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Nora: Hi there, <Name>. How are you?
Nora: I know, I can't believe I've warmed up to you so quickly. I usually don't do that, but you're far more likeable than people like Hans, for instance.
Nora: Want some coffee? I need some coffee. I still don't know which of the girls is sleeping with my husband, and that makes my blood boil.
Nora: You must have noticed already, I also hate Pierre. I don't care about him having an affair to be honest.
Nora: But I can't help feeling someone in this team is laughing at me behind my back, and that I can NOT stand-
Susan: <Rank> <Name>, Corporal Nora! Witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots near the docks. We need you to go there and investigate!
Nora: What a surprise, you come in right when I'm talking. Let's go, <Name>.

Chapter 1

Investigate Abandoned pier
Nora: Wait a second, <Name>, we know this guy! This is Terry Miles, the beautician from the spa resort!
Nora: And also one of the judges in that damn pageant. Is that event only gonna bring tragedies to this city? It seems like it is.
Nora: That bloody tire track must be from the killer's vehicle. Even if they escape, they left that evidence here and now it's a point in our favor.
Nora: We also have Terry's cellphone apparently. Try unlocking it, <Name>. We have to know what this guy was up to right before his murder.

Autopsy the victim's body
Megan: The saddest thing about this case is dying in that old rusty pier... You should have seen the beautiful Puerto Madero in Argentina, oh dear.
Nora: I think I've already heard that story. You had dinner on the pier and got drunk before doing an Evita impersonation in front of everyone.
Megan: You forgot to mention that I had a blast! But back to this poor guy...
Megan: Ehem, he was shot eight times. Definitely more than the lethal dose of bullets. This killer really wanted to make sure he wouldn't survive.
Megan: It's hard to find clues when the killer has no contact with the victim, so I took a close look at the bullets in his body.
Megan: And I found traces of titanium dioxide, ethylhexyl salicylate, cetearyl alcohol, citric acid, xanthan gum and sodium chloride!
Nora: Unless those are the ingredients of antidepressants, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Megan: Isn't it obvious? Before loading their gun, the killer used some sunscreen!
Nora: Good to know they won't need it anymore because once they're in their jail cell they won't see the sun for a long while.

Examine Tire track
Nora: So Terry's killer fled the crime scene in a motorbike. <Name>, you can bet your police badge that I won't let them ride away!

Examine Cellphone
Nora: I still don't know how you do these things. Let's see what Terry was doing a while ago.
Nora: It looks like he called a certain Amanda twice, and then he got six missed calls from her. Could it be...
Nora: Amanda Sotomayor? We met that girl in the same investigation as Terry, and we know that she's one of the pageant's contestants.
Nora: I'll call this number and if I hear that annoying voice I haven't been able to forget, then that means it's her!

See what Amanda Sotomayor has to do with the victim
Nora: Good evening again, Amanda. We want to ask you a couple of questions about Terry Miles. Why did you call him so many times?
Amanda: Oh no... What happened to Terry, <Rank> <Name>? Please tell me he's fine.
Nora: I'm afraid he's not. We found him at the pier... dead.
Amanda (crying): Why do these things happen... I knew that he was in danger! When he didn't answer any of my calls, I knew it... I knew it!
Amanda: Lately he'd been talking about some criminals, he was up to no good... He said he was going to the pier and I got scared.
Amanda: I told him he should have stayed at his apartment where he was safe. Look at what happened to him now!
Nora: <Name>, I'd like to go to that apartment. We need to know what was in Terry's mind.

Investigate Terry's apartment
Nora: I have to admit that the boy had taste, <Name>. I'd love to live in a place like this.
Nora: Ah, nevermind. I see you want to go through those magazines. I guess we should indeed take a look at what Terry was interested in.
Nora: But I don't get why you think this shaving razor is a clue.
Nora: You're right, this has grey hair all over it but Terry was too young to have hair this color. Nice catch! I'll let you collect those.

Examine Stack of magazines
Nora: A torn page? I wonder why Terry tore this up and I'm sure we'll know why after you restore it.

Examine Torn page
Nora: This is actually a letter, aha. Let me read it quickly, hm...
Nora: "Dear Terry, even though I'm aware of the efforts we've put into stopping this nonsensical and despicable affair..."
Nora: "I can't help but feel the imperious necessity to cordially invite you to refrain from carrying out your plans for the upcoming Friday night."
Nora: Friday night? That's now, <Name>! Someone was asking Terry not to do whatever he was going to do tonight.
Nora: And take a look at the signature, this is Kyle's mom! We have to ask her what she knows about Terry.

