Alexandra Dubois
Biographical information
Full name Alexandra Dubois
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1999
Nationality Flag of United StatesFlag of Canada American-Canadian
Residence New York, U.S. (formerly)
Rosenoque, Canada
Past profession(s) Librarian
Family Alexandre Dubois (twin brother)
Cliff Dubois (father; incarcerated)
Faith Dubois (mother)
Persephone Dubois (grandmother)
Ronaldo Dubois (grandfather)
Gwendoline Fontaine (aunt; incarcerated)
Horatio Fontaine (uncle; incarcerated)
Affiliation(s) Flaming Eagle Police Dept.
Flaming Eagle Police Department
Rank Archivist
Game information
Appears in Season 3
First appearance Case #1: The Return Home (s3)
When you change directions in your life, it's like writing a brand new story to tell in a new chapter of your life. It's up to you to use your gained life advice and make your life the best you can have!
—Alexandra Dubois

Alexandra Dubois is a main character featured in Season 3 of Criminal Case, where she serves as the Flaming Eagle Police Department's Archivist.

She appeared as a suspect in the murder investigation of her grandmother, family matriarch Persephone Dubois in Bankrupt and Dead (Case #13 of The Mystery).


Hailing from New York City, United States of America, Alexandra is the 22-year-old archivist of the Flaming Eagle Police Department who worked as a librarian prior to her tenure in the department. She is a medium-sized woman who has fair skin, long blond hair cascading down her shoulders and blue eyes with a couple tear tattoos. She normally sports a black shirt underneath an olive green jacket with lapels on her shoulders and a white neckerchief scarf with brown flowers and linings. She is also seen wearing a brown steampunk hat with a black belt band, a black bead chain and a watch glass. She also wears pink lipstick.

Height 5'11"
Age 22
Weight 168 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood B-

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