Amberlyn White
Gender Female
Status Deceased
(Blood loss/Loss of heart)
Birth 1987
Death 2018
Nationality American
Residence Shernola, Georgia
Family Phoebe White (sister)
Profession Snake Charmer


Appearance(s) Case #1:
Sing Your Heart Out

Amberlyn White was the victim in Sing Your Heart Out (Case #1 of Shernola).

Murder details

As the Player and Scarlet sat down to watch Amberlyn sing, she started to perform. Mid-performance, she sung a high note and her heart shot out of her body. The peacemaker wouldn't have done this without a certain dose of adrenaline, meaning that the killer uses adrenaline.

Killer and motive

The killer turned out to be the victim's fiance, Patrick Hull.

Her motives for unknown of why she didn't want to marry Patrick, and tried to break off from Patrick. Patrick, enraged, armed her peacemaker with a high dose of adrenaline, causing the heart to fly out of her body.

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