Ask Julep Montgomery about the victim's plans
Nora: Good evening, Mrs Montgomery. We found this letter that you wrote for Terry Miles and we'd like to know what his plans for tonight were.
Julep: Oh no! If you're asking me that... Does that meant that Terry is dead?
Nora: Unfortunately, he is. We found his lifeless body at the pier.
Julep: Oh, Terry! This is enough, <Rank> <Name>! These heinous crimes have to stop!
Julep: Terry was trying to find out what the truth behind the pageant was. We were together in this, and I told him to pull back, it was dangerous!
Julep: The rest of the sponsors know that I'm not a part of their scheme so they don't tell me much about it. It's not easy to investigate!
Julep: About his plans for tonight, I'd rather keep that to myself. There's been too much loss tonight.

Examine Shaving razor
Nora: Well done, <Name>. I just hope that these hairs come from somebody's face...
Nora: Just in case, I'd rather you were the one to check out who these belong to.

Examine Hair
Nora: Abraham Senna?! That's the weapons seller who operates along with the pageant's smugglers! What was he doing in Terry's apartment?
Nora: And why did he shave here?! At least he got rid of his horrible beard...
Nora: Terry was one of the judges but we don't know if he was involved in this scheme as well. We know that Jackie, another judge, was.
Nora: In any case, Abraham has to give us a pretty good reason for having been here.

Demand explanations from Abraham Senna
Nora: We meet again, Abraham. And I don't think you'll stay out of trouble this time.
Abraham: I think I will. I'm not guilty of whomever's death you're investigating.
Nora: This time it's Terry Miles. We'd like to know why you took the right to go to his apartment and even shave there. Did you live together?
Abraham: Ahh, that boy. I told him to stay out of trouble, but people don't listen, do they?
Nora: About his apartment, Abraham...
Abraham: He cordially invited me, that's it. Just two people watching series and drinking beer. Where's the crime?
Nora: And how did a beauty pageant judge befriend a weapons seller?
Abraham: We had friends in common, that's it! Don't take everything too damn serious, lady!

Moments later...

Nora: Everyone seems to agree on one point, <Name>. Terry Miles was taking huge risks tonight and judging by the outcome, they did not pay off.
Nora: Julep says that it's about the gunrunning scheme. One of those mobsters killed him for knowing too much!
Nora: But we still have one big doubt. What exactly was he doing at the abandoned pier? What did he want to find there?
Violet: Have you heard the news, <Name>? About the pageant.
Nora: Ugh, don't tell us there's even more trouble with the pageant now. What is it?
Violet: The top three girls have just been announced. One of them is gonna take the crown!

Chapter 2

Violet: Take a look, guys. The pageant's top three contestants are Salma Harrison, Amanda Sotomayor and Natalia Ferreyra.
Violet: One of them is going to be crowned Miss Blue Coasts, and you know what that means.
Nora: That she's also the undercover gunrunner we're looking for. Girl, when will the winner be announced?
Violet: Tomorrow is the final stage! I just hope Salma doesn't win, or Kyle is going to have even more trouble.
Nora: If Amanda is the gunrunner, that would explain her involvement in Terry's murder case. What should we do next, <Name>?
Sharlyn: Renatta may have the answer to that. Since the killer escaped leaving behind a trail of blood with their motorbike, I figured it'd be this girl's job.
Sharlyn: And it's another vacant lot again. This one is used by party-goers to have some little afterparties, so be prepaired for that.
Nora: Thanks, Sharlyn. Let's go check that out, <Name>.

Investigate Dilapidated lot
Nora: No wonder Renatta found traces of Terry's blood here. The killer left their motorbike parked right here! Look at the blood on that wheel.
Nora: They were careful enough to remove the license plate, very clever. Anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to find something useful for our investigation.
Nora: Like this! This is Terry's wallet! His ID is still here, but no money or cards. It seems the killer took advantage of the moment.
Nora: Hm, there's a piece of paper here. It looks like something was written on it but now it's all faded. Can you recover it, <Name>?
Nora: But please, let's get out of here quickly. This place is a disgusting mess.

Examine Motorbike
Nora: So you've collected a sample of whatever this is supposed to be. I'll take this to Kyle's lab so he can tell us what it is.

Analyze Unknown substance
Kyle: Did you really have to remind Megan of her holidays in Argentina? She's been blasting the saddest tango songs all night!
Nora: Like we could have done anything about it. She'll find any reason to remember her trips.
Kyle: Ahh, let's pretend we can't hear it. This sample from the killer's motorbike contains some interesting stuff! For instance, hear me out...
Kyle: Ethyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol, isopropyl myristate, aminomethyl propanol and a hint of mint fragrance!
Nora: This time I'm taking a guess. Ethyl alcohol and mint fragrance... Is it hand sanitizer?
Kyle: Ding ding ding! <Name>, we have a hygienic murderer on the loose!

Examine Faded note
Nora: The note we found in the victim's wallet says "Terry, call me if you need anything!" and there's also a phone number.
Nora: Alright, we won't know who this is unless we call! Let's see if they answer...
Nora (holding phone): It's calling...
Alex: Hi? Who's calling?
Nora: Is that... Alex Jackman?
Alex: Yes? And this is...?
Nora: The police. May we have some words with you?

