In Suez...
Lionel Oakley: We're on the clock here, <Rank> <Name>. Time is of the essence as Safira Wawanakwa has been discovered to be hiding out here in Suez.
Lionel: I would go get something good but I know that Ad-Dima is more important at this moment. Since you convinced Hakam to take a holiday from the murder in Cairo, you will be hunting down Safira with Marina.
Marina: Alright Chief, I'm sure we can find Safira before its too late!
Meghan: And I may have the thing to help you guys to find her faster!
Meghan: I found a cell phone signal near the Suez Canal and I'm positive its Safira's cell phone signal because of the Ad-Dima encryptions I have been finding on the Ad-Dima technology you brought me!
Marina: Well it looks like we're off to the Suez Canal, <Name>! Let's go to the canal!
Lionel: I agree with Marina, <Name>, You're going to find Safira and bring her back to the station! Go to the canal NOW!

Twenty minutes later, near the Suez Canal...
Marina: We're almost there, <Name>! I have a good felling that we will find our most important lead behind Ad-Dima!
Marina: I'm ready to find Safira, let's go hunt her-
Marina: What the? Where did the gunshots come from?
Marina: You're right, <Name>! That came from the Suez Canal! Safira must be up to no good! Let's go and find out what happened!

Chapter 1

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