Amy Long
Full name Amelia Louise Long (Current)

Yelena Saffronova (Birth)

Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 28/02/1974
Nationality Siberian-America
Residence Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Family Adopted:

Samantha Long (Mother) Kian Long (Father) Thomas Long (Brother)

Biological: Yelizaveta Saffronova (Mother) Nikolai Parsley (Father) Natalya Parsley (Aunt) Elliot Parsley (Cousin) Snowflake Parsley (Cousin) Unnamed Uncle

Profession Chief of IPD
Affiliation(s) International Police Department
Appearance(s) Police International Edition
"Cassidy, Madison's complaining about your behaviour to her! Apparently, you threw rubbish at her!"

Amelia "Amy" Louise Long (born as Yelena Saffronova) is the chief of the International Police Department.

Age 44
Height 5'11" (with prosthetic)

4'8" (without prosthetic)

Weight 129lbs
Eyes Blue
Blood A+


Hailing from Siberia, but grew up in Baltimore, Maryland after adoption, Amy is the 42-year old chief who was a Paralympic swimmer prior to the I.P.D. Amy has long ombre hair slicked into a low bun. She has blue eyes. She wears a yellow and blue jacket over a black mini dress with sleeves. She is known to a determined, intelligent and nature loving person.

Since the age of 14, Amy competed in the Paralympic and won many medals. She was the champion in the 400m freestyle S8 and was unbeatable in nearly all the events until her 4th games in 2000 where she only defended the 200m medley title. Without her prosthetic legs, she still keeps her balance by having a little bit of lower leg on both legs.


Amy was born on February 28th, 1974 with Fibula Hemimelia to teenagers Yelizaveta Saffronova and Nikolai Parsley.

Notable Events of CutePets95's Criminal Case:

A New Beginning




  • Amy is a parody of Siberian- born American Jessica Long, an S8 who won most events she competes in.
  • She and Elliot are the two Siberian characters.
  • She and Wei are the two adopted characters.
  • She and Madi ae the two main characters with a disability in two limbs (Madi has Cerebral Palsy, Amy has not lower legs)
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