Amy Young
Amy - -1
Biographical information
Full name Amy Young
Alias(es) Junior Officer
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1991
Nationality Flag of USA American
Past profession(s) Student
Family Duncan Young (brother)

Miriam Young (mother)

Partner(s) Unnamed boyfriend
Game information
First appearance Racing Your Life
Amy Young is the Junior Officer of the Atlantic Bay Police Department. She is 28 years old and the senior detective is Frank Knight


Amy, 28 years of age, sports a slender figure, long blonde hair, has blue eyes, and is known to wear lipstick. She has the left part of her hair down to the front of her shoulder. She wears a common female Pacific Bay PD uniform which consists of a deep blue shirt with multiple pockets and badges as well as a black office skirt. She also wears a brown leather belt and a golden pendant.

It is known that Amy's favorite animal is a kitten and her favorite dish is Caesar salad. She is known to be optimistic, naive, and inexperienced.

Amy knows how to use a Pearphone (the in-game iPhone clone). She likes to read the Girly Gossipsmagazine, eats King Dairy ice cream occasionally as well as sunflower seeds, and seemingly loves sporting events.

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