: Her head has been bashed and there is a bloodstained stepladder next to her. Did the killer hit her with it? In any case, we should examine it and see what we find.
Kaitlyn: I'm afraid that the ship won't be able to leave the base, <Name>. There is a murder investigation and Diomede Kane is now involved in it.
Kaitlyn: Let's look for our contact as well, don't forget it! John Siffore must be somewhere in that enormous cargo ship.

Autopsy the victim's body
Jessica Gillian: Another murder, <Name>! We've been quite busy these days, can't killers stop this madness already? I want to take a break.
Kaitlyn: Jessica, don't you think that the victims you've been autopsying had it a bit worse than us?
Jessica: Why? They don't suffer anymore, they're just dead. Just like this girl, Isabelle. I guess she must be somehow related to Diomede Kane and the machine we want to buy.
Jessica: That machine works with electromagnetic radiation and her body organs have been heavily exposed to radiactivity. Gamma rays are very harmful, you know? Take a look at her liver.
Kaitlyn: Jessica! Why would you show us the liver of a dead person?!
Jessica: You want to see the liver of a living one? Well, all in all, we can say that the killer dropped or threw a heavy object at her, leaving in the process traces of these things...
Jessica: Titanium dioxide, water, citric acid, salt, vinegar, extract of solanum lycopersicum... In other words, ketchup! Only on the victim's wounds, not her stomach, not her hands or mouth...
Kaitlyn: It's crystal clear, <Name>, the killer ate some ketchup before murdering Isabelle with cold blood. One more clue on our way to arrest them!

Examine Stepladder
Kaitlyn: Those brown bits are so small, I couldn't even see them until you collected them! It looks like some kind of powder, but what is it?
Kaitlyn: Ok, we can't lose time when we need to find the killer quickly. We'll send this to the lab!

Analyze Brown dust
Clarissa Duque: This was exhausting, <Name>! The hardest analysis I've had in years. Let me tell you, this brown dust is just bits of the paint that covers the stepladder, as well as tiny bits of wood.
Clarissa: After finding a few scratches in the stepladder, I looked for cells and saw that in fact someone did it with their nails.
Kaitlyn: Why would somebody scratch a stepladder?
Clarissa: Out of nervousness, by mistake, I don't know. Maybe Denyse can tell you more about it if you ask her.
Clarissa: The thing is, I had a chat with Jessica about this and I can confirm that the stepladder is the murder weapon. With another analysis, I saw that the stepladder-scratcher is in fact the killer.
Clarissa: There's a pattern in the way this has been scratched, that leaves place for only one hypothesis. Look at the shape their nails have according to this model.
Kaitlyn: Ah, that looks like Axcel's nails, he's biting them all the time!
Clarissa: Exactly! You're looking for a killer who bites their nails.
Kaitlyn: Well, they'll definitely start biting them when we arrest them, <Name>.

Contact John Siffore
Kaitlyn: Mr Siffore, we're Detective Kaitlyn and <Rank> <Name>. We had an appointment with you to talk about the storm control machine.
John Siffore: Well, you're late for your appointment. I guess I can make myself some time to discuss the deal with you.
Kaitlyn: Unfortunately, we'll have to talk about the machine later. Right now there is a cold-blooded murderer around here and we have to protect the base AND the machine.
Kaitlyn: This woman called Isabelle Guanesse has been killed here. Do you know her?
John: Guanesse? Yeah, she is one of Diomede Kane's technicians! And the only female one we have. I can't believe someone killed her!
John: I'm afraid I can't help you, I never talked to her about anything that was not our job. However, I can take you to the room in the ship where she worked, if you promise not to touch anything.
Kaitlyn: Only the things that we consider to be evidences. Let's go, Mr Siffore.

Investigate Machines cargo room
Kaitlyn: Wow, <Name>, I'm amused! These machines look like they come from a future-themed park, or a Galaxy Battles movie.
Kaitlyn: Fine, we told Siffore we wouldn't touch the machines so let's focus on our clues. This torn paper does not look like a machine at all, so let's restore it. I don't think he minds.
Kaitlyn: And then this pink purse does not look related to Diomede Kane either. Well, it won't matter if we try to open this lock, right? It's just taking a quick peek...

Examine Torn paper
Kaitlyn: There are some drawings on this paper but it's not enough to make head or tails of it. The rest is all faded, <Name>. Is it really worth spending our time with this?
Kaitlyn: Ok, I'll bring you the carbon powder to recover the rest of the writing.

Examine Faded paper
Kaitlyn: Wow, this draft is huge! It's about a machine but I can't understand very well what it does. It has some drawings of molecules here and a lot of mechanic pieces. So confusing.
Kaitlyn: I wonder who we should give this to... Brant, maybe?

