Amal Ishaq
Full name Amal Ishaq
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Birth 1996
Death 29th January 2016
Nationality Flag of Egypt.png Egyptian
Residence Cairo, Egypt
Profession Actress
Appearance(s) When the Sand Falls
Take a Last Breath
War Never Changes

Amal Ishaq (1996-2016; Arab: آمال إشاق) was one of the suspects in the murder investigations of rich land owner Iris Rahnain in When the Sand Falls (Case #11 of World Edition) and Tuareg nomad Sidi Hamid in Take a Last Breath (Case #12 of the World Edition). She was later left for dead in a battlefield in War Never Changes (Case #15 of the World Edition).


Amal is a 20-year-old actress. She wore a red dress and a blue diamond necklace. She had black hair put into a beehive.

In her first appearance, it was revealed that she knew how to ride camels and ate grapes.

In her second appearance, she wore a bone necklace. It was revealed that she ate kanafeh and chakhchoukha. She also knew how to sword fight.

Role in Case(s)

When the Sand Falls

Amal was first spoken to in this case, this was when a note was found written by the victim telling Amal that she was richer than her. But without any idea of who Amal was, Roody Lovehearts appeared and told the team who she was. When talking to her, Amal accidentally lets slip that Iris was adopted, and that she had been written out of her father's will. And that she despised her majorly.

Take a Last Breath

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Murder Details

Amal was found in a destroyed warzone with her spine ripped off and pinned to a rubble. The murder weapon was automatically registered after Max manages to find a falchion beneath Amal's corpse. Max and the player then proceeds to ship the body to Sahir for autopsy. However, the autopsy proved nothing as the killer leaves no traces on the victim skin. Despite that, the stain from Amal's scarf proved that the killer smokes hookah and Chief Bourne deduced the fact that the killer plays Lethal Combat due to how the homicide was committed.

Killer and Motives

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  • Amal is one of the suspects who appeared in two cases consecutively.


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