All Eyes are On
General information
Season 9
City Laroy Bay
Region Tech Town
Case # 25
Initial release date 2.3.2020
Partner(s) Clarisse Auger
Case chronology
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A Kinky Game
(in Sunnyland Beach)
Mind-Blowing Reality

All Eyes are On is a case featured in Criminal Case Return to Laroy Bay. It takes place in Tech Town and it's the 25th case of the game, also the first one to take place in Tech Town.


After learning that Howard Hardwin became a deputy mayor after Owen Sackville's death, Chief Diane Miller told everyone that they are going to Tech Town to keep an eye on Howard and to make sure that he really means no harm with Julia Hardwin's drug. A little while later, Clarisse Auger and player decided to take a walk around Tech Town. However, as they were passing by, they found a Venusville Justice Fighters' detective Amber Herrera floating in the fountain, stabbed in the eye with a smart pen. They sent Amber's body to Megan Alan before searching around the Tech Town main square. Few hours later, they added Adrian's brother Patrick Fishman, former gangster Nathan Hardwin and VRClub CEO Marigold Bishop on the suspect list. When they returned back to the station, Danny Darkwood informed them that two people are fighting in the gaming club.

The team immediately went to calm down the situation. Inside of there, they found Amber's sister Ines Herrera attacking Nathan for killing Amber. When they calmed down Ines and told her that they don't have enough proofs to arrest Nathan, Ines started crying, saying how her sweet Amber can't be gone. After putting Ines in custody, the pair took another look at the main square, where they found enough evidence to add student James Griffin on the suspect list. Later on, they found out that Amber accidently crashed into Patrick's car, and that she accidently picked up Marigold's phone in the gaming club, making Marigold suspect that she stole it. When Clarisse and player returned back to the station, Danny told them how Ines escaped from custody and is going to confront Nathan once again.

Clarisse and player then went to stop Ines, who held Nathan at gunpoint in front of the Laroy Bay Police Department's station. After convincing Ines that there is not enough proof to incriminate Nathan, Ines dropped her gun and started crying about how she's the only Herrera sibling left alive. After locking up Ines, the pair investigated the station. Later on, they found out that Amber and Ines argued right before Amber was murdered, and that Nathan got rejected by Amber. They also found out that James was once arrested by Amber for vandalism. After collecting all of the remaining evidence, they discovered that Amber's killer is her sister Ines.

Upon admitting to the murder, Ines revealed that she never forgived Amber for killing their brother Gabriel Herrera. When Clarisse tried to explain that Amber murdered Gabriel in self-defense and that Gabriel betrayed Venusville Justice Fighters, Ines lashed out at her and said that Gabriel was still a good person no matter what. After Amber refused to show up on his funeral, Ines planned her revenge. When Amber arrived in Laroy Bay for family reunion, Ines followed her and stabbed her in the eye with a smart pen before dumping her body in the fountain. Judge Eva Rose sentenced the vengeful sister to 37 years in prison.

Post-trial, Nathan told the team that one young lady has been seen making chaos on the town square. Clarisse and player went there, only to find mutliple posters of Howard with horns drawn on them. The team sent those posters to Danny, who confirmed that the fingerprints on the posters belong to a girl from his former high school, teenager Emma Fairchild. The duo then spoke to Emma, who told them that she haven't done anything illegal and that she's simply warning people. Emma proceeded to explain that Howard will use the drug to turn everyone into his mindslaves and that Laroy Bay will literally become like North Korea. When Clarisse told her that they don't have enough proofs, Emma snapped and told them that she will find them the proofs that they need.

Meanwhile, Patrick told the team that he overheard Howard Hardwin talking about a business meeting the next evening. Since they could finally learn what Howard's plans are, Adrian and player decided to ask Howard about it. After Danny located him in the VRClub via his smart phone, the pair spoke to Howard, who snapped and told them to not approach him ever again. Pissed, Adrian told Howard that they are still the police and that they can access his meeting either way, making Howard laugh and say that, if they really do go there, he will alert Mayor Crimson about it. In the end, Howard repeated his famous sentence and once again told them not to worry since his plans are totally legal. Later, Anastasia, with Marigold's help, made disguises for Adrian and player to attend Howard's business meeting.

The next evening, Adrian and player got into their disguises and were ready to attend Howard's meeting. Meanwhile, Chief Miller told them that Emma wants them to join her resistance group against Howard. Chief told Emma that they will contact her after attending Howard's business meeting. With nothing to lose, Adrian and player went to Howard's meeting for more info...



  • Amber Herrera (found floating in the fountain, stabbed in the eye with a smart pen).

Murder Weapon:

  • Smart Pen




Killer's Profile

  • The killer uses Breath Spray.
  • The killer owns a crocodile skin wallet.
  • The killer reads the Daily Dawn.
  • The killer wears sunglasses.
  • The killer wears light blue.

Crime Scenes

Town Square Bloody Fountain Town Square Bonus
VRClub Lounge VRClub Bonus
LBPD Station Entrance LBPD Station Bonus
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