Analyze Machine draft
Brant Alfaro: Bonjour, <Name> and Kaitlyn! What you've brought me here is something definitely great! This machine is used to make some really cool predictions.
Brant: And I mean predictions about what an antidote should be like once you input a sample of the virus, venom, or whatever you need an antidote for.
Kaitlyn: It seems Diomede Kane makes really cool machines, don't you think?
Brant: Of course I do. Don't you think this should help us with the epidemic that has spread all over this area? That's why I got hyped.
Brant: I ran this handwriting through Diomede Kane's database and with a bit of Denyse's help we found the person who is designing this excellent machine. This is her name and a photo of her.
Kaitlyn: Rose Tennessee, I'll remember it! Besides asking her about Isabelle, we need to make her help us with the epidemic. She must be in the ship too, so let's go!

Talk to Rose Tennessee about her machine
Kaitlyn: Miss Tennesee, are you the one who designed the antidote prediction machine?
Rose Tennesee: Mistress Tennesee, please. In fact, the machine's name is more complicated but... yes, I'm the one who came up with the idea.
Kaitlyn: Have you heard about the epidemic spreading in Nefarion? We need the machine to help the population.
Rose: Of course that the idea I had in mind was helping people with my machine, but Diomede Kane does not work that way. The machine hasn't been tested yet anyway.
Rose: If you want the company's services, you need to pay. It's the same with the storm control machine you came here for. We only work for people who pay us to do so.
Kaitlyn: Isn't there any exception you can make? The lives of the people in Nefarion are in danger! We can't afford making deals with your company when they're dying!
Rose: I'm sorry, I'm just a genetics engineer, I'm not the CEO. I'll see what I can do anyway.
Rose: I've already heard about Isabelle's murder, so if you need to stay safe from the killer or from the epidemic, we can let you hide in our ship if you want.

Examine Lock
Kaitlyn: You did it! Great, now let's see what we can find inside this posh purse. I'm sure it's not related to these gray and blue machines.

Examine Pink purse
Kaitlyn: This driver's license... It's Andrea Orian! Isn't she the actress? The Chief told me about all the times she stumbled upon our investigations.
Kaitlyn: And now she appears in this ship of Diomede Kane. <Name>, that woman is really suspicious! What if she's somehow related to the enemy's plans? She freaks me out.
Kaitlyn: In any case, she might be still in the ship. Let's find her!

See what Andrea Orian has to do with Diomede Kane
Andrea Orian: <Rank> <Name>?! Again?! What are you doing in this ship?!
Kaitlyn: We're just doing our job, so we have an excuse. You, Miss Orian, are an actress. What are YOU doing in such a place?
Andrea: I'm taking a short vacation and all cruises were overbooked. I found this cargo ship and it was very cheap so I decided to come here. It's even better than those touristic cruises!
Andrea: Everybody's working, nobody bothers you, all people here are professionals and not single old women. Isn't it lovely?
Kaitlyn: No. You are always near trouble, Miss Orian. There's been a murder here and we won't let you get away with your innocence this time. We're watching you.

A bit later...

Kaitlyn: What a shame, <Name>... We need to stop the storm AND the epidemic but all that this company cares about is money! I hope Rose can help us save Nefarion from both threats.
Kaitlyn: She seems more eager to help that John Siffore. They're so cold though... A technician from their company has just been murdered and they don't seem to care! Poor Isabelle.
Kaitlyn: And Andrea Orian being here... I don't like this, <Name>! She always ends up in the middle of everything. What can we do?
Kaitlyn: Hey... Can you hear that? Someone is shouting.
Voice: Heeeeeey!!!!
Kaitlyn: There it is again! Who's there? HEEEEEEY, WHERE ARE YOU?!
Kaitlyn: Oh, there they are! There are a man and a woman on Diomede Kane's ship! Who are they? Why are they calling us?
Voice: Help us!!!! We're trapped here!!!!
Kaitlyn: Trapped?! <Name>, let's go, we need to help those two!

Chapter 2

Kaitlyn: Look, <Name>! Those two people on the ship are asking for help! We need to see what their emergency is. Let's go!

Kaitlyn: Here you are! Is everything fine? What happened?
Alden Santiago: Thank God you're here! That stupid technician closed the automatic-lock door behind us! My wife and I have been locked here for hours.
Kaitlyn: Technician? You don't mean Isabelle Guanesse, right?
Hannah Santiago: Of course it's her, she's the least intelligent person we've ever met... Thanks very much for letting us-
Kaitlyn: We're not letting you go anywhere, Isabelle was murdered! And if you had contact with her in the past few hours, you are part of the investigation. Come here, the two of you.

Interrogate Mr and Mrs Santiago about the victim
Kaitlyn: Could you please tell us your names?
Hannah: I'm Hannah Santiago and this is my husband, Alden Santiago. Who are YOU?
Kaitlyn: We're investigating Isabelle's murder, madam. Tell us, why are you on board of this ship? Are you part of Diomede Kane's crew?
Alden: No, we're their customers. We are going to buy a machine but we need it urgently so we can't for the ship to release its anchors at the shore. They made us come to their cargo ship.
Hannah: Yeah, that's true. Unfortunately, they made us contact Isabelle and we haven't been able to come to an agreement because of her capricious attitude!
Kaitlyn: What machine are you going to buy?
Hannah: An electromagnetic radiations machine, we're going to use it to stop the storm front heading towards our fields. We can't go to bankruptcy because of a hurricane.
Kaitlyn: No way, we were about to buy it too! Well, if you have the money to do it and the storm will be stopped anyways, I guess we can let you have it.
Alden: Can we go now, lady? We've been eating the content of this ketchup bottle for hours waiting to be set free.