Talk to Alex Jackman on the phone
Nora: Mr Jackman, we found a note with this number written down on it, addressed to Terry Miles. What was the link between the two of you?
Alex: Was? Oh dear, don't tell me you mean... he's dead, isn't he?
Nora: He very much is. And I'm sure you know why. Wasn't he in danger of getting killed?
Alex: He very much was, what can I say. I gave him my number to help him out, the kid trusted me. It seems I couldn't do anything for him...
Nora: I see. Well, it also seems you're not willing to tell us much else, so we'll let you know if we need anything from you, sir.
Alex: It's ok. Good evening, ma'am.

Some minutes afterwards...

Nora: I really feel like we're going in circles, <Name>. Everyone we talk to only tells us about the danger that Terry got himself into, but nothing else!
Nora: We still don't know why he went to the pier, but we do know his fate was sealed by setting foot on those docks. What did he go there for?
Nora: <Name>, we have to know what on earth is hiding in that place. We have to finish what Terry started!

Investigate Dock #13
Nora: Hm, these black pieces have to be related to the case, right? Any object you find has to be related to the case, nobody ever comes here.
Nora: After you resstore those, we could try and figure out why the hell this fake moustache is casually lying around a murder scene.
Nora: Who was trying to disguise themselves and why? I'm sure you'll find some skin cells to examine if you put this under a microscope.
Nora: We caan also see what this golden ring thinks it's doing here. It has some letters etched into it, but the metal is a bit scraped. Can you decipher this?

Examine Black pieces
Nora: This is a camera??? Why is it all broke and in a murder scene? Who does it belong to?
Nora: You're right, we're better off leaving this in Thomas' hands.

Analyze Camera
Thomas: I'm really glad that some components of this camera managed to survive, <Name>. I was able to retrieve lots of pictures.
Thomas: Since he appears in most of them, I can be positive that this is Terry's camera.
Nora: So he took his camera to the pier and got murdered. The killer must have broken it.
Nora: I just wonder, what kind of pictures was he trying to take?
Thomas: Oh, he did take the pictures. And let me tell you, they are JUICY. Take a look.
Nora: This is definitely a photo of the pier, but I don't know the guy who looks like a cowboy. Who's that? Do you know him, <Name>?
Thomas: That's Harry Maine, Nora! Presidenet of the city's Sports Association and one of the sponsors involved in the scheme.
Nora: This is probably what Terry went there to see, and it got him killed! <Name>, we must find this Maine guy right now!

Make Harry Maine speak about Terry's death
Harry: Nice to meet you again, <Rank> <Name>. What could you want at this time of the day?
Nora: Just some questions, sir. Why did you go to the abandoned pier tonight?
Harry: Somebody asked me to show up there. I went not knowing who I was going to run into. It was scary.
Harry: Eventually, I left. Nobody came to meet me and I even think I noticed someone spying on me. I got on my car and left.
Harry: I really wished that I had gone there on my motorbike. It would have been easier to escape from whoever might have been following me.
Nora: Didn't you see Terry Miles there? He got killed there right after taking some pictures of you.
Harry: The pageant judge?? Pictures?! Then I guess I already know who the stalker was!!
Harry: Look, I'm very sad about the boy's death, but I really want to stay out of this. I had enough with losing one of my best players, <Rank> <Name>.

Examine Skin cells
Nora: Well, what do we have here. Abraham Senna was at the murder scene where his friend died and wearing a fake moustache.
Nora: I really don't know what any of this means, but it makes this guy more suspicious! We need to confront him for a second time.

Confront Abraham Senna about his disguise
Abraham: You're here again?! It better be quick, I need to ride a motorbike all the way to High Meadows to visit a relative.
Nora: Abraham, you are a MURDER suspect!!! Does that mean nothing to you?
Abraham: It does when I'm innocent. My hands are clean, <Name>, and I'm not talking about my hand sanitizer.
Nora: Then why did you go to that abandoned pier where Terry Miles was killed? Nobody even goes there for ANY reason!
Abraham: Well, I like to sunbathe there sometimes because there's no one to bother me. What time did he die?
Abraham: If he died at night, then you can tell I'm innocent.
Nora: He died at night indeed. Can you also explain why you disguised yourself with a fake moustache in a place where no one bothers you?
Abraham: I cannot. And unless you can prove that a fake moustache means being a murderer, you won't get a hand on me.

Nora: I hate that guy, <Name>!! I HATE HIM!
Nora: I know that his sunbathing sessions were a made up lie, but nevertheless he does have a suntan. He must use sunscreen like the killer!
Nora: No matter what we do, this time Abraham won't get off the hook so easily!

