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All Father's Sins
General Information
Season -
City Crimestone
District Sinner Groove
Case # 18
Initial release date 06. VII 2021.
Partner(s) Rosetta Calconi
Case Chronology
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A Fallen Star from Heaven Passion is a Fatal Poison
After Father Crane got abducted by Mancio your family is ready to track them down as the district can't fall into his hands however a family body gloating on the water might change the course of where your action will take place. Be wise, stealth and don't allow police to come near this site!

All Father's Sins is a case featured in Criminal Case: Mafia's Secret Diary as the 18th case of the game. It is the third one to take place in Sinner Groove, a district of Crimestone.


After discovering that Mancio's plan is to cause mayhem the team went to stop him but it was too late as he kidnapped Father Jebediah Crane. Upon learning that and getting more leads Ludovica tried to track down the car Mancio used for abduction, eventually finding it's location and telling the others. The player and Rosetta Calconi then took the GPS coordinated and traveled 12 kilometres from the city to a river where they discovered a hanged body with a bag over it's head and 15 gunshots wounds. The duo looked around to make sure no cops are around as they took the body down and revealed it to be the very same Jebediah Crane.

Knowing the important role Jebediah has and that Mancio probably has his signature they sent body to Lawrence as they found reasons to suspect a nun from the victim's church Sister Molly, a disgraced ex-Calconi Family weapon dealer Emanuel Magistro and the volunteer worker Jason Holiday. After Lawrence finished the autopsy he said that the gunshot wounds weren't the fatal ones and that they were given post-mortem. He then said how the real C.O.D is the crushed trachea which makes sense because the body was hanged. Lawrence then mentioned as well how the victim has the marks of the rope over his wrist, making further sense that the death is homicide. Then he said how he discovered that noose was tied in a slim beauty knot, furthermore saying that the killer obviously knows that knot.

After leaving his morgue room, a due began to think that probably Mancio killed him as Ludovica arrived, saying that she has very bad news. Ludovica said that while researching the suspects to see who is related to Mancio's group she discovered that Sister Molly's real name is Eliza Moretti, mother of Lawrence and that she told him that which made him run out of his morgue, saying that he has to think about something. She then sighed and said how she then tracked his phone and that that led her to find his traces to the weapon market. Rosetta and the player then rushed there but they found no traces of Lawrence. Instead they found how Emanuel became Mancio's associate after being thrown out of the gang and death threaten. Soon they do found Lawrence, visibly annoyed to find the truth about his mother but being in company of an actor Beckett Mendoza who was taking to him with the subtle flirting to distract him. After the two separated an actor and the fixer, Lawrence said that his father lied to him about his mother being dead and that she approached her mother but that she didn't want to talk about it. The two then discovered that the victim Molly had an argument, making a perfect cover to talk to her but, again, she refused to speak about Lawrence and said how the victim was dirty priest and would "clean" sins for money. The two soon flagged a professional gambler Gertrude Costana as a suspect before discovering that Bianca Maletta had a wanted on the victim from her earlier days back in Salem, making her a suspect.

The two soon informed Giuseppe about findings as they were suddenly began to be shoot at. Diocleziano alongside Alfonso, Lawrence, Malcolm, Christpher and Sam came at that moment to secure the are and fire back at the shooters who soon retaliated as one person was left injured but menaged to escape in the crowd. They looked around and discovered that one of the shooters was the gambler Gertrube. The team interrogated her, with Rosetta as the head. The two began to argue but soon Rosetta managed to pull the information from her that Mancio paid her 50 000$. Estella then came from the balistics results and said that the bullets in the victim match Gertrude's gun on what she swore she never killed him but did helped the killer who she rejected to say name before pushing the trio on the grounds and escaping. In all the rush the family continued to search for the real killer as they soon discovered that Beckett had the argument with the victim over his sexual orientation and how Bianca already failed to kill his twice before she joined the calconi family as they discovered that Jason was discovered how the victim took large amount of money that was supposed to be used for the new church.

Finally, after a wild rush, Rosetta and the player discovered that the killer is....



  • Father Jebediah Crane (Hanged and shot 15 times)

Murder Weapon

  • Hanging


  • Not yet arrested



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer has been to Seattle.
  • The Killer knows slim beauty knot.
  • The Killer eats tomato soup.
  • The Killer
  • The Killer

Crime Scenes

Riverside Trees TBA Riverside Trees Bonus
Victim's Church Confession Box Victim's Church Bonus
Weapon Market TBA Weapon Market Bonus