Kaitlyn: We're lucky to have the Santiagos here, <Name>. They must have more money to buy the machine than us. If they manage to buy it, they'll stop the storm for us!
Kaitlyn: However, this deck where they were trapped... If they were here, they could've easily dropped the stepladder on the spot where Isabelle was when we found her! They also seem to hate her.
Kaitlyn: Those two are suspicious, <Name>! Why don't we take a look around this place and try to see what they are hiding?

Investigate Ship dining deck
Kaitlyn: What is this used napkin doing here, <Name>? There's literally a trash bin around every corner in this ship. It even has traces of cheese and ketchup all over it.
Kaitlyn: Ketchup? <Name>, this may belong to the killer! We know they eat ketchup and we also know that they could perfectly kill Isabelle from this place. Let's use our vacuum to collect a sample.
Kaitlyn: Then we should also take a look at that note you found there. It says "Isabelle, remember our deal, please". Suspicious, huh?
Kaitlyn: I'm sure our database should help us find out who wrote it.

Examine Used napkin
Kaitlyn: Argh, I hate the vacuum cleaner's sound. Well, now that we have this sample, why don't we send it to Clarissa? She'll tell us who's been eating here.

Analyze Food residues
Clarissa: This was a bit easier, guys. These residues must come from a hot dog or something similar, but surely something with ketchup. I looked for skin cells and saliva.
Clarissa: And here they are! After taking a look at Diomede Kane's database, I can tell you that this DNA profile matches only one of the ship's crew members, and this is her.
Kaitlyn: Jane Parsons, huh? Is she a technician like the victim as well?
Clarissa: No, she's a supervisor. Maybe she was Isabelle's boss or something similar.
Kaitlyn: In any case, the place where she ate the hot dog may have been used to commit the murder, so we need to find this woman, <Name>!

See who Jane Parsons is
Kaitlyn: Miss Parsons, do you know who Isabelle Guanesse is?
Jane: Guanesse? Technician number 476, right? She's in this ship, if I'm not mistaken.
Kaitlyn: Well, today Isabelle is more than just a number in your employee database. She's also a murder victim. You have one less technician now.
Jane: Murder, in this ship? This is incredibly weird. Aren't you sure it wasn't an accident? Being a technician entails risky tasks, so I'd say it was that.
Kaitlyn: No, somebody threw a stepladder at her, probably from the dining deck. We know you ate a hot dog with ketchup there. Say, doesn't the killer eat ketchup, <Name>?
Jane: Darling, I'm too busy with my job to kill people. It's a shame that Guanesse is dead, but what can I do about it? I'm just here to give my best to the company.

Examine Note
Kaitlyn: This is impossible, <Name>. That note was written by Andrea Orian! What kind of deal could an actress and a technician make? I knew she was lying to us!
Kaitlyn: Now we have more proof about this. We need to make her confess everything and now!

Confront Andrea Orian about her deal with the victim
Andrea: You're here one more time... What do you need now?
Kaitlyn: You're not here on board of this ship to go on holidays, Andrea. You made a deal with Isabelle Guanesse, the murder victim-
Andrea: MURDER?! You mean someone killed Isabelle? My God, I knew that you had to be in this ship because of a murder...
Kaitlyn: Aren't you going to confess? We know that you're part of an evil scheme, Andrea!
Andrea: Don't be so stupid! We made a deal because I want to buy a machine from Diomede Kane and I needed to make sure they didn't sell it to anybody else.
Kaitlyn: And what kind of machine do you exactly want?
Andrea: It's a shape replicator, I'm just planning to use it to make props for my movies more easily! You just put a sword in the machine and you get the final product.
Andrea: It's like a prototype of the sword. That way, we can make things more realistic without wasting so much... You don't care about it, do you?
Kaitlyn: We don't. We just want you to stay away from our investigations if you really want to prove that you're innocent.
Andrea: It's not like I need to prove anything to you...

Minutes later...

Kaitlyn: Ok, we need to think. We know now that Isabelle was about to make deals with Andrea Orian and also with the Santiagos. It's not actually interesting at all...
Kaitlyn: Except for the fact that she wanted to sell the Santiagos the same machine that John Siffore wanted to sell to us. They'll probably offer them more money than us.
Kaitlyn: But it's ok if they'll use it to stop the storm, right? It's the same thing we want to do.
Kaitlyn: We've also met Isabelle's supervisor... And we have no new clues. What can we do? Maybe we can check the machines room again, don't you think? Isabelle worked there.
Kaitlyn: Yeah, let's go now!