Examine Golden ring
Nora: "Amanda S", says this ring. <Name>, we don't have to dig deeper to realize who this is.
Nora: This girl was at that abandoned pier where Terry was murdered, and we even know they had been talking to each other right before that!
Nora: She should have mentioned coming here the first time we talked to her. <Name>, this girl has got some BIG explaining to do.

Tell Amanda Sotomayor to explain her presence at the murder scene
Nora: We're sorry to bother you again, Amanda. First of all, congratulations on making it to the finals. We read about it.
Amanda: Thank you! All those hours of sunbathing at the beach did pay off, didn't they?
Nora: I guess. That aside, we found this ring of yours and it was at the abandoned pier. I'm assuming you get what I mean.
Nora: In case you don't, Terry was murdered there. Why didn't you tell us that you'd been there?
Amanda: What was I supposed to do? Terry told me he was going to the pier and even he knew it would get himself in danger!
Amanda: I tried to get there as soon as I could, but he was already dead! I wasn't gonna wait by a dead body for you to arrive and see that. I'd be the main suspect!
Amanda: When he stopped answering my calls, I knew I had to do something but... I've used tons of hand sanitizer and still feel his blood on my hands.
Nora: I'll believe you this time, but if we find out you're lying, I won't give you a second chance!

Back at the headquarters...

Nora: We might be finally getting the truth about Terry's plans, <Name>. Whatever he wanted to do at the pier, it had to do with Harry Maine.
Nora: He took pictures of him, but we still don't know why. According to Harry, he was asked to go there by an anonymous person who never showed up.
Nora: But Abraham Senna was also there and in disguise! What on Earth was that man doing in such a place?
Nora: Amanda was also there but she says Terry was already dead when she got there. However, it's suspicious for two big reasons.
Nora: First, because she didn't report anything to us. Second, because being one of the pageant's finalists, she could be one of the smugglers Terry was investig-
Susan: Listen, we have work to do! Terry Miles' neighbors have just reported a stranger trying to break into his apartment!

Chapter 3

Susan: Move, quick! That man just got murdered and now somebody's trying to break into his apartment!
Nora: Sh*t, I bet those criminals are already getting rid of what they know wiil incriminate them, just like they did after Bill Hawks died!
Nora: Let's go back to the apartments building, <Name>.

Nora: Just as I thought, everyone started causing an uproar before they could even open this door. It seems that this person escaped.
Nora: In any case, we might not get this lucky next time. We have to find whatever those criminals were trying to take. Let's investigate again.

Investigate Apartment threshold
Nora: Well, do we have a very dumb locksmith here, <Name>. They left their snap gun behind, and now we have it in our hands.
Nora: It'd be of help if you could remove that yellow powder on it. I also see you want to go through Terry's mailbox.
Nora: You're right, he communicated with Julep via letters apparently, so there could be more info about their investigation here.
Nora: WAIT, WAIT!!! A DOG?! When did it enter the crime scene?!
Nora: Well, let's see if you can recover the words on its ID tag. We need to get this buddy back to its owner before it makes a mess in this place.

Examine Snap gun
Nora: Perfect. Now let's give this to... Hey, Kyle. Can you analyze this for us?
Kyle: Let me see... Is this medicine? Those bits look like they come from pills. I have never seen yellow pills.
Nora: Are you sure this is medicine? If that's the case, psychofarmaceuticals often come in these kinds of colors. This could be the case.
Kyle: To me, it's medicine. If they're psychofarmaceuticals, maybe Annabelle can give you a hand.
Nora: Hm... We'll try. Thanks for your help.

Analyze Yellow powder
Annabelle: I'm glad you brought me something to work on! I don't mind having tea with Hans but when it's a night shift... oh boy.
Annabelle: This drug is actually very similar to the well-known Adderall. It seems it would serve the same purpose, that is treating ADHD.
Nora: So we know that the one who broke into Terry's apartment has ADHD, but how do we know if someone has it or not?
Annabelle: I took the chance to see what your suspects post on their social media, with Violet's help of course. One of them is a perfect ADHD candidate!
Annabelle: I can't be sure judging solely on that, but it's very likely that Alex Jackman is the one you're looking for, <Name>!
Annabelle: He even seems to be friends with the CEO of the lab that developed this drug, Eagle Medical Holdings.
Nora: Maybe we can arrest that scum now, <Name>! With one or two witnesses that may recognize him, we'll have enough to lock him up for a while.

Arrest Alex Jackman for the break-in
Nora: Alex Jackman, you're under arrest for trying to break into Terry Miles' apartment. You have the right to remain silent, and please do.
Alex: What are you talking about?! I'm not a thief! Why would I steal from him?
Nora: Weren't you trying to get rid of evidence? We found traces of your pills for ADHD on the snap gun you were trying to use.
Alex: Were there any fingerprints on it? How can you know it was me?
Nora: Witnesses saw you wearing gloves, but their description of the suspect matches you perfectly.
Nora: You'll stay in a local detention facility for a while, sir. Help me get him in the car, <Name>.

