Amber Oliver (also known as Amber Jarvis) was the titular victim in Amber Alert (Case #2 of Hidden Missions)


Amber was a young con-woman posing as a socialite with long red hair and green eyes, as well as freckles. At the time of her death, Amber wore a khaki camisole that exposed her black bra straps, and also sporting dark blue jeans and a pair of silver sandals. She was also adorned with a pair of silver hooped earrings and matching silver necklace and bracelet, her right hand's fingers also had 2 silver rings and 1 gold ring. Amber wore nude pink lipstick and brown eyeshadow for make up, and her nails were painted black.

Murder Details

Amber was found dead in the office of her boyfriend, Osprey Airline CEO Alastair Hahn, the cause of death was a gunshot wound from the back of the head. Per Dr. Woodley's autopsy results, the gun used to shoot Amber was a standard 9mm Glock. Additionally, Dr. Woodley determined that Amber fought with her killer before being shot because her broken silver bracelet had cut her wrist. From that analysis, it was determined that the killer drank kale juice.

The Glock used to kill Amber was found in the Midwestern Bar's garbage can. According to Rand's analysis, the killer left behind some of their sweat on the handle, allowing the police to identify that the killer has brown eyes.

Relationship With Suspects

Amber was the girlfriend of Osprey Airline's CEO Alastair Hahn. Alastair met Amber in Osprey's sixtieth anniversary last year. He mentioned that she was quite secretive as she did not have many friends. Upon finding out that Alastair had shredded Amber's plane tickets, Alastair revealed that Amber was trying to con him into giving him 10 million dollars from a food bank scam and run away.

The airport's security manager Leonard Tate mentioned that he often saw Amber in Alastair's mansion, though they never really had any connection. The player found out that Leonard had been spying on Amber, he explained that, last week, Amber had drunkenly referred Alastair as a "gullible fool" in a phone call outside the bar. As a close friend to Alastair, Leonard decided to wait for Amber in the bar every week. However, Amber spotted Leonard and warned him to stop spying on her.

Amber had sessions with her life coach Annie Oswald, who was referred to Amber by Alastair. Annie claimed that Amber had gone through a troubled childhood, but was found in a good home by good foster parents. But when Reed found angry e-mails sent by Annie in Amber's inbox, Annie explained that Amber had been lying to her all that time as she tried to contact her foster parents, who were non-existent.

It was chauffeur Edward Jarvis who drove Amber from the Midwestern Bar back to the mansion. Edward claimed that Alastair gave him the task to drive Amber around. It was discovered that Amber wanted Alastair to fire Edward because he scolded her about making a mess in the limousine.

Amber's only known friend was bubbly socialite Susan Hendrix. It turns out that it was Susan who introduced Amber and Alastair to each other in the anniversary party. It was revealed that Susan was smitten with Alastair and only gave him to Amber as a friend, but she determined that Amber was uninterested with Alastair.

Killer and Motive

The killer turned out to be Alastair's chauffeur Edward Jarvis.

Upon being confronted with evidence of murder, Edward admitted that he killed Amber, as well as revealing himself as her husband and accomplice. It turns out that Amber and Edward were conning Alastair together into giving them 10 million dollars. However, the greedy Amber was conning him as well when he discovered that she planning to keep the whole 10 million dollars, which explains why she tried to have him fired and the one plane ticket to Sultanistan. Edward confronted Amber after picking her up from the bar. It eventually ended with Edward shooting his wife dead in Alastair's office. Edward was then sent to court, where he was sentenced to 35 years in prison by Judge Bishop.

Case Appearance

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