Investigate Assembly line
Kaitlyn: Hmph, that heap of garbage looks like it might be interesting. Let's see if we can find something useful among those machine pieces.
Kaitlyn: There's also a faded paper sheet over here. The heading is still legible and it says "Scientific report - Nefarion Biology Gazette". I wonder if we'll get a clue after revealing the words on it.

Examine Heap of garbage
Kaitlyn: Are those... nails? Well, we know the killer bites their nails but this... is just disgusting.
Kaitlyn: We should examine them under a microscope since these might be related to the murder of Isabelle.

Examine Nails
Kaitlyn: Titanium dioxide, citric acid, salt... Hm, I remember these words. Isn't this ketchup? Jessica told us about this in the autopsy results. This is ketchup!
Kaitlyn: Ketchup and bitten nails, this screams "killer"! Let's send these nails to Clarissa and see what we get, <Name>.

Analyze Nails
Clarissa: Nice catch, guys! These nails had ketchup on them but that's not all. Under them, I saw traces of the wood and paint from the stepladder used as the murder weapon.
Kaitlyn: So these are the nails that the killer bit off, right?
Clarissa: Yeah, that's... exactly what I'm trying to say. I looked for more clues so that I could give you more pieces of evidence to arrest the killer and I found this, listen.
Clarissa: On the nails I found traces of hangnails, so it'd seem that the killer bit those as well. I examined them very closely.
Clarissa: And so I saw components whose names are excessively boring, even to me. The thing is that the killer had skin lotion on their fingers.
Kaitlyn: That makes sense, I heard that using too much cream or lotion can lead to formation of hangnails. Well, it's good to know that the killer takes care of their skin!

Examine Faded report
Kaitlyn: Let's read now. This scientific report talks about some kind of virus that has been spreading around Nefarion recently- Wait, it must be the one that caused the epidemic!
Kaitlyn: That has me worried, <Name>. Viruses can't be killed, or something like that was what Jessica said once. What can we do with this report?
Kaitlyn: Rose's machine! If Rose knows what the virus is like, she might help us! It's a shame that we don't have money, but I'm sure she'll try to help us in some other way.

Ask Rose Tennessee if she can help stop the epidemic
Rose: Hello again, guys. Do you want a turkey and ketchup sandwich? I got these from the buffet, they are delicious.
Kaitlyn: No, we're okay. Just don't hold onto the sandwich so tight or your fingernails will get dirty.
Rose: I bite my nails anyway so they dirt will come off either way.
Kaitlyn: Well, we're here to tell you that we found a report about the virus that has been causing the epidemic in Nefarion. Do you think that your machine can help us stop it?
Rose: The machine will only work if I input a sample of said virus. I can't show it a report and make it read it. However, I am able to read unlike the machine. Give me that thing.
Rose: Hm, I guess that if I find some kind of cure or treatment, I shouldn't charge you since it's not part of Diomede Kane's services. Give me a few days and I will find a way out.
Kaitlyn: DAYS?! We don't have a few days, Rose! It's already late now!
Rose: Take it or leave it. It's waiting a few days or waiting forever and letting Nefarion die. I'm just a person, I can't invent an antidote instantly, ok?

A while later...

Kaitlyn: Phew, what a relief. We can get more relaxed now that Rose will be trying to help us cure the disease spreading all over Nefarion.
Kaitlyn: We don't even need to buy the machine we came here for! The Santiagos will stop the hurricane on their own, everything is falling into place!!!
Kaitlyn: Ah, well, if only someone hadn't decided to throw a stepladder at Isabelle at the floating base... We'd be really relaxed without having to investigate this murder.
Kaitlyn: I'm still bothered by Andrea's presence in this ship, and I can't believe Isabelle's supervisor didn't bat an eyelash when she heard that woman had been murdered.
Kaitlyn: Ok, and now my phone is ringing... Let's see. Ah, it's Brant. Hey, Br-
Kaitlyn: Don't worry, Brant! They also want it to stop the storm, so it's actually better for us if we have them buy it.
Brant: You've got it all wrong, I've seen where their fields are located in a map. If the hurricane is successfully created, their fortune will be destroyed.
Brant: But with the current front storm The Enemy has created, if they use the machine there, the hurricane will reflect back and destroy Nefarion before running through the whole continent!

Chapter 3

Kaitlyn: Brant?! What do you mean?!
Brant: You have to trust me, I'm telling you the truth! Don't let the Santiagos buy the machine because they won't be able to stop the storm from their fields' location!
Brant: Our luckiest possibility is just try to destroy it and have it go back into the sea until other storms eventually take care of it.
Kaitlyn: Will the Santiagos' fields be damaged if we do that?
Brant: I can't tell for sure but it's possible, yes.
Kaitlyn: Whoops, we're in trouble now. Thanks for letting us now, Brant! We'll try to convince those two!