Examine Mailbox
Nora: You found it, another letter from Julep! Let's see what this one says. "Dear Terry, I am in the need to tell you about the new insight into the matter that I gained."
Nora: "On Friday night, there will be another transaction, another instance of these despicable organized crime operations. It will take place at the pier."
Nora: <Name>, this is DEFINITELY what Terry went to the pier to do! He had brought the camera to take pictures as proof of the smuggling operation!
Nora: And judging by the pictures he took, he found what he was looking for. It seems clear now that Abraham sold weapons to Harry Maine.
Nora: Unfortunately, it's Julep who has the necessary proof about this, not us. But then she asks Terry to hold back after basically asking him to go!
Nora: What if she set him up?! Whatever is going on here, we have to interrogate her again.

Talk to Julep Montgomery about the transaction
Nora: Mrs Montgomery, we have some questions for you again. Is it true that Terry went to the pier because a weapons transaction was taking place there?
Julep: I can't deny that... Terry was too invested in this and went there, apparently to confront the criminals himself.
Nora: And is it also true that you told him to go there?
Julep: Wha- You almost made me drop my hand sanitizer. What are you trying to insinuate? That I sent him right into an ambush?
Julep: Had I known he'd reveal himself so carelessly, I would have never informed him about it!
Julep: When I saw that he was planning to attend the rendezvous, I sent him a letter asking him not to!
Nora: Then what were your intentions when telling him about the transaction? What were you expecting him to do, Mrs Montgomery?
Julep (crying): I don't know, perhaps he could have called the police! I already feel guilty enough about his death, please leave!!!

Examine Pet ID tag
Nora: Wait, <Name>... This is Terry's address, this is his apartment! Does this mean that it's his dog? What do we do now?!
Nora: I hadn't seen this dog the first time we went there... At least we should make sure someone takes care of it.
Nora: And Ousman is the only one I trust when it comes to animals.

Analyze Dog
Ousman: What a good boy you've brought to me, <Name>! This German Shepard has actually behaved properly with me, despite his training.
Ousman: It seems that he'd been trained to act as a watchdog. I find it weird that he did not react to your presence at the apartment, don't you?
Nora: I really do. What's wrong with this guard dog that's not even guarding?
Ousman: I think I know why. This dog is not Terry's dog! Being in a house that is not the one he guards, with his owner nowhere to be seen...
Ousman: It looks like he's sad. I noticed this when I saw blond human hairs on him. The victim had black hair and lived alone.
Ousman: Then I saw some traces of dirt, and Kyle helped me analyze it. It's the same dirt used for the infields in Blue Coasts' baseball fields!
Nora: Blond hair and baseball... and related to Terry Miles. Could this be Harry Maine's dog? We should see if we can take this boy back home.

Return the watchdog to Harry Maine
Harry: Crusher, you're back! You've retrieved my dog, <Rank> <Name>, thank you so much! Have some hand sanitizer, you've touched a dog and he doesn't look clean.
Nora: Why was your watchdog in Terry Miles' apartment, sir? We'd like to know.
Harry: He said he was feeling threatened and in danger. I offered him to borrow my little Crusher for protection and he agreed. What's wrong with that?
Harry: I also got to take a break from Crusher. Taking care of him is not easy. With him away, I took time to sunbathe at the beach these days.
Nora: Very nice of you. This dog is very sad and has missed you a lot. He wasn't even guarding that apartment.
Harry: Really?! That damn boy, I told him very clearly that he needed to be nice to Crusher and give him love and affection! Poor guy...
Harry: Instead of petting Crusher, he just spent all day long with his friend Amanda, going for rides on her motorbike. You're with me  now, Crusher...

Back at the police station...

Nora: We still have no idea of who the killer is, but we do have three strong suspects! And they're the ones who mysteriously showed up at the pier.
Nora: I'm talking about Amanda, Abraham and Harry. It seems Terry went there to witness the deal between Harry and Abraham.
Nora: And someone killed him right there on the spot! We know that the killer got rid of evidence at the vacant lot... Should we go back there?
Nora: Ok, <Name>. I'll drive. We need to arrest Terry's murderer once and for all!

Investigate Bike rack
Nora: A screwdriver? It has traces of blood, yeah, but why would the killer bring one?
Nora: Aha, you're right! They removed the license plate from their motorbike, so they must have used this screwdriver for that. What else do we have?
Nora: A key? It does smell like gunpowder and those little dots could be traces of blood. The killer got rid of everything that got contaminated.
Nora: Let's examine it and see what kind of key it is, we don't want to follow a red herring. This place is full of junk and it could have nothing to do with the case.

Examine Screwdriver
Nora: Good job collecting that blood sample. I'll send it to Kyle's lab so we can serve justice for Terry as soon as possible.

Analyze Blood
Kyle: This was not easy guys. Most of this was just Terry's blood, so I had nothing on the killer. Until I found it!
Kyle: Some blood that did not match Terry's. It seems that the killer hurt themselves using the screwdriver, and thank God they did!
Kyle: Because this sample clearly shows that they have a positive blood type! Terry was a negative, so this is definitely not his blood.
Nora: Thank you, Kyle. We're one step closer to arresting the criminal who silenced Terry forever!

Examine Key
Nora: So this is a motorbike key and it happens to be for the exact same type of motorbike that the killer left behind at the vacant lot!
Nora: This is not a red herring, <Name>. We have to give this to Kyle asap!

Analyze Motorbike key
Kyle: This is one of the most careful killers we've dealt with, <Rank> <Name>! There was practically nothing on this key that I could work with!
Kyle: After a long while, I managed to isolate some sweat and skin cells. The vacant lot helped contaminate the little evidence we have, so it was difficult.
Kyle: But hey, good news! I can say with certainty that the culprit has brown eyes!
Nora: And those brown eyes won't see the sun anymore after they're locked up in jail.

Right after that...

Nora: We can finally do it, <Name>! Let's arrest Terry's killer before they get away with all of their crimes! Murder, arms trafficking...
Nora: Terry put his life on the line for this and now it's time to make it worth it. Let's go!

Take care of the killer now!
Nora: Amanda Sotomayor, you're under arrest for the murder of Terry Miles! You managed to fool even me, but it's over now. We know you killed him!
Amanda: What are you talking about? He was my friend! I even called him a million times because I was scared of what could happen to him!
Nora: Was that really the reason? Or was it to tell him not to interfere in the transaction that was taking place there?
Amanda: Now you've really lost me. Terry did mention he was dealing with dangerous people, but he never told me what they did or who they were!
Nora: I can see it all crystal clear now. This is why Jackie Willies was judging you better than the other girls in that ridiculous pageant, Amanda.
Nora: You didn't get to the final three because of how pretty you are, but because of the sponsors rigging the pageant in your favor!
Amanda: I'm afraid I can't deny that. It seems you've got it all figured out. You're right, I AM the undercover gunrunner in the pageant. I'm the winner, <Rank> <Name>.
Amanda: I AM Miss Blue Coasts! Terry never suspected me and he would tell me about those criminals... But when he told me he was going to the pier...
Amanda: I knew it was enough. He didn't wanna pull back so I showed up and killed him right on the spot. He didn't know it was me, he just... died.
Amanda: He had started noticing everything in the spa, where Jackie and Alex would meet. He noticed they were up to something, and I knew he would be trouble.
Amanda: I tried to have Jackie kill him with the belladonna, but she died before she could do anything. When he became her replacement, I just went "you've got to be kidding me".
Amanda (cocking gun): But ah, whatever. I'm sure you weren't expecting me to wait for you disarmed, right?
Nora: Well, to be honest I was not... expecting that.
Nora: Wait, Amanda!!! Come here right now! <Name>, she's escaping!
Amanda: Stay right where you are, <Rank> <Name>! Stay there or I'll shoot!
Nora: Keep an eye on her, <Name>! I'll call the reinforcements and then we'll give chase!

Susan: SHE ESCAPED?! You're telling me there's a free murderer running through the whole district?!
Nora: Reinforcements are already giving chase, Commander Kingston! We'll eventually capture the culprit sooner or-
Susan: That better be true, Corporal! Such negligence could justify a demotion for both of you!
Nora: I'm afraid Susan is right, <Name>. We didn't handle this arrest correctly. If we knew we were facing a murderer and gunrunner, we should have come prepared!!
Nora: And what are the sponsors gonna do now with the pageant? Amanda is a wanted criminal, she can't just show up at the finale and get crowned!
Nora: We'll have to let the field agents keep looking for her. There's no point in staying here. Let's go back to the HQ and have the Chief issue an APB.

Dressed to Kill 6

George: I've already issued the APB, guys, but this is not good. We can't let this happen again, having a murderer on the loose!
George: We're really lucky that Susan took this with a grain of salt. If this had happened with Everett, you would be in serious trouble!
Violet: Can anyone explain to me why Nora is crying in the bathroom...?
George: It can't be helped, we have a criminal on the loose. I'm sure you kind of already know about her tragic past... Her life was ruined by an escaped prisoner.
Nora: I won't do the same thing again, <Name>... I'm ready to find Amanda and send her to jail before she can kill someone else.
Nora: I've just received a message from the field agents. Amanda went through the vacant lot where we found her motorbike and they lost her after that.
Violet: What I came to tell you was that Julep is here and she wants to talk to Kyle, but he refuses to be alone in a room with her.
Violet: I guess we already know why now... After the details he revealed...
Nora: Whatever. You can be the mediator for Kyle and his mom, <Name>, but don't forget to come check the vacant lot with me.

