Amanda Wyoming
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Biographical information
Full name Amanda Wyoming
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1988
Personal information
Nationality American
Residence Queensville
Profession(s) Unnamed high school (formerly)
Family Jimmy Wyoming (brother)
Game information
First appeared Case #1 First Case
Amanda Wyoming was the killer of office worker, Lisa Rosenburg in First Case (Case #1 of Queensville)


Amanda is the 25 year-old friend of Lisa Rosenburg. She has blue eyes and long black hair. Amanda wears a red dress with a rose in her right breast. She also has a mole on her right cheek. It is known that Amanda drinks cocktails, reads Prince, and plays FortLite.


Amanda became a suspect when the team restored a picture of her and Lisa. Amanda revealed that she was friends with the victim. After the team informed her death, she began crying and said that the victim was going to her birthday tomorrow.

Amanda was spoken again about a newspaper of her deceased brother. She revealed that her brother, Jimmy, died from a car accident last year. She called Lisa on the phone, but she said she couldn't go due to her work. Amanda felt angry about her and never became friends again.

In the end of the conversation, the team arrested Amanda for killing her friend.

However, it was proven that Amanda was lying, as the team found enough evidence and discovered that Amanda was the one who killed Lisa. Upon admitting to the murder, Amanda said that it was all her fault for her brother's death. She said that Lisa didn't care about his brother's death. Infuriated at Lisa, Amanda grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the chest. Judge Parker sentenced her to life in prison.

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