Tell Mr and Mrs Santiago not to buy the machine
Alden: What do you want now? We told you we know nothing about Isabelle.
Kaitlyn: That's not the big deal now, there is something worse to think about now. Mr and Mrs Santiago, you CAN'T buy that machine, please, don't do it.
Hannah: What? Are you crazy? Do you want us to become poor or something?
Kaitlyn: The machine will only keep the hurricane away from your fields but it will enter the continent anyway and destroy Nefarion entirely!
Alden: And why should we do as you say? How can we know that's true? How can we know you're not other agronomic producers who want to destroy us?
Kaitlyn: We're trying to save Nefarion, Mr Santiago. We don't care about your fields particularly. If we manage to destroy the storm front succesfully, your fields will probably save themselves.
Hannah: You're basing all of this on a "manage" and a "probably"? We can't risk ourselves for your chances!
Kaitlyn: We're not asking you for a favor, we're literally telling you NOT to buy it. Please think about it.

Kaitlyn: I can't believe the Santiagos don't care about the rest of the country, argh! It makes me mad to think I'd assumed the problem was solved with them and now we need to stop them.
Kaitlyn: At least the epidemic's cure is on its way. What can we do now, <Name>?
Kaitlyn: You're right, talking to the Santiagos is useless and we can't hurry Rose up. The only thing we can do is just look for the killer!
Kaitlyn: Let's try our luck one more time at the dining deck, ok?

Investigate Dinner tables
Kaitlyn: Hm, I don't see any pieces of evidence. What about you, <Name>? A lunch box?
Kaitlyn: Well, you're right, it has Diomede Kane's logo on it but I don't think the sandwich in it can help us find a murderer. Will you unlock it anyway?
Kaitlyn: Well, let's hope there's something cool inside. Then we have a blanket over here which I find as plain as the lunch box.
Kaitlyn: Oh wait, it has a blood stain! This is what I'm here for, let's take a sample!

Examine Lunch box
Kaitlyn: You unlocked it perfectly! There was not a sandwich inside as I thought but a torn page instead. I wonder why someone would put it in their lunch box.
Kaitlyn: Well, they definitely wanted to hide it. This ship has far more secrets than we think and the only way to find them out is by restoring this paper, <Name>!

Examine Torn page
Kaitlyn: This graph doesn't look interesting but I think it's related to storms. This is what they show in the weather forecast on TV, right?
Kaitlyn: STORMS?! Aha, this must be related to the upcoming hurricane! I'll send this to Brant and maybe he'll know what this means.

Analyze Storm graph
Brant: I've seen this pattern in the last weeks many times, mon ami! This is the hurricane that The Enemy created, it is a graph of the current situation we're in.
Brant: Nothing new here, this graph shows the information I already knew. However, a few codes on this sheet allowed me to see who's the one in Diomede Kane that accessed this information.
Kaitlyn: I don't know why Diomede Kane would be interested in the hurricane.
Brant: Well, first of all because the first storm front is approaching that cargo ship. Tomorrow afternoon, that floating sea base will be hit by a heavy storm.
Brant: But there might be more to it than what meets our eyes, <Name>. These codes told me that the one who requested and printed out this info is in fact our contact, Mr Siffore.
Kaitlyn: Siffore? He has access to info about The Enemy's plan! Andrea Orian is also there, hm... Let's see what John can tell us about this, <Name>.

Quiz John Siffore over the storm
John: What happened with Isabelle, <Rank> <Name>? Did her killer confess?
Kaitlyn: We'll leave Isabelle aside for a while, Mr Siffore. Can you explain to us what this graph means?
John: It's the hurricane that's coming, don't you know? Look, the first storm front is this line over here. This small dot is the base we're at right now.
John: If the hurricane keeps spinning this way, that storm front will hit the base tomorrow. Taking into account the ship and the hurricane's speed, I can tell you that...
John: The ship and its crew will die if we don't leave this place by midnight. I've already packed all of my skin lotions and as much food as I could, including mayo, ketchup, and mustard.
Kaitlyn: Really?! Oh my God, that's terrible! Have you told the rest about that? This ship can't sink, there are clues about Isabelle's murder here.
John: People here hardly ever listen, I'm trying to do as much as I can. Can't you see how nervous I am? I've bitten all of my nails, I'll start with my toenails in any moment!

Examine Stained blanket
Kaitlyn: Superb, <Name>! Now that we have a sample of the blood, let's examine it with our microscopes.

Examine Blood
Kaitlyn: <Name>, this is Isabelle's blood! How did her blood reach a blanket in the dining deck? It's really suspicious! Unless the killer wiped some blood off from somewhere and then left it at the deck, don't you think? But how can we know who this blanket belongs to?
Kaitlyn: Well, if this is related to the murder, Jessica will find out in no time what the truth behind it is.

Analyze Bloodstained blanket
Jessica: This was very weird at first, <Name>. I was sure Isabelle had no wounds that could have caused such a bleedout. What killed her was mainly the blunt force trauma.
Jessica: However, I noticed something else later. Isabelle died on her period.
Kaitlyn: So you're telling us that the blood on the blanket comes from the victim's... choo-choo?
Jessica: That's what I'm saying, I was sure after I analyzed the blood more precisely. What I don't know is why her period's blood is on a blanket.
Jessica: Maybe Jane Parsons can tell you. I found her skin cells on the blanket as well as her hair, I'd say it belongs to her.
Kaitlyn: This is starting to get disgusting, <Name>. I'm sure Jane must have a sensible explanation for this nonsense.

