Alfred Duran
Full name Alfred Thobias Duran
Alias(es) Alfy
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death July 31th, 2017
Cause of death Shooted in the head
Nationality Flag of United States United States
Residence Lieborough, United States
Family Lisette Duran (Daughter)
Lisette Marshall (Wife)
Emma Duran (Sister, deceased)
Profession Police Agent
Affiliation(s) Lieborough Police Department
Appearance(s) Father Hidden Secrets
Alfred Duran (1980-2017) was a police agent in Lieborough Police Department, and the victim in Father Hidden Secrets (case 1) in Central Area in Lieborough City.


Alfred was a 37 years old Police Agent. He was dressed in an elegant suit and had an Agency recognition medal for a crime settled years ago. Son of a french family, Alfred went to the United States to obtain work, and thus from a distance maintain the welfare of his two parents. Her two parents died in 2010, and after this, Alfred's sister moved to Lieborough with him. Alfred got a job as a salesman in a supermarket, until he stopped a robbery in the parking lot. Then he realized that he wanted to be a police.

Murder Details

Alfred was found dead in the regional church. He was shot in the head, and the autopsy said the culprit had fringed hair.

Killer and Motives

Alfred was murdered by Lisette Lewis, the bride of his sister, Emma Duran. Lisette was not interested in Emma, so she was going to break up with her, but when Emma found out she tried to kill her. Before being stabbed by Emma, Lisette took the knife and killed her. Alfred found out by a letter of truth, and swore to him to arrest it in the Harvest Festival Of coincidence, Alfred that same day he learned that his daughter works with Lisette Lewis. Which made the situation more tense. Finally, before being arrested, Lisette snatches the gun from Duran and kills him.


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