Amber Alert is a case appearing Hidden Missions. It is the series' second case. It takes place in the first district, Acropolis Airport.


After the A.S.I. discovered a smuggling operation in the airport in the previous case, Director Fellowes gave the player and Agent Wong the task to inform Osprey Airlines' CEO Alastair Hahn about holding an official investigation in his company. However, when they arrived there, the two agents were welcomed by the dead body of Amber Oliver in Alastair's office.

Throughout the investigation, Agent Sommers informed the two agents about a bar that Amber frequented. Agent Wong and the player also encounter Susan Hendrix's lost beagle and returned him to his owner. In the end, all evidence prove that Amber's killer was Alastair's chauffeur, Edward Jarvis.

Initially denying the accusations, Edward finally admitted in committing the murder, as well as revealing himself as Amber's husband. Edward explained that he and Amber were conning Alastair into giving them 10 million dollars. Their agreement was that they would share the money fifty-fifty. However, Edward discovered that Amber was conning him as well, as she was planning to keep the money all to herself. So Edward confronted his wife in Alastair's office, ending with him shooting her dead. Edward was then put on trial in court, where he was sentenced to 35 years in prison by Judge Bishop.

After the trial, Agent Wong and the player meet with Alastair about holding an investigation in his company after uncovering a smuggling operation. Alastair led them to find the flight crew allocation file, to which Reed analyzed and compiled a strategy to inspect the luggage of every flight crews as well as passengers. The action plan was then given to the airport's security manager Leonard Tate.

Meanwhile, the player accompanied Dr. Woodley to help him get ready for an "unofficial date" with scientist Carla Hagan to talk about her research on virus vaccinations. However, the scientist left early and left behind a file that is labeled 'confidential'. According to Dr. Woodley's analysis, the file contains an ongoing research on the deadly Valencian virus, and apparently Dr. Hagan was going to give the file to someone in Restaurant Dempsey. The player and Dr. Woodley confront Dr. Hagan about her research. After scolding the two for looking through a confidential file, Dr. Hagan explained that she was meeting a colleague in the restaurant as they were working on a vaccine for the virus.

The team gathered together to report to Director Fellowes about their ongoing investigation. When Dr. Woodley expressed his concern over Dr. Hagan and her Valencian virus research, Director Fellowes then agreed to surveil Restaurant Dempsey to know more about Dr. Hagan's "research".



  • Amber Oliver (shot in the head in Hahn's office)

Murder Weapon

  • Handgun


  • Edward Jarvis


Quasi Suspects:

Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks kale juice
  • The killer owns a beagle
  • The killer uses sunscreen
  • The killer wears a hat
  • The killer has brown eyes

Crime Scenes

Primary Crime Scenes Secondary Crime Scenes
Hahn's Office Hahn's Desk
Mansion Garage Tool Shed
Midwestern Bar Billiards Area


Chapter 1

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Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Additional Investigation – Sky High Affairs (2/6)

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