Question Jane Parsons about her blanket
Kaitlyn: Miss Parsons, does this blanket belong to you?
Jane: Don't touch it, that blood is... It's from Guanesse! My God, the first I saw it I thought it was ketchup from my lunch.
Kaitlyn: Yes, and we saw that this blood is from her period. How did it reach a blanket of yours, Jane? I hope that there's actually a good reason for it...
Jane: She thought we were friends here, but we're actually coworkers. She thought we had confidence and trust here but we're only here because it's our job!
Jane: She asked me if she could sleep in my room because hers was all messed up and it was really late. I told her it was ok because I needed to stay filling reports overnight.
Jane: I just told her not to touch my skin lotions, anyway, mine are not as high-quality as Mrs Tennessee's ones. However, the thing is that she slept in my room.
Jane: She hadn't mentioned she was on her period and she bled through her clothes, she stained the blanket I sleep under! It was so disgusting! I couldn't stop biting my nails for days.
Jane: She said she'd eventually clean it but she left it at the deck and never cleaned anything.
Kaitlyn: We understand but I just hope that you didn't kill her because of a blanket...

Some minutes after that...

Kaitlyn: We don't have much info about Isabelle and the killer is still laughing at us out there, <Name>... At least we have them trapped in this sea base.
Kaitlyn: I'm really worried by the storm. It will start hitting this base tomorrow and the big hurricane can only be stopped if we buy the machine before the Santiagos do it.
Kaitlyn: What can we do? We can't lose more time!
Kaitlyn: You're right, maybe they can save the ship from the storm but the base can't be moved from here. Let's look for clues there before it's too late!

Investigate Base platform
Kaitlyn: I can't find anything in this base and judging by your expression, it seems that you couldn't either. What a disappointment.
Kaitlyn: Oh, you saw a fishing net? Well, maybe some evidence got tangled around here. Shall we look through this thing, <Name>?

Examine Fishing net
Kaitlyn: My God, your intuition never fails, <Name>! There is a nail here, and even though it doesn't smell like ketchup, maybe it comes from the killer! Nice catch.
Kaitlyn: We have to use our vacuum very precisely to see if we find evidences on this nail, I'll help you do it!

Examine Fingernail
Kaitlyn: There was some dust on the nail, what could this possibly be? Do you think that the microscope can help us identify this comparing it to other pieces of evidence?
Kaitlyn: Cool, this might be the clue we'd been missing this whole time!

Examine Unknown dust
Kaitlyn: This was some sawdust and brown paint, haha! This is from the stepladder that the killer scratched and tightly gripped! Very well done, we have to give this nail to Clarissa.
Kaitlyn: I hope she can give us results before midnight when the ship leaves the base!

Analyze Fingernail
Clarissa: Guys, you won't believe what I found under the nail! Traces of skin lotion and hair cells. On the other hand, it matches the nails you found before.
Kaitlyn: So this is one of the killer's nails!
Clarissa: Exactly, and those hair cells gave me a partial DNA profile but it was enough to determine two very important things. Listen.
Clarissa: I can tell you with no doubt that the killer is a female and that they have blond hair!
Kaitlyn: This blond female won't stay free for much! We need to arrest the killer as soon as possible!

Arrest killer
Kaitlyn: Jane Parsons, you are under arrest for the murder of Isabelle Guanesse, one of the employees you were supposed to supervise and not kill!
Jane: Why would I kill her, girl? I barely knew her! Do you think it's because of the blanket?!
Kaitlyn: Don't play innocent, Jane! We found the stepladder you threw at her and it has scratches from bitten nails. You bite your nails a lot, don't you?
Kaitlyn: You also left traces on your ketchup on the stepladder and after you spat your bitten nails out, you left traces of your cheap skin lotion!
Jane: Well, sorry if my skin lotion is cheap, Diomede Kane is not known for paying great salaries!
Kaitlyn: We also have your hair cells with your DNA, Jane! Confess NOW!
Jane: I'll never confess anything! There are only a few hours left for this ship to leave the base and you'll never be able to arrest me once we're back into the sea.
Kaitlyn: Do you think we'll lose track of the ship? We can stay here forever if it's necessary.
Jane: What about the machine then? Won't you go and save Nefarion?
Kaitlyn: I can go and <Rank> <Name> will stay to arrest you. You have no escape.
Jane (desperate): I won't stay in jail, <Rank> <Name>, I won't!
Kaitlyn: <Name>, let's go get her! She's running away!

