Alistair Dubois
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Biographical information
Full name Alistair Baptiste Dubois
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Age 60
Birth 1958
Nationality French
Residence France
Profession(s) CEO of Dubois Labs
Family Gabrielle Dubois (daughter)
Partner(s) Unnamed wife
Affiliation(s) Dubois Labs
Game information
Appears in Criminal Case : Aetherbourne
First appeared Case #1: Dead on Arrival
I, Alistair Baptiste Dubois, refuse to give my company to such an unworthy man!
—Alistair as we arrest him

Alistair Dubois is a french chemist and the former CEO of Dubois Labs. He was replaced due to incarceration after killing his daughter's fiance in Dead on Arrival (Case #1 of Aetherbourne)

Age 60
Height 6'0"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Grey
Weight 195 lbs
Blood Type AB-
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