Alpha Bay
General information
Season 1
Founder Luke Clinton
Established 1623
Country USA USA
City Alpha Bay
Inhabitants Americans
Population 350000+
Primary LEA Alpha Bay Police Department
Key city figures Drew Winston (mayor)
Diana Prince (chief of police)
No. of cases in season 56
No. of districts in season 9
Released 19 November 2018
Appears in Criminal Case
Season guide
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Mysterious Secrets of Europe

Alpha Bay is a major city in the United States, and is first encountered in the first season of Criminal Case, where it is featured as the main setting.

Founded by Luke Clinton in 1623, Alpha Bay is divided into a total nine districts with the Alpha Bay Police Department (ABPD) acting as the law enforcement agency that serves the city.


Alpha Bay features the first fifty-six cases of the game, which are found located across nine districts:

Street Valley: Chaos in the Streets


Street Valley is the first district of Alpha Bay. It is known as the least innovated part of the city. Half of the district is declared as restricted area for extreme plutonium radiation. This district mainly focuses on two major street gangs named Street Riders and The Flames, with one of them trying to use the plutonium as weapon while the other is trying to hide their shady crimes.

Cases #1#7 are situated in this district.

Alpha Shore: Underwater Mysteries


Alpha Shore is the second district of Alpha Bay. It is famous for amazing beach-view and precious underwater coral. This district focuses on stopping a shady organization which likes to keep itself in the shadow. It is known that this organization kidnaps people to perform experiments on them. This district also focuses on stopping a security breach that may compromise vital information.

Cases #8#14 are situated in this district.

Midtown Square: Rare and Valuable


Midtown Square is the third district of Alpha Bay. Following Annabeth Quinn's suspicion about an active group of smugglers, this district focuses on stopping a heist team which is planning to steal everything from the Midtown Square museum, as well as finding the connection between the heist team and a supposed person or group behind the animal organ stealing scheme.

Cases #15#20 are situated in this district.

Financial Avenue: Demerits of Technology


Financial Avenue is the fourth district of Alpha Bay. Draco Moonlight's suspicion about his company being infiltrated leads the team to come here, with the district focusing on his androids, which are supposed to be thinkable as well as harmful for people. The story also focuses on a foreign programmer who might be behind the android business, and some people's connection with them.

Cases #21#26 are situated in this district.

Alpha University: Crisis in the Making


Alpha Uninversity is the fifth district of Alpha Bay. This district focuses on investigating some murders committed by high-tech weapons and their connection with an already-encountered organization, as well as finding the possible masterminds who might be working on behalf of another organization trying to frame the aforementioned organization. It also features the ABPD's quest to save the world from going to the edge of an international crisis.

Cases #27#32 are situated in this district.

Bayside Corner: Beyond the Wildest Dreams


Bayside Corner is the sixth district investigated in Alpha Bay. Basically a district of celebrities and the hometown of Aiden Miller and Eva Littlewood. This district focuses on an a secret organization which promises worldly fame and riches to celebrities, as well as finding out what is their true plans. It also focuses on Eva's past and her connection with the organization.

Cases #33-#39 are situated in this district.

Abandoned Grove: The Secrets of Afterlife


Abandoned Grove is the seventh district investigated in Alpha Bay. This district mainly focuses on finding out another organization's connection with the crimes around the city, and on knowing how they are managing to bring back dead people and control them. It also focuses on stopping the army of resurrected people, and finding out a traitor inside ABPD who operates under the codename Cascade. Besides, it also deals with their plan to destroy the ABPD and a timeline fault which is still unexplained.

Cases #40-#46 are situated in this district.

Virtual Utopia: Battle with Artificial Intelligence


Virtual Utopia is the eighth district investigated in Alpha Bay. Known as the core of technologies of the city, this district focuses on a manmade flood and storm which is ready to leave the place in a devastated state. It basically focuses on stopping an android army led by cyborg Luka Pericich and Dark Empire's origins, as well as their works back in the 1980s and 1990s. This also focuses on finding the weather machine which caused the flood, and save the entire city from economy drop.

Cases #47-#52 are situated in this district.

Frozen Heights

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