Kaitlyn: You're surrounded, Jane! Give in, please! You have nowhere to go in this deck. You have to understand that you deserve to pay for what you did.
Jane: Believe it or not, Guanesse was the best technician we had in this ship. She was the one who actually created the machine you want to buy.
Jane: But her talent was wasted in this ghoulish company. Diomede Kane only cares about money, <Rank> <Name>. They exploit us...
Jane: If they weren't so greedy, this company would make great things! The hurricane would have already died in the ocean!!!
Jane: Guanesse was just one more of them. Putting her life inside this gigantic machine that is Diomede Kane, giving them her life in exchange for nothing.
Jane: This company deserves to die, and so do I... Goodbye forever.
Kaitlyn: Jane, do not jump! Your life is not the price to pay for the crime you've committed!
Jane: I just don't care anymore, this company has already taken my life away... I said goodbye and goodbye it will be.
Jane: Thanks for trying to save me, <Name>. It's too late anyway... You're not part of this machine, so please stop them. Stop this madness...
Kaitlyn: Jaaaaaaaane!!!!!!!!!!

Back at the headquarters...

Brant: The ship will leave in one hour, <Name>. I'm sorry but please do not go there, you won't find Miss Parsons anywhere.
Kaitlyn: But we have scuba-diving gears, Brant! We might be able to save her!
Brant: You won't. It will take ages to find her and even if you did, I don't think she's still alive. It's dangerous to expose ourselves to the storm.
Brant: Tomorrow the first storm front of the hurricane will get her lost forever. Parsons has already died...
Kaitlyn (crying): I thought we could save her, I would've never thought she'd jump just because of her job!
Diana: Let's not lose track of the ship anyway, we won't stop until we have that machine with us. Besides, we know now that it was the victim who crafted it.
Diana: I'm sorry for this dreadful case that took two lives away, but we can't let the hurricane sweep Nefarion away. That machine needs to be with us, <Name>.
Diana: Let's not forget about the epidemic either. If you want to help Jane Parsons in some way, make Diomede Kane serve a good purpose at least once...

The Rise of the Enemy (5/7)

Kaitlyn: I still can't believe Jane jumped to the stormy sea in front of our eyes... What will we do now, <Name>? We still need to get that machine before the Santiagos buy it.
Diana: Don't forget that the government is willing to finance the purchase of the machine at any cost if it's necessary to protect our country. Here you are, Kaitlyn.
Diana: Give this paycheck to our contact and don't come back without the machine.
Kaitlyn: NOW?! But... the ship will leave the base in about one hour!
Diana: That's right, that's why we can't lose one more second. It's now or never! If you get the chance, please talk to the genetist in charge of the cure for the epidemic.
Kaitlyn: We're on it, Chief! Let's go now, <Name>!

Buy the machine from John Siffore
Kaitlyn: Mr Siffore, here is your money. Now give us the machine!
John: What machine are you talking about?
Kaitlyn: Wh-what machine?! The machine we came here for, John! The electromagnetic radiation machine! We're buying it!
John: We can't sell you something that is not ours, Agent... Kaitlyn? Is that what your gaffete says?
Kaitlyn (furious): WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH "THE MACHINE ISN'T OURS"?! It's in your ship! Isabelle Guanesse built it!
John: Yes, that's true, but it isn't ours anymore. The machine has already been sold. We can't sell the same thing to different customers.
Kaitlyn: IT'S ALREADY BEEN BOUGHT?! But how... who... when...
Kaitlyn: The Santiagos! <Name>, we need to find those two. Maybe they're having dinner at the deck, let's go there!

Investigate Ship dining deck
Kaitlyn: The Santiagos aren't here, <Name>. What can we do? Where can we find them? We have less than an hour to make them give us the machine!
Kaitlyn: Oh, someone left a note at this table. It says "for Mr Siffore" and it's signed by the Santiagos! The rest is faded... What a shame.
Kaitlyn: Hurry up and recover the words before the ship leaves!

Examine Faded note
Kaitlyn: It says "(JA) We'll black-su the deal at 3-10"-7-1-10, Mr. 4-2(0)-0". WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! Is black-su a word? <Name>, we're in trouble.
Kaitlyn: We don't even know where the Santiagos are and we don't know what their note for John means! What can we do now?
Kaitlyn: We need the help of an intelligent and quick-thinking person, and that can only mean one thing. Gordon!

Analyze Coded note
Gordon Briscoe: Finally, a challenge! It was very easy, you see... This is adressed to Mr. 4-2(0)-0 and we also know that has to be John Siffore, right?
Gordon: I tried to figure out how those numbers could make up the word Siffore and the clue is in the (JA) at the beginning of the note. It means "Japan".
Kaitlyn: Japan? Gordon, we have less than 20 minutes left!
Gordon: Well, Japanese uses a very interesting wordplay with their numbers and those can be read as Shi-fu(o)-rei, which Shi-fo-re, which sounds very similar to "Siffore".
Gordon: "Black-su" is "Kuro-su", since kuro is black in Japanese. Kurosu sounds like close. "We'll close the deal".
Gordon: The other numbers are mi-do-na-i-to. Midnight. We'll close the deal at midnight, Mr Siffore. When the ship leaves the base.
Kaitlyn: So the Santiagos haven't closed the deal yet! <Name>, let's go NOW, we still have time to buy the machine. Thanks Gordon!

