An Axe to Grind
General information
Season 1
City Raxelville
District New Galdon
Case # 21
Initial release date 21.5.2020
Partner(s) Anisa Alvarado
Case chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
The Clowns Here Kill
(in Midnight Valley)
In Seventh Heaven

An Axe to Grind is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the twenty-first case of Raxelville. It's also the first one to take place in New Galdon district.


Twelve days after the events in Midnight Valley, the team took all of their free time to relax since they arrested The Phantom's psychotic leader Aurora Dixon and deactivated the underground laboratory. Early in the morning, Anisa Alvarado then asked the player if they could walk around the city before her classes start. As they were walking near the city hall, they got approached by Macedonian actress Ivona Dimovska who told them that she saw a blood trail leading to the city hall garden. Anisa and player immediately went to see what's going on and ended up finding Mayor's granddaughter Darcy Avermalio, who was chopped up with an axe. The duo questioned Ivona before investigating the bus station. Later on, they found enough evidence to suspect victim's uber driver Gregory Farnsworth and waiter Manny Estrada. When they returned back to the main crime scene, they got a call from panicking Bianca O'Brien. After Anisa calmed her down, Bianca told them that Mayor accused her of murdering Darcy.

Anisa and player then went to see Mayor Alisa Avermalio, who told them that security cameras caught Bianca on the crime scene few hours ago. When Anisa tried to convince the mayor that there is not enough proofs to arrest Bianca, the mayor told them that they have 3 hours to prove that Bianca is not the killer. The duo then hurried and investigated the docks before adding heiress Violetta Elvio on the suspect list. Later on, the team discovered that Darcy and Ivona used to date few months ago, and that she rated Gregory with one star on uber app just because "he's ugly". When the team returned back to the city hall garden, Salvador Weiss told them that mayor and Darcy weren't on good terms at all.

Anisa and player then confronted Alisa, who snapped and revealed that Darcy just brought shame to the Avermalio family. However, Alisa denied killing Darcy to save her family's reputation. The pair soon investigated the main crime scene once again. Later on, they discovered that Darcy was making Manny uncomfortable after touching him inappropriately on his workplace. They also discovered that Darcy's family was involved in a scandal with Violetta's family. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, the team arrested Violetta Elvio for the murder.

Upon admitting to the murder, Violetta revealed that scandal between her and Darcy's family has been going on for months. Violetta explained that their families started exposing each other's horrible actions from the past, damaging the reputation of both families. Still, Violetta tried to ignore her family's scandal and continue with her usual life. Few days ago however, Violetta forgot her phone at the bus station and wasn't able to find it. Later that day, Violetta got approached by Darcy, who told her that she found her phone and discovered some juicy stuff after going through her messages. Anisa asked Violetta about "juicy stuff" Darcy mentioned, making Violetta admit that she hooked up with multiple guys while she was on her vacation despite being happily married. Wanting to save her marriage and her family from even more scandals, Violetta attacked Darcy with an axe and killed her. The duo then reported the disgraced heiress to the police.

The pair then informed Alisa about Violetta's arrest, making her release Bianca from custody. When the trio returned to others, they got approached by their friend Kelly Garcia who demanded to talk with player and Bianca in private. When others left, saddened Kelly gently squeezed Bianca's shoulder and explained that she found Josip Zorjan's laptop after searching through Aurora Dixon's belongings on the carnival. When Bianca demanded to see it, Kelly told them that she left it in her bag while waiting for her bus. The trio then searched the bus station and found Kelly's bag. After looking through it, they found Josip's laptop. When Bianca suggested that they should sent it to Tristan, Kelly shook her head and told her that it's too risky to show it to anyone else besides them. Bianca then analyzed the laptop herself and found multiple recordings and videos of Josip's projects, videos from his private life and so on. However, Kelly showed her one of the latest videos featuring him and Aurora talking about the current situation. Few minutes in, Josip told Aurora how he earned Raxelville Mystery Squad's trust by helping them find and destroy the laboratory. Aurora then wanted to know if there is a way for her to still change her appearence in case lab gets shut down, making Josip grin and reveal that there is a solution for that too, but he would rather keep quiet until it's fully finished. Later on, Aurora told Josip that remaining two The Phantom members (Moon and Star) probably want to take over the world themselves now that they know about Aurora's betrayal. However, Josip chuckled and told her to ignore them since Moon was always the weakest link of The Phantom while Star is too busy playing "police" with idiots from Raxelville Mystery Squad. After hearing the last sentence, Bianca refused to believe that one of their own is The Phantom member all along. Kelly then sighed and showed her another recording where Aurora literally said that one of them infiltrated Raxelville Mystery Squad a long time ago. Bianca then sighed and walked away, saying how she needs some time alone.

Meanwhile, Manny wanted to cheer up Tristan by buying them tickets for one of the biggest video game conventions around US. With Ivona's help, the duo figured out that writer Stuart Schneider might have some spare tickets due to his connections to the convention organizer. After helping Stuart find his lucky charm, the writer gave them spare tickets, saying how Tristan and others are working incredibly hard to bring down The Phantom and how they deserve a decent break. When two foster brothers reunited, Manny showed Tristan the tickets. After thanking him, Tristan slightly smiled and told them how he's been visiting his therapist regularly to help him deal with grief and all stress he's been put through.

After all of these events, saddened Bianca decided to tell everyone about Kelly's discovery. When she explained the situation, Alex, Lexi and Salvador refused to believe that one of their own is a traitor, while Tristan, Ed and Bianca believed that one of them has been on The Phantom's side all along. As the discussion got even more heated, Anisa, who refused to take sides, tried to calm them down. The discussion ended with Salvador, Lexi and Alex saying how Kelly can't be trusted. Bianca them calmed everyone down and said how they will have to find more evidence either way. With that said, everyone headed back to their houses, tension and suspicions slowly growing...



Murder Weapon:

  • Bloody Axe




Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats clam chowder.
  • The killer has been to Campanilla.
  • The killer believes in astrology.
  • The killer has a tattoo.
  • The killer has brown hair.

Crime Scenes

City Hall Garden City Founder Statue City Hall Garden Bonus
Bus Station Staircase Bus Station Bonus
Dockyard Container Dockyard Bonus
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