Go see what Julep Montgomery wants
Kyle: Your facade won't work with <Name> anymore, mom... I told them. They already know you tried to kill me.
Kyle: I've spent years trying to overcome that, mom... I don't know how you can show up again and talk to me.
Julep: That- That's not what happened! I would have never tried to do that to you! You have to believe me, please...
Kyle: Are you going to deny it? You poisoned my drink, I know it!!!
Julep: That was Philippe's drink! I admit it!!! I couldn't forgive him for kicking my son out of our house!
Kyle: What the- That changes nothing! You were still trying to kill someone, can't you understand?!
Julep: I did it for you! What was I supposed to do? Just let that man torment my son? I know it was the wrong decision, but I saw no other way! I was about to lose you!
Julep: All I've ever cared about is you, Kyle. Thirteen years later, I still only think about you. You're the reason I want to bring down those criminals, I need to show you I'm not a monster!
Kyle: I don't know what to say, mom. We can arrest all of those criminals if you want, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive you.
Kyle: <Name>, if you still need any help with those gunrunners, I can do it. I need to clear my head after all, we could see what else Terry had on them.

Investigate Terry's apartment
Kyle: Sorry for having you witness that conversation, <Name>... I still don't know what to say, maybe I'll have to spend a whole day at Annabelle's office.
Kyle: Ehem, yeah, about Terry's laptop. Can you unlock it?

Examine Laptop
Kyle: Wow, I didn't know you could do these things so quickly! I'll never leave my cellphone unattended around you.
Kyle: I can't see anything of interest anyway. Maybe we should give this to Thomas and let him see if there's any juicy info in this laptop.

Analyze Laptop
Thomas: What else can I say apart from WOAH. This laptop turned out to be a gold mine!
Kyle: Was there any info on the gunrunners, Tom?
Thomas: Not just "any" info, there was ALL of the info! <Name>, Terry kept track of everything he saw, heard and knew about the sponsors!
Thomas: It seems that the judges weren't necessarily included in their scheme, they were told to make Amanda win and that's it.
Thomas: There is no mention of Johnny Kyle being part of anything either... After all, he just organizes the event and takes care of the girls.
Thomas: Remember how he was afraid of Amanda being favored by Jackie back in the jacuzzi case? That man seems to be innocent, at least of this crime.
Thomas: However, something worries me. This whole scheme seems to be orchestrated by some mastermind, but their name isn't mentioned. Terry must have not known who it was.
Thomas: But I already forwarded all of this info to Sharlyn and the Courts of Law. All of the sponsors mentioned in Terry's documents can be arrested right now!
Kyle: Sweet! I want to arrest them, <Name>! Can I?
Kyle: Well, Alex Jackman is already in a detention facility, but we can go take care of Harry Maine, right? I'll go with you!
Thomas: Please let Old George know and be careful, we don't want another APB...

Arrest Harry Maine for arms trafficking
Kyle: Sorry to interrupt you in your sleep, sir. It seems you're under arrest for arms trafficking.
Harry: Huh-wha?! What are you talking about?!
Kyle: Your transaction at the pier with Abraham Senna, your voice in a recording talking about the gunrunning scheme, Terry Miles' journal...
Kyle: Most of the other sponsors are already being arressted, and we already know Amanda Sotomayor was on your side and killed the poor Terry.
Harry: You can't do this to me! You're gonna regret this!
Kyle: You're gonna have time to regret your crimes in federal prison, Mr Maine! Hahaha!
Kyle: <Name>, why don't we go tell Johnny Kyle about his pageant being safe now? He's gonna be really happy!

Tell Johnny Kyle about the pageant sponsors
Johnny: <Rank> <Name>?! What are you doing here this late in the night? Is everything ok?
Kyle: It is now, Mr Kyle. Most of your pageant's sponsors are being arrested right now as we speak.
Johnny: HOW IS THAT OK?! What am I going to do now?! The final stage is TOMORROW!!!
Kyle: It's not our fault, sir! Most of them were gunrunners who were using your event as a cover-up! They were bribing the judgess to make one of them win!
Kyle: Amanda Sotomayor is part of their arms trafficking scheme and she was going to take the crown tomorrow night, Mr Kyle!
Johnny: Are you being serious?! I had no idea that such a thing was happening right in front of my nose and I couldn't see it! I'm... just baffled.
Johnny: Wow, I still can't believe it. In any case, thanks for saving my event's reputation! I know it's not much, but at least take this as a reward!

Investigate Dilapidated lot
Nora: We know Amanda was last seen here, <Name>. Whatever evidence you can find IS important. I can't let runaway criminals cause any harm again!
Nora: I guess that this heap of trash is our last hope... Let's see what we can find.

Examine Heap of trash
Nora: What is this pistol doing here?! I don't think any of the cops would lose their gun like this.
Nora: Amanda must have dropped hers, maybe she thought she'd no longer need it after she escaped successfully. What can we do with it now?
Nora: Maybe you can recover the serial number on its side. It could be of help!

Examine Pistol
Nora: Perfect. Now we'll let Megan take care of this pistol and maybe she can also find where it came from with this serial number.

Analyze Pistol
Megan: This pistol is not any pistol, guys. This is also the murder weapon Amanda used to kill Terry!
Nora: Are you for real?
Megan: I always am. I analyzed it carefully and I can say this is what ended his life. Amanda left it behind because the trigger snapped, it seems.
Megan: A useless gun is dead weight to carry when you're escaping. But thanks to the serial number that <Name> managed to recover...
Megan: Thomas found something interesting! Apparently, Abraham Senna still should have this pistol for sale in his shop!
Nora: But Amanda had it. This is a very serious irregularity, he can't just give out guns without any paperwork, not even in this country!
Megan: This could get him easily arrested, according to Hans. After you also proved his presence at the pier, and his business with Bill Hawks...
Nora: I knew he wouldn't get out of trouble for a second time! <Name>, I want to arrest that man personally!

Arrest Abraham Senna
Nora: I told you we wouldn't make the same mistake twice, Senna. You're under arrest!
Abraham: What are you saying, madam? You've got nothing on me, don't make me laugh!
Nora: I don't need to tell you what the evidence against you is, you know what you did.
Nora: Now I just want you to answer a question before things get harder for you... Who gave you that old wakizashi that Bill Hawks bought from you?
Abraham: How am I supposed to remember everyone's name?! Some old Japanese couple, I don't know!
Nora: I knew it had to be them!!! <Name>, let's go grab a snack before I lose my mind!

Back at the headquarters...

Kyle: I'm still trying not to think about what my mom said. I'm just... glad that Amanda ended up being the smuggler and not my poor Salma.
Kyle: And of course, that we arrested all of the gunrunners!
Nora: Two of them are still free, Kyle. The first one being Amanda and the second one being the real brains behind this whole scheme. Thomas told me all about it.
Nora: If Amanda kills somebody else, I won't forgive myself a second time. Even after that issue with the wakizashi, I can't help it...
Nora: It's like life is telling me "don't screw up again".
James: Hey, <Name>, sorry to interrupt but I've brought the metal detectors. We know that those vacant lots used to belong to Reuben Thacks.
Nora: I'll go with you, <Name>. Thank you for the reminder, James.

Examine Vacant lot
Nora: I hate digging holes, but we have no choice now, <Name>. Let's see what's buried in this place.

Minutes later...

Nora: I hit something! It's a metal box, apparently. Hadn't you found one in the other vacant lot as well?
Nora: This one is full of papers, they look like police reports and there are lots of handwritten notes too.
Nora: Poor Hans, but he's gonna have to go through our archive one more time.

Analyze Old papers
Hans: This cold case just got more interesting, <Name>. I'm not going to lie, I've been enjoying this old drama and I'll miss it once I'm the Mayor!
Nora: That is never going to happen.
Hans: We'll see. As for the handwriting on these notes, it belongs to the late Marthin Farren. It matches his written statements in these crimes HE reported himself.
Hans: Now, regarding the police reports, this is where it gets thrilling. These are the exact same crimes that Elizabeth Perkins had kept track of in her documents!
Nora: So Elizabeth had all of the proof against MAFia and her friend eventually reported those crimes to the police? Elizabeth did sort of betray her lover Reuben.
Hans: Exactly, she must have been the one who buried all of this at her lover's vacant lots. Or maybe MAFIA did it to get rid of evidence after killing her.
Hans: All in all, this could explain the feud among the two families. Marthin Farren practically exposed all of Reuben Thacks' crimes! Fantastic!!!
Nora: It's still weird. Would Marthin expose himself to those mobsters just because his neighbor wanted to-
Susan: We have news on Amanda Sotomayor, <Rank> <Name>! Mr Ravens managed to capture some image from her phone's camera, but apparently the device is now turned off.
Nora: Let's see that image right now, <Name>! We need to see where Amanda is!

Nora: Is that Amanda's face? <Name>, she looks... perturbed, to say the least. Why is she so terrified?
Nora: There's nobody else in the shot, but maybe you can see what this place is!

Examine Amanda's photograph
Nora: Flambeau Palace?! What is Amanda doing there? That's the district's most expensive events hall!
Nora: I just don't get why she would hide there. There could be a wedding or a quinceañera party there at any moment and she'd be found!
Violet: Did you say Flambeau Palace, Nora? Is that where Amanda is hiding?
Nora: Apparently.
Violet: I don't know why she'd do that, but... Flambeau Palace is where the pageant's final stage will take place tomorrow night!
Nora: Ehh?! <Name>, I don't understand any of this but I do know one thing. We need to go there and find Amanda RIGHT NOW!

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