Tell the Santiagos that you need to buy the machine
Kaitlyn: We finally found you! Where were you? We looked for you everywhere in this ship.
Alden: Well, what do you want? We're about to close a very important deal and-
John: <Rank> <Name>, what are you doing here?
Kaitlyn: We're here to buy the machine, Mr. Siffore! Here is the paycheck, we're paying you more than you had initially offered!
Hannah: No, no, no! That's unfair, we didn't bring that much money! Mr. Siffore, you have to understand!
John: Unfortunately, our orders are to take advantage of our best chances. Sorry, Mrs Santiago. The machine is sold to <Rank> <Name>.
Kaitlyn: Haha, we did it! I'm sure you'll be able to buy some new fields in case the hurricane destroys the ones you already have.
Alden: Go to hell, <Rank> <Name>.
John: Anyway, <Rank> <Name>, you don't need to pay that much. Why don't you keep some of this money?

Talk to Rose Tennessee about the epidemic
Kaitlyn: Good evening, Mrs Tennessee! How-
Rose: Here you are! I thought you were gone forever!
Kaitlyn: Rose, look at those eyebags! What have you been doing?!
Rose: I haven't slept for hours and I had to stay up this late because I needed to find an antidote for the epidemic. I needed it before midnight but I thought you wouldn't return.
Rose: Look, this virus is similar to another virus I had studied before, this scientist didn't put on too much effort on creating the disease. That made it a lot easier.
Rose: The virus can't be killed but this antidote will neutralize its effects and make the human body a harmful place for the virus so it'll eventually escape through urine.
Rose: The patients will have to drink this serum and urinate for three days in vials. Collect those vials and send them to Nefarion's General Hospital. I've already given them instructions.
Kaitlyn: Wow... Thanks a lot!
Rose: You're welcome! Collect a sample to analyze it first, the machines in this ship may have contaminated the serum with radiation.
Rose: And before you leave the ship to save yourselves, take this just in case! You might need it.

Examine Serum container
Kaitlyn: I can't belive we have an antidote for the epidemic, <Name>! Let's send this sample to Clarissa to see if it's good for Nefarion's population!
Kaitlyn: I'm glad we're about to put an end to the disease!

Analyze Disease antidote
Clarissa: I can't believe you found the cure, <Name>! Rose Tennessee is definitely amazing! This serum hasn't been contaminated so we can use it.
Clarissa: However, this is not enough for the whole population of Nefarion. We'll have to make more of this serum.
Kaitlyn: Can you do that, Clarissa?
Clarissa: Of course I can, but I'll need help. Maybe you can look for these substances in our laboratory so I can replicate Rose's formula?
Kaitlyn: We'll be glad to help!

Examine Cure serum
Kaitlyn: Good job, <Name>! You're a pro when it comes to the microscope, I've always been a bit dull for these tasks.
Kaitlyn: Now we can tell Clarissa to start making more of this serum.

Tell Clarissa about the serum
Kaitlyn: We did it, Clarissa! You can start replicating Rose's formula now.
Clarissa: Phew, at last! I'm glad we found a cure to the epidemic, I thought Nefarion would die.
Clarissa: I'll also ask you to distribute the serum among the population. Did Rose tell you how they had to intake it?
Kaitlyn: Yes, she said they had to drink it and urinate in vials for three days which we have send to the General Hospital.
Clarissa: We'll have a lot of job for three days but at least we have help from the General Hospital. I need to get a bit relaxed now...
Kaitlyn: Maybe we can grab something from the bar? How about a burger, <Name>?
Clarissa: Sounds great! Before we leave, would you mind taking a look at this torn leaflet they left at the HQ?

Examine Torn leaflet
Kaitlyn: Oh, <Name>, this leaflet is about the Nefarion Carnival at Nefarion Park! I love the carnival! I've been there only twice but it's definitely great.
Kaitlyn: Hm... You're right, such a massive event would be a good opportunity for the Enemy to strike. We should keep an eye on Nefarion Park next week, don't you think?

Minutes later...

Diana: I've already sent Brant and some other engineers to activate the machine. Thanks a lot for buying it, <Name> and Kaitlyn!
Kaitlyn: You're welcome, Chief! I just feel sorry for Jane and Isabelle. Diomede Kane took away their lives and there's nothing we can do about it.
Diana: That's not all, I'm just worried by the fact that Andrea Orian is always involved in our murder investigations. Maybe it's just a coincidence, who knows?
Diana: However, I heard that you want to be at Nefarion Carnival to make sure everything is under control. Are you sure you want to do that?
Kaitlyn: I don't know if I'll be available to work next week but <Name> told me that it's necessary to send officers there since it's a massive event.
Diana: Perhaps you're right. Just in case, we'll start taking care of the park after the epidemic is cured. For three days, we have to help the General Hospital.
Diana: Will you help us, <Name>?

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