Amelia Goodwater
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Biographical information
Full name Amelia Goodwater
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Death 2018
Cause of death Blood loss (multiple Angler Fish bites)
Personal information
Nationality Turkish-American
Residence Ankara (formerly)

Laroy Bay

Profession(s) Shark Expert
Game information
First appeared Case #28 Fishing the Fishman
Amelia Goodwater was the victim in Fishing the Fishman (Case #28 of Laroy Bay)


Amelia was a shark expert with long light brown hair and grey eyes.She wore blue shirt with shark tooth necklace,grey jeans and flip flops.

Murder Details

Amelia was found dead in giant tank filled with angler fish.Megan found stains of cleaning substance used for cleaining poker chips on victim's back.That confirms the fact that the killer plays poker

Killer and motives

The killer was revealed to be Wendy Stokes

Wendy tried to convice them that she is not the killer,but she then confessed.Since army was working with the police to catch the traitor,and Wendy was ordered to find out who is helping Anya and traitor.However,Wendy heard Amelia talking to traitor about weather machine and she knew that Amelia is helping them.Wendy contacted army,and they told her to kill Amelia and that it's right thing so Wendy sneaked up on Amelia and pushed her into tank,destroying her phone and leaving her to die.She said that she had to keep it a secret.Laroy Bay Police Department (except Angie) team arrived with their helicopter to pick up Marcus and player and to bring Wendy on trial.Army contacted Judge Eva Rose about current situation and Wendy was free to go,since it was her mission.

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