I'm not half blind from toxics, I was born this way~ Ally Turner.


Ally Turner is the daughter of Alexander Turner and Cathy King. Born in 2016. age 20.


Ally Turner has a bit of pink on the tip of her brown hair. She also have a green eye with a white eye as well. It's reveled that Ally is half blind as a child. She also wore a glass eye as a child as well. She wears a dark blue cop outfit, gray work shoes and a sliver belt. She also wears jeans.

Case roles

As the Chemist of The NYPD, she does all of the chemical studies. They can be speed up with 1 Cash per 30 minutes.

Case #1: A brave new world. oil sample (00:20:00) Case #2

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Personal life

As a child, she's blind in the right eye (Revealed in case #14 when she broke the 4th wall while explaining about the eye doctor result from the Victim). She's also revealed in case #19 that she failed a lot of classes expect for Science. (She once again broke the 4th wall after Alex read a Ripped page of a magazine named Girly Gossips that revealed that the victim failed most classes and got expelled)


In case #16, Ally fell in love with Sam Quill after he saved her life from a wound shot during a run in.


Although it's not cannon, Ally and Cheryl are somewhat related.

  • Like Cheryl, Ally